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Sacrifices by hana_hopeful
Sacrificesby Ankita
A story of arrange marriage between Ansh and Avni. This is a story which depicts the sacrifices everyone makes after marriages . 21/06/2017 - #131 chicklit 6/12/2017- #...
My College What?! by Faith_Pillbeam
My College What?!by Faith Pillbeam
A young woman decidedly entering a very traditional and sexist relationship with a very attractive young man. Stacey is a second year college student basically restarti...
Love After Marriage by missk11_
Love After Marriageby ᴋɪʀᴛʜᴀɴᴀ
[Mega Story] Love After Marriage ~ An Interracial Romance. Ishita Hassan - The Tamil-Indian girl who's more friendly and loving among everyone. She's also a talk of feis...
Her Alpha [18+] by anna13410wolf
Her Alpha [18+]by anna13410wolf
This book is about Arē. Arē is a seventeen year old girl who gets forced into a traditional Wolf Run which brings her and her mate together. She had witnessed evil mate...
Entangled With The General by nauiworld
Entangled With The Generalby By Raine
Woke up in the ancient era frightened the hell out of her. And she has to make a choice : Let the real plot take place or try to change it. ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ••• His...
Diyar-e-Mohabbat💫دیار محبت by Flippin_ola
Diyar-e-Mohabbat💫دیار محبتby Aloha
Collection of traditional love stories. محفل میں باربار انہی پر نظر گئی ہم نے بچائی لاکھ مگر پھر ادھر گئی 💫Short stories of traditional Pakistani weddings and customs...
Muntazir by glittersoul_07
Muntazirby glittersoul_07
mein yahan hu muntazir vo vaha hai bekhabar
ARRANGED LOVE ✅ (Hinglish)  by SparklingSunshine01
ARRANGED LOVE ✅ (Hinglish) by ✨
!!! NOT EDITED!!! Two individuals Advik and Mishka totally different from each other get tied to each other in a sacred relation called marriage. Meet ADVIK MATHUR - A...
Blessing~MANAN by Achyut369
Blessing~MANANby Achyut369
Arrange Marriage 💞 Two families coming together. Witness how two souls come together to make a beautiful world with Divine Blessing 😇🌿
The Steward of Blackwood Hall by flights_of_fantasy
The Steward of Blackwood Hallby Heather
Despite living thirty miles from London, Anabelle Latimer knows her chances of finding a husband in their sleepy village are as thin as cook's white soup. Then she disco...
Enchanted by the Sheikh by xPizzaLava
Enchanted by the Sheikhby Sereana Daubulu
After being left stranded in the sand, Katrina was rescued and taken back to a luxury desert camp. Despite the attraction that sparked between them, the Sheikh thought K...
Ayyaanah (ON HOLD) by Just7ofme__
Ayyaanah (ON HOLD)by 🍁nightxlies🍁
Ayyaanah Hassan...A 19 year old girl..who is outspoken and funny.. living her life to the fullest with her family.. Until she met bilal Muhammad...A business man with a...
MaNan : Marrying a NRI ✅ by Rrrmsr
MaNan : Marrying a NRI ✅by janani
What happens when a simple Indian conservative girl marries an unknown man? She is just thought from the very childhood that marriage is very sacred and is something tha...
The Shore of Solace  by Aamynila2012
The Shore of Solace by Aamynila2012
A story based on our own Arnav and Khushi.The story of a simple girl and a lovable boy .Here you can see a strong and confident Khushi facing her life.Then came Arnav in...
Key To Their Hearts by ekkladki
Key To Their Heartsby ekkladki
"Lo." (Here/Take) said the man before passing her the tea. "Why don't you walk home? The bus might be half an hour late because of the weather." He s...
The Secret I Tried to Keep by CaylahWest
The Secret I Tried to Keepby Caylah West
Chandria Shandi's parents want her to be a doctor. Chandria wants to be anything else. Chandria comes from a very strict and traditional family. She's not allowed to da...
Destiny by tequilasunrise97
Destinyby tequilasunrise97
When Siddarth met Gauri, for him it was love at first sight. It took him awhile to gain Gauri's trust enough to give him one chance. He made a promise to her knowing h...
Flames of Ambition by Violet_Ybrehl07
Flames of Ambitionby 💜 𝖁𝖎𝖔𝖑𝖊𝖙💜
Transmigration? A scheming fifth sister? A weak and a coward eldest daughter? Cultivation, power, and imperial family? Oh come on, she only have a quarter of Chinese blo...
Justajoo by glittersoul_07
Justajooby glittersoul_07
Your reason for not loving me makes me love u more ... siddharth Shukla . . . . I have no place for emotions in my heart not for you atleast ! .... shehnaaz gill
Unknown Destiny - The Mahabharat Fanfic by justordinaryfellow
Unknown Destiny - The Mahabharat Miss.nobody
This is the story of a girl who is best to the good people and just worst to the bad people. She enjoys her life and loves her gadgets so much that she is actually...