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In love with my best friend. by dhwani_sonde
In love with my best Dhwani Sonde
[ #43 in chicklit as of 21/4/17 #15 in girly as of 5/10/2018 #6 in girly as of 7/10/2018] Love is all fun and games until you fall in love with your best friend who is a...
Innocent Killer by GhostWriter121803
Innocent Killerby GhostWriter121803
Seemingly sweet and innocent girl who lives on a military base with her dad. When a new soldier takes a liking to her, she has to hide who she really is, a psychotic kil...
Sissy Halloween  by BarbaraQuar
Sissy Halloween by BarbaraQuar
Near the beginning of October, Chris told his mother that she can buy any costume she wanted for Halloween and he'd wear it. He rarely got humiliated by anything, and wa...
Their Precious Baby Boy by Todoroki_loves_me
Their Precious Baby Boyby ⚡️Zenitsu~⚡️
Deku has to deal with his disgusting father and his sleazy friends who use the sweet teen for....things.... the poor greenette has to keep a smile on his face while liv...
Random shit about me :) by TomKaulitzIsMyBae
Random shit about me :)by 𝑇𝑟𝑎𝑐𝑦.𝐹𝑟𝑒𝑒𝑙𝑎𝑛𝑑
uhm so i deleted my last one bc of some dumb reason so were gonna do it again!!
Falling by Kay_Writes99
Fallingby Kay
A sweet story about a cheerleader and a quarterback falling for each other. *** I'm not very good at descriptions so you'll just have to read to find out more :)
The bad boy trained me to fight (*Completed*) by emmastarzz
The bad boy trained me to fight (* emily
"what the hell are you doing!" she exclaimed and covered her eyes. I walked closeer to her, our chests touching each other. her breath hitched. I felt a wave o...
river of thoughts by LucyPaw4ever8ever
river of thoughtsby fairy tales
these are my own poems . please don't copy. hope you enjoy and it's about situations we face in emotionally.
TG short stories (M2F) by IWannaBeAMergirl
TG short stories (M2F)by I Wanna Be A Mergirl
Hi guys! I've got a lot of fun little TG ideas, and I want to put them here! These stories sadly won't have much depth, and will likely feel kinda cliche for TG, but I w...
Tips For My Girlies by Aajjbb_16
Tips For My Girliesby Amber
I just had this really weird urge to make a few chapters just with stuff that my Girlies can use on a day to day basis... this is not typically what wattpad has on here...
Last One Standing (wattys2017) (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) by ChasingMadness24
Last One Standing (wattys2017) ( Kyra Weiss
"In a house full of eight, disgusting, inconsiderate, illogical, and inconvincibly stupid older brothers, what's one more?" *** Alex has eight older broth...
Devil may cry oneshots by Jaythapanda
Devil may cry oneshotsby Jaythapanda
Well they're oneshots that are character X reader. So.... Yeah
Not another love story by xemlena
Not another love storyby ava.xemlena<3
Ava had a tough school year. Her crush found out she liked him, her best friend dumped her, and there were many fights or dramas always going on. This year, Ava decided...
A Girl for Halloween by jennifersweet_MS
A Girl for Halloweenby Jennifer Sweet
After finding part-time work at the local Halloween Costume store, Jason quickly learns the rule that employees must wear costumes while on the job, allowing him to expl...
The Reluctant Babysitter  by sabrynabrooklynne
The Reluctant Babysitter by Sabryna
Blaine's parents have plans for the weekend; they are going to Las Vegas with the neighbors across the street, leaving Blaine home alone. Blaine was excited to be left...
Life Behind Doors by ExtinctMonkey
Life Behind Doorsby ExtinctMonkey
Zach Donahey is in for it. He has seriously messed up and needs to be out of town when his father comes back home. With that in mind, he joins St.Jude's higher prep, a f...
Cake Toppers | ✔ by Vintaginity
Cake Toppers | ✔by Brittani
"You've been helping these girls with their own wedding gowns for years! When will you ever be trying on your own?" Erin's mother shouts from across the bridal...
Powerful🖤 by Adrianaandcookies
Powerful🖤by adriianaa
Part 2 of 'Powers🖤'.