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Desi Swaggy Teen Relatable Indian Posts by Born2burgersandpizza
Desi Swaggy Teen Relatable Born2burgersandpizza
By a Desi to a Desi
The Bad Girl & The Muslim Boy  (Humor) by gritmit
The Bad Girl & The Muslim Boy ( gritmit
Lessandra, the school's notorious event planner bumps heads with a rather handsome mysterious boy named Elyas. Things turn out much more messier than she would've though...
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Set Yourself Free by 1DBTRmuffin
Set Yourself Freeby 1DBTRmuffin
Amra was always the obedient little girl her parents asked her to be. In front of everyone, she was the sweet little girl that society wanted to see. But what was deep i...
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Urban Desi (AVAILABLE ON AMAZON) by diasporicwriter
Urban Desi (AVAILABLE ON AMAZON)by diasporicwriter
Lila Yadhavar and Nikhil Shah are Indian-Americans from dominantly Caucasian schools located in Virginia and San Francisco, respectively. The only thing that's different...
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Not My Type by daydr3amer
Not My Typeby Sally
After three years of tough classes and sleepless nights, sarcastic and shy Anjali Sharma is ready to enjoy a drama-free, fun-filled final year of high school with her fa...
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Love's Calling by theimpossiblegal
Love's Callingby theimpossiblegal
[Oneshot] Disha always runs from everything. From extravagance. From ex-classmates. From relatives. From marriage. Even from the man she loves. And one wedding is all it...
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The Feels by PotatoForTheFry
The Feelsby Potato Mama
A compilation of short stories.
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Rishbala OS: Luscious by TainarIsSyRen
Rishbala OS: Lusciousby Tainar
Sexy Times
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We In A Beautiful Wedding by SimranCaur
We In A Beautiful Weddingby SimranCaur
Jasleen an 18 year old girl confused about the handsome boy she met in her cousin's wedding...
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Winged by FlowerBloodx
Wingedby Life~
What are friends? Just mere human beings who make you feel like you're living your life to its fullest. When Noori, her best friend comes up with an idea, Amani just cou...
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Desi Destroya: A Killjoy Story by DesiDestroya
Desi Destroya: A Killjoy Storyby Rowan
Danger Days FanFic. Desi Destroya is a mushy turned diehard Killjoy on the run from BL/ind's minions, and the jetset life just got wilder. Can she survive to find her ma...
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Destiny (Zayn Malik and Priyanka Chopra Fan-fic) (Slow Updates!) by mzkaur8
Destiny (Zayn Malik and Priyanka Mz. Kaur :)
"You always brag that you're the best and you always win so let's test your theory. We'll test it by playing a game." "What's the game?" "We bot...
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Sidneeti in Tumblr by defsoul_99
Sidneeti in Tumblrby पवित्र
Here you can find every sidneeti fanfic of amazing writters on Tumblr . Enjoy !
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All The Wrong Moves by Speed_of_light
All The Wrong Movesby Tasha
This is just something I thought up. If anything seems similar to some other work, then, my bad. I hope you like it. The prologue explains things.
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The Year of You (on hold)  by clazzyleena
The Year of You (on hold) by aleena
I had you in my arms, locked in an embrace. We were close, so very close and we couldn't get closer. And then suddenly I fell thousands of feet, my arm outstretched pra...
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The Modern Shaadi by _ineverstopreading
The Modern Shaadiby _ineverstopreading
Ascia is a refined, modern type of girl. One that calls herself 'British', before she calls herself 'Pakistani'. She would never think that her parents would have made...
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The Wedding Planner (Z.M Fanfic) by Desigirlrants
The Wedding Planner (Z.M Fanfic)by Bloom
Eman Hussain is a model and part time wedding planner just as a hobby doing it when on break. Her Modelling career is pretty good. Being the most famous model in the wor...
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Unexpected But Accepted by unity_writes
Unexpected But Acceptedby unity_writes
We have all known that friendship is the stepping stone for love and it makes love stronger. Well well but what if you THINK you love your friend. You confess it. Your...
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THE NEW GIRL? by deeawesomest
Kabeer Kapoor thinks he has everything he could ever want.... looks, brains, money, loving family and friends and let's not forget the girls drooling at his feet! that i...
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Tera Ishq Sirf Mere Liye by TainarIsSyRen
Tera Ishq Sirf Mere Liyeby Tainar
OS on Rishbala's Ishq and Junoon
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