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Finding Islam by FatimaO111
Finding Islamby ﷽
Life works in mysterious ways. King Patterson never really thought about life in depth. He didn't care much for his future. He didn't plan. There was no use. He'd be six...
Falling For A Hijabi (part 1 And 2) by egyptian2111994
Falling For A Hijabi (part 1 And 2)by egyptian2111994
#1 in spiritual in 16/6/2019 Previously known as " My very own hijabi" Two young people finding shelter within each other from the world and its evils Jannah...
The Girl in The Green Scarf  by PearlandIvory_
The Girl in The Green Scarf by Um Hamsa 🐰
ظ "Green, don't die on me! I can't lose you too.ً" °~•~° Hamsa Tahir is free-willed, she's bold, she's stubborn. And she's a Muslim. Her parents were killed in...
Not Your Expected Hijabi | COMPLETED by R3Hijabi
Not Your Expected Hijabi | R U M A A N A H
"Good luck sitting next to Mr Popular." Daniya whispered in my ear and added, "Let's see how long you can resist." Just moved to a new city, Rukshana...
Two Pieces of a Puzzle by jennierjkim__
Two Pieces of a Puzzleby TEN
Jennie and Lisa are from two different worlds; one is an American-born Korean who attends college in America, and the other is one is a simple bartender in Korea. What's...
Seulrene Smut [18+] by mthr4cker
Seulrene Smut [18+]by seulrenebabes
I do not own any of these stories. Some stories are converted from camren stories that i stumbled upon on tumblr so credits the rightful owners. I accept requests so fe...
Not Your Expected Bad Boy | COMPLETED  by R3Hijabi
Not Your Expected Bad Boy | R U M A A N A H
~Sequel to Not Your Expected Hijabi~ Liam's gone. Ruki's moving on. And this author has a ton of comments, pleading for the story to carry on... So welcome to Not Your...
[QT] Tổng Hợp Đồng Nhân Haikyuu! (1) by Cielo_Nightmare
[QT] Tổng Hợp Đồng Nhân Haikyuu! ( _|| Hoa Tàn ||_
Nguyên văn: Lofter, Tấn Giang, AO3, Pixnet,Tieba... Convert: Adele Chủ yếu AllKageAll.
Life Is A Surprised by Kiddshowstopper
Life Is A Surprisedby Bad Boy (Girl) Bryant
Lauren and Normani have a history. They dated but because of Lauren's ways, Normani broke it off. Lauren never really changed over time but when a new person enters her...
I'm almost me again (She's almost you) by jennierjkim__
I'm almost me again (She's TEN
After being left heartbroken, Lisa finds herself in Scotland with nothing but a broken watch, a photograph of the woman who broke her heart, and the sudden urge to go fo...
S I G N S by jennierjkim__
When she was 12 years old, Jennie Kim was in a car accident that killed both of her parents. Since that day she hasn't spoken a word. Working as a librarian in National...
[CV] Luôn có cố chấp cuồng tưởng độc chiếm ta - Khúc Tiểu Khúc by TaKuroro
[CV] Luôn có cố chấp cuồng tưởng đ Pisces
Mình post truyện để tiện cho việc đọc, vì vậy nếu có vi phạm gì xin hãy nhắn mình sẽ xoá, cảm ơn! Tên truyện: Luôn có cố chấp cuồng tưởng độc chiếm ta Tác giả: Khúc Tiểu...
[Tổng hợp Đồng Nhân Mặc Uyên x Bạch Thiển] by beyourselfvn
[Tổng hợp Đồng Nhân Mặc Uyên x Bạ Jun
Mặc Uyên x Bạch Thiển cp phim Tam sinh tam thế thập lý đào hoa Đồng nhân, Ngôn tình, Cổ đại , HE , Tình cảm , Huyền huyễn , Thần tiên yêu quái , Nhẹ nhàng , Kiếp trư...
Broken Hearts by sayatriestowrite
Broken Heartsby Saya
he was once broken she is broken He smiled everyday she hated his smile they were so different yet so alike And once they meet the universe was just too cruel A short...
Once Upon A Muslim by XxXFayfayXxX
Once Upon A Muslimby that one awkward girl.
Kayla's life changed as she became Muslim, saying the simple line of Shahadah: Ash-Hadu Ann Laa Ilaaha Illa Allah, Wa Ash-Hadu Anna Muhammadan Rasool Allah. She hopes th...
Tiên phúc long duyên by 1couchpotato
Tiên phúc long duyênby 1couchpotato
Một cái cô nhi trọng sinh dị thế đại lục, trở thành một cái hô phong hoán vũ long. Vốn tưởng rằng không lại cô độc, có cha mẹ yêu thương cùng ấm áp;? Nhiên trong một đêm...
Mondays (Jensoo Convert) by Jensooslaves
Mondays (Jensoo Convert)by Jenchurros
"You smiled to me and I thought: Damn, I'm fucking in love with you" When you hate Mondays but there is a black haired girl to make them better (a converted je...
I built this Home for me, for you by jennierjkim__
I built this Home for me, for youby TEN
It's been twenty-one years since Jennie let Lisa sit down at her table, twenty since Lisa had almost died, and fourteen since the birth of their second daughter. Despite...
[Tổng Anh Mỹ BG đồng nhân 18] by beyourselfvn
[Tổng Anh Mỹ BG đồng nhân 18]by Jun
bg convert dc marvel ngontinh đn đnphim đồngnhân
[Đồng Nhân BG Tam Sinh Tam Thế 5] by beyourselfvn
[Đồng Nhân BG Tam Sinh Tam Thế 5]by Jun
Đồng nhân, Ngôn tình, Cổ đại , HE , Tình cảm , Tiên hiệp , Thần tiên yêu quái , Cường cường , Phim ảnh đồngnhân bg ngôntình đn đnphim convert phimtrung