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Academic lovers  by winterxeve
Academic lovers by winterxeve
Crest view academy. This was no ordinary high school; it was known for its academic excellence and fierce rivalries. Amongst the students, two individuals stood out from...
𝐈𝐒𝐇𝐐 𝐇𝐀𝐈 ✓ by behindheart03
𝐈𝐒𝐇𝐐 𝐇𝐀𝐈 ✓by Anuhya shira
In a world where competition reigns and passions collide, two formidable minds clash once again. Rohan Mehra and Sunaina Mathur once academic rivals, themselves reunite...
Lavender by weirdorandolmao
Lavenderby weirdorandolmao
"He definitely wants to sleep with you," he taunts. "Excuse me?" I look at him weirdly, "What are you even talking about." "The way he...
Second Place || Jake Sim by beomstagram
Second Place || Jake Simby BEOMSTAGRAM
Jake isn't exactly someone you get along with. You've both been competing with eachother and trying to top eachothers marks and high scores. As hard as you've tried you...
the archer, regulus black by cyl333
the archer, regulus blackby chloe 🫧
[DISCONTINUED] who could ever leave me, darling? but who could ever stay? regulus black x fem oc social media x real life lowercase intended started 6.27.23 finished: n/a
I Hope I'm Better Than You  by avecmarie
I Hope I'm Better Than You by with marie, always
Inès Clèment, an overachiever hopes she's better than the genius Jean-Pierre Magnan.
Acing Love: Rivals Unite? by TahiraTales
Acing Love: Rivals Unite?by S. Tahira
An exhilarating journey into academia's thrilling world-a book is in the works! I'm diving into a story of fierce academic rivals who might just discover love amidst the...
my daylight | ongoing  by juliasreadings
my daylight | ongoing by juliasreadings
I once belived love would be black and white but its golden ~ like 𝓭𝓪𝔂𝓵𝓲𝓰𝓱𝓽 Gracie had a hard time at her old school in New York so she and her parents decided i...
textbook exception; z.hao by yvres_
textbook exception; z.haoby
"how can we expect our love to come with ease?" -a love story
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Until The Dead End || Graciela Volvay by suddenlyawritter7
Until The Dead End || Graciela Graciela Volvay
Strategy. Life is a game. You rather be a player or be played. She chose to be a player playing other pieces. Her plan failed successfully because she was crazy enough t...
One-shots<3 by StellanKaryn
One-shots<3by xxsterllarxx
Hey! This is my first ever book and it contains one-shots :) I really hope you enjoy the one-shots i have written :D Thank you for giving this book a chance <3 Love, ...
Feel The Defeat by enchantingnights
Feel The Defeatby Raile Hazelle
Ivoree Claire Figueroa is an antisocial pariah with just one friend. Despite being the top student in her class, she is despised by everyone due to her blunt and unfilte...
Serious Charm by WritingUtensil
Serious Charmby WritingUtensil
Told from Felix's perspective. Felix and Adrien are twin brothers, Felix is older by 7 minutes, Adrien is seen as kind and extroverted, and Felix is serious and introver...
Chaos to my Calm by author_rashmi
Chaos to my Calmby author_rashmi
"In the midst of life's challenges, love can sometimes feel like a distant dream" Naina- "People often mention that things tend to come your way when you...
Embrace Yourself by NigBrow
Embrace Yourselfby NightBrow
How can you love yourself when the people around you keep saying that you're not worth the risk? How can you enjoy your life as a teenager when you've already miserable...
Profound Love : He Fell First And Harder by authordivixya
Profound Love : He Fell First Divi & Divya
A story between 2 academic rivals, with constant teasing, flirting, and a lot of domination, a story of hate and love. Ahaan&Inara, a match made in hell. Were destined...
Sweet Rivalry  by HarmoniousMelancholy
Sweet Rivalry by her_armonía
Danica Xianelle Alcantara and Arnell Zachary Guevara are academic rivals, parehas silang hindi magkasundo sa mga answers and solution nila at parehas ding ayaw malamanga...
As it Was | Hange x Reader by raizoe9
As it Was | Hange x Readerby Rai
From a young age, (Y/N) had always thought that she and Hange would be inseparable forever. The two were a duo, a pair, practically soulmates. But, as the old saying goe...
Loving You by Vipin_079
Loving Youby author vipin
Jamin Agrawal the popular and perfect boy of college also boy with straight face who don't give a shit about any girl (also known for being not talking and grumpy) and n...
The Search For The Truth by InnocentButterfly13
The Search For The Truthby Cora
After Elizabeth Porter goes missing it's Cerelia Grey and Axel Carvers job to find her. Theres just one problem. Cerelia and Axel basically hate each other. They've been...