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One Night-Stand With Mr. Kim// KSJ by notifymeclaudia
One Night-Stand With Mr. Kim// KSJby suxjinnieso
" I was just a silly girl from that house and came to sleep with you that night. It was a mistake ", " Then, you're my queen that's going to bear my kid a...
Capo☑️ by Dragon_T9
Capo☑️by Lia
"How do you run the mafia?" he questions, wiping the corner of his mouth. "Well, I ground myself enough to not let the power get to my head, but I let my...
Strings of Love by dazzling_glitter
Strings of Loveby ♡
(♡ A Mafia Love Story ♡) No matter, how tangled the strings of my heart get, they'll always find their way to you ❤️
Love shots(Jimin ff) by Reevabaidya
Love shots(Jimin ff)by Krabbypatty_for_you
"Who are you??"I asked scared."Jimin....Your worst nightmare disguised in a daydream."He said.My eyes widened as I remember the name 'Jimin' as the m...
Destiny (Manzil E Ishq) by NanayZehra
Destiny (Manzil E Ishq)by NanayZehra
"This is the story based on Forced Marriage" Marriage of "Nawab Arsalan Khaan" with "Ruma Arshad Ali"... "Every Destination has an u...
Nobleman  by raily456ez
Nobleman by raily456ez
Every one knew Santiago organization but no one know the heir to Santiago and those that know him are too afraid to get acquitted with him Saminian was an orphan a ver...
Sinful Desires - Recommended Books (Book 2) by Elizabeth_Rose2
Sinful Desires - Recommended Sinful Desires Books
Book 2. New Must Read Stories. "A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one." - George R.R. Martin Follow me o...
Sold To Be His  by GlamoursMe
Sold To Be His by ☆ 𝑳𝒂𝒛𝒚 𝑩𝒆𝒂𝒓 🐻 ☆
(Mafia Series#3) He advanced towards me and grabbed my arm painfully. I hissed under his hold and tried to pull my arm away from him but all in vain. "Who are you...
Madness: Go Go Go (Kellic) by permanently-yours
Madness: Go Go Go (Kellic)by Exhale Desire
"He's the son of Death himself. Not even the baddest of the bad fuck with him; except Franceschi, and you saw what happened to him. If I were you, kid, I'd reevalua...
mafia's Mad Love by _a_van_thi_k_a
mafia's Mad Loveby _a_van_thi_k_a
guys this is just a imagination that pop on my mind hope you guys are enjoying it 😊 what happened when you crazily fall in love with Cold mafia boss you both guys craz...
A Mistaken Deception by shanasrija16
A Mistaken Deceptionby □☆ Shana☆□
Marina had no hope. It's been a long time since she has actually lived for herself. She just breathes and exists for the sake of her brother's well being. Taking the adv...
Love isn't Perfect by Soo_Mi77
Love isn't Perfectby Soo_Mi
Here's a girl named Qiang she's probably from a middle class family and so ....... Her mother died the time she gave birth to Ara , for this reason Qiang's Dad never let...
If only you knew by akzayn123
If only you knewby akzayn123
A girl who had everything, well almost but the whole point it the process of losing it, to regaining it all back. Will she regain all of it back or was it too late?
UNFORGETTABLE  by y0urcure
UNFORGETTABLE by y0urpoison
(YOU ARE MINE DIANA I TOLD SINCE I SAW U)he said growling on my face. (IM NOT A FUCKING PROPERTY AND ESPECIALLY NOT YOURS)i said angry. ============================= Som...
The Gangster's Wife  by _bhaliesmith_
The Gangster's Wife by
sakura haruno is a pretty and wise girl..but her family past away when she was 9 years old by the fire,luckily her auntie adopt her because she didn't have a daughter...
~DRAGON DUO~ by multifandom369
~DRAGON DUO~by amethystdarknight
When Liam Smith Johnson moved to New York with his father who was a undercover mafia working for the government, he didn't expect to fall for the ethereal but dangerous...
Anfal's Ibtihaj ✔ by gulle_jana
Anfal's Ibtihaj ✔by gulle_jana
" I do!!" She said in shaky tone. It was still unbelievable for her that her dad made her deal with a Mafia king just for some pennys. She could see the smirk...