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Moonstruck:Once in a lifetime ✔️ by Tara_says
Moonstruck:Once in a lifetime ✔️by Tara
𝗕𝗶𝗹𝗹𝗶𝗼𝗻𝗮𝗶𝗿𝗲 𝗿𝗼𝗺𝗮𝗻𝗰𝗲 𝗘𝗸𝗮𝗻𝘀𝗵 𝗥𝗮𝗴𝗵𝘂𝘃𝗮𝗻𝘀𝗵𝗶 ☆ The CEO of 'Raghuvanshi Group' also an underground Mafia. A typical cold, rude and ruthless...
Ashiqui by _coquette_
Ashiquiby 𝐒✨
"I will get down on my fucking knees for you Jaan if it means to prove my love for you." The king of Rajasthan, the billionarie of India and the CEO of a multi...
Loving the Paying Guest by Always_Manyata
Loving the Paying Guestby Always_Manyata
The intimidating yet Charming Lawyer Siddhant due to some reasons stay as a paying Guest at a house, where he meets Navedita who is Insecure about her weight and worried...
BAIG HAVELI AYZAL SHEHRYAR BAIG...a naive 15 year girl who cherish her elder cousin alot. She is unaware of her own feelings towards him.she named that feeling as care t...
Her healer by biblio_philia
Her healerby Monika
Yaduvanshi series #1 An Arranged Marriage Story. POWER!!!!! That's what he always wanted. He is king of a small kingdom of Madhya Pradesh but his power is not limited to...
From now Till eternity by Moonfairy28
From now Till eternityby MOONBOW
Ryan and Aaruhi The story of two innocent hearts and their pious love. The story of one sided love. The story of heartbreak. The story of longing and a hopeful heart. ...
To Love Again !!! by Aponion
To Love Again !!!by Aponion
This is a story about two very different personalities finding one common thing, love. A chance at something better than life and when you find it how to hold on to it...
Bridging Hearts | Multicouple | ✔ by Chronicles_of_love
Bridging Hearts | Multicouple | ✔by Tesoro
Unedited! ~ Whatever may be the circumstances, Love finds its own way~ Rich and Classy, that's what describes the Oberois, The top leading business owners, they have eve...
Forced To Pretend As Billionare's Wife (Completed) by KKatha123
Forced To Pretend As Billionare' K.Katha
Book 1 under Raghuvanshi series #Raghuvanshi Series Prologue " Who are you??", He asked her, trapping her against the bathroom wall. " What are you talk...
The Unloved Wife by iraliyawrites
The Unloved Wifeby ira🦋
Mehrbano is a kind enthusiastic girl entrapped in a loveless marriage with a cold man Ehan Haider. She had fully invested herself in her marriage but she got nothing but...
Her claim by Jeelvyas03
Her claimby Jeelvyas03
Nobody ever loved him; she was the first who loved him. He did not have a family and then one day she entered into his life and became a world for him. His love, care...
Love Finds a Way !!! by Aponion
Love Finds a Way !!!by Aponion
Let's embark the Journey of Aarav & Kanak .... two individuals belonging to completely different strata of society with nothing in common ...who know and understand they...
ISHQ BULAVA by sanvi_writes16
ISHQ BULAVAby sanvi_writes16
|•Avni Chauhan 🐇 A chatterbox and youngest daughter of her family ; cute and lovely falls for Nischay: the son of business tycoon and Avni's brother's best friend when...
Falling For My love by _authoraditi_
Falling For My loveby Aditii
Kriti Sharma, a 25 year old girl who is ambitious, hardworking, kind and beautiful. She is the best example of beauty with brains. She is funny and loves to make people...
Veer by Coffeelover_antara1
Veerby Antara Agarwal
A short story They were arranged in a sacred tie called marriage but for her, it was love at first sight. He didn't wanted a wife but eventually fells in love with her. ...
Our Arranged Shaadi by dreamerlass
Our Arranged Shaadiby Saumya Saxena
She is a simple middle-class girl while He is the CEO of a huge Business Firm. She has lived a simple life while He has lived a rather lavish life. ...
Maanvi Gowda - an introverted girl with a dream to achieve so many things she has ever wished for. When all the people around her took advantage of her kindness and her...
A chance to us [Complete] by itswriterbymistake
A chance to us [Complete]by Aapkii Aarohii
Ruhaan oberoi and sitara Khanna tied a knot of marriage six months back. A power couple for the outside world. But inside the four wall they are just Stangers. Who only...
Angel's Devil by Jeelvyas03
Angel's Devilby Jeelvyas03
The person who like to listen only when he himself is speaking is listening her all non sense talk. The person who find satisfaction while seeing people bagging for merc...
Unheard Echoes of Love (Completed) by fifibawa
Unheard Echoes of Love (Completed)by fifibawa
She pulled him with his collars towards herself with all her will instead of just crashing her lips on him she just felt his lips with her's. her weak hands trembled aro...