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Before The Sky & The Sea (A Muslim Love Story) by an4bellaa
Before The Sky & The Sea (A Muslim...by bella
"50,000 years before the sky was introduced to the sea, Allah wrote your name next to me." Zahra Aishah is a Muslim woman, thriving in her line of work. She is...
Merciless by toxicTings
Mercilessby Toxictings 🤍
LA DONNA SERIES #2 This was my first night with my first love ! I mentally squealed. He was super close to me and I could hear my heart pound in my ears . I could smell...
Healing by thedesiroyal
Healingby Naushin 🤎
A halal modern love story of 2 Muslims trying to heal themselves from their pasts and move forward as better people. Cyra recently moved to Paris with her family. Omar h...
Eternal love ( ishq) by NabiChaudhary
Eternal love ( ishq)by Nabi Chaudhary
Anaya Zaydan :- A 21 years old innocent ,naive, lovely,caring and a hijabi and a practical Muslim living with a happy family .let's see if...
The Unexpected Love ✔ by asma_anam
The Unexpected Love ✔by Asma Anam
"You hate me right?" I shook my head but he pulled me closer to his chest. "Feeling is mutual honey " his hot minty breath reached to my ears. He gr...
The Woman With The Headscarf by BookgirlingMoments
The Woman With The Headscarfby Sarah Wazir
[Sequel to The Girl With The Headscarf] [Highest ranking yet: #9 in Spiritual] » she came undone and it was a beautiful tragedy «
Zayd ✔️ by CassandraJamesxx
Zayd ✔️by ᴄᴀssᴀɴᴅʀᴀ
The Bully and His Babygirl ❦ An enemy to lovers romance. ❝Are you bald, babygirl? Is that why you cover your head?❞ [#1 in Bully, 01.02.2021] . . . In addition to being...
My Bestfriend Husband by Haluin_aja_ya
My Bestfriend Husbandby Haluin aja ya
Dimas adalah seorang pekerja kantoran di Jakarta, kota Surabaya menjadi tempat kelahirannya. Dia merupakan alumni Universitas Negeri Jakarta, Keluarga Dimas bukanlah ke...
A Muslim Tale by Royal7
A Muslim Taleby Royal7
[reached #1 in Spiritual] 11/17/15- 8/18/16 Amira Abdul is a bright,well educated girl filled with joy and much potential. Is a practicing Muslim and teaches. Her pare...
Irrevocably In Love by Queen0226
Irrevocably In Loveby SS
He is funny jokes. She is shy smiles. He is sarcastic. She is logistic. He finds positives in life. She finds negatives in life. He is a playground. She is a book...
Hawwa's Paradise by SophieUchihaWrites
Hawwa's Paradiseby Sophie Uchiha
Hawwa Khan's cancer diagnosed grandmother wanted to see her get married before she died. But, she couldn't bear patience to wait for the time Hawwa was taking to get a h...
Loving Junaid ✔ by yhu_so_shy
Loving Junaid ✔by Azeezah_Muhammad
Inayat a 300 level student of Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, is a striving muslimah who is trying her very best to hold unto her deen but later falls in love with her ve...
Resounding Rhythm Of Rutted Love by PrayersOfParadise
Resounding Rhythm Of Rutted Loveby Zaina.A
Love has a law and that it mandates being halal. Afreen would toss all that would force her to disobey her rabb, all that her friend got herself involved in. She believe...
The Miles I Crossed by Reflection_of_Dreams
The Miles I Crossedby Amber
Aani is a secret aspiring writer. At least her family doesn't know she is. Staying up late hours of night to finish her stories, while pursuing her education and squeezi...
Prince from Paradise | ✔ by Beauty4evar
Prince from Paradise | ✔by Shadia N.
Their love was like a wildfire. Once spread, there was no stopping them. What started as an innocent glance became the magnitude of their flame. * * * In a country, wh...
Muawiyah Holmes  by _working4paradise_
Muawiyah Holmes by أُمّ نَصيحَة 🤍
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته. This is not JUST a fictional story, rather it will highlight different situations that Muslim authors write in their books and they go...
Accepted With Flaws   by MintLeafinBlackTea
Accepted With Flaws by Sarah Ismail ✨🌸🦋
Misfortune. Easy to pronounce yet difficult to face. * *blurb* "In the dim light of her room, amidst a storm of emotions, she shatters her glasses, each shard ref...
ISLAMIC WAYS by slaveofArRehman
ISLAMIC WAYSby بِنْتِ آدَم
"Islamic Ways: A Practical Guide to Living a Faith-Based Life" is a concise and user-friendly book that explores the fundamental principles and practices that...
"In the bustling city, where tradition meets modernity, Shahveer, a shrewd business tycoon, and Sara, a compassionate doctor, find their worlds colliding. Both hail...
Desire of Darkness Unveiled  by jdofe2020
Desire of Darkness Unveiled by J DOPE
TW: Incest, Psychologically Dark, and Manipulation An evil guy from conservative family of Islam wants to get rid of his father and brother-in-law and dominate his pious...