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Two hearts beats as one. by Zainabfathima18
Two hearts beats as one.by ZAINAB FATIMA
"Just go away, you know that I don't like your touch. Then why are you here? You think you're his mumma? No, he will for sure forgot you when he will grown up."...
Love starts after Nikkah (Completed)  by I-m-laiba
Love starts after Nikkah (Complete...by I-m-laiba
Every girl, whether she is confident or not, at time of nikkah, become hesitated to say yes. The feeling that your sur name is going to change and you are giving your li...
The Secret Life of My Husband, The Professor ✔️ by Hijabi_Tomboy
The Secret Life of My Husband, The...by lilly
❝ You are a Lair, Professor! ❞ I said as I slapped him across the face. He grabbed my hand and pulled me to him. ❝ No student of mine may disrespect me like that and ge...
She Is My Hayaat by hayatiofparadise
She Is My Hayaatby Chocolate and Peace
I walked down the white hallways filled with the smell of bleach and chlorine. The lights above were too bright, too luminescent. I can't think. I can't look straight. I...
Hidden  by FarakhanRashid
Hidden by Farakhan A. Rashid
COMPLETED ✔️✔️ *** "I won't bite...yet... I promise" He said with his signature smirk. I was contemplating whether to continue walking in this rain or let him...
Meant For You - Predestined by Tannu25
Meant For You - Predestinedby Tahniyat Bano
Inaraah, 23 years old muslimah working in Qureshi company. She is independent hardworking and steadfast but still holds on to her Deen. She is pious, modest and follows...
Qadr; It's A Strange Thing ✔️ by TheKindBeliever
Qadr; It's A Strange Thing ✔️by TheKindBeliever
*** Completed *** Ya'qub Jacobs was one of the top agents at Jupps Incorporated. Having converted 2 years ago to Islam, he had now managed to change his life for the be...
Made for each other  by _amara15
Made for each other by Amara_15
#UNDER EDITING # ➡ impressive ranking ⬅ # 1 in made # 1 in halallove # 1 in halal #1 in moments # 1 in awesome # 3 in muslimlovestory # 3 in memories ******************...
Different Worlds by writer198
Different Worldsby Anonymous
#23 in Spiritual 4/8/17 #36 in Spiritual 31/7/17 #74 in Spiritual 3/6/17 An average girl from a middle class family marries the son of a business tycoon...things are bou...
Oodles Of Bliss(Short Stories) by MsOodlesrainbow_21
Oodles Of Bliss(Short Stories)by ᴄᴀʟʟ ᴍᴇ ᴏᴏᴅʟᴇs
Another Short story book on Wattpad. This book contain Oodles of Blissful short Stories. Beautiful Cover by @scentofobbsession
The Secret Behind Her Hijab | ✔ by TheVeiledMystery
The Secret Behind Her Hijab | ✔by Arfa
[#15 in Spiritual as of 5-11-2016] Alhamdulillah! There are two types of people. One- who love this world more than Deen and strive for the worldly possessions. Two- who...
Her Arrogant Husband✔ (Completed) by Princess_hijabi
Her Arrogant Husband✔ (Completed)by Hijabi
2 In Spiritual (13-11-2k18) 3 In Spiritual (9-12-2k17) 4 in spiritual (16-11-2k17) 5 In Spiritual (8-10-2k17) ALHAMDULILAH.... "What the hell you think of yourself...
Her Silent Tears by Sumaiyafairoos777
Her Silent Tearsby Sumi
🏆🥇🏅 WINNER of the choice awards 2019 (spiritual genre) 🥈Second place in the Rainbow Awards 2020 (Spiritual genre) Runner up of the people's choice awards 2020 (spiri...
KYDAH✔ (Preview) by aishatu_xx
KYDAH✔ (Preview)by TheSylph
COMPLETED√ [25th in spiritual On 3rd October 2018] [#1 in Malik/Othman series] [can be read separately] My name is Kydah Malik, I'm twenty one years old and I just finis...
Marrying The Billionaire Was Never Her Dream [1] ✔️ by mss_books_lover
Marrying The Billionaire Was Never...by Ruks
Completed. Book 1 in the Dream Series. When Zarah is compelled to marry a billionaire to save her family, she would have to do everything to make the marriage work or r...
Bitter Sweet by xxflawfully_amazynxx
Bitter Sweetby • procaffeinated •
One catastrophic night , a dead man's wish ; shackled two hearts to the same fate . //lovestory// ( Ongoing ) ( Not Edited )
CORNERS by sadaf846
CORNERSby sadaf846
What resonates at the core of my heart usually tends to find solace in the corners of my heart. Thus, presenting a peek to that corner.
Fairytale ✨ by ambooahmed
Fairytale ✨by amber ahmed
Fairytales doesn't only belong to princesse Prince it can for anyone everyone have own fairytale story so let's read their short stories 1 to 5 short max hope you enjoy...
To The Moon and Back by IDKandIDC_1
To The Moon and Backby IDKandIDC_1
A collection of sweet and lovable romantic Pakistani short stories. Enjoy! #1 in Lahore out of 9000+ stories *please note that I will update whenever I want!*