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Double Booked | 509 Series Book 1  by tayhatesevery1
Double Booked | 509 Series Book 1 by Taylor
Practice makes perfect, and when you're fighting to be the best in your sport that is especially true. Ryder and Francesca are no exception. They are dedicated to their...
The Imitation Game ✓ by falling-into-you
The Imitation Game ✓by niko knowles simp
♡ featured in @Romance's chicklit reading list and @NA's romance list ♡ Love, Lust, and Jealousy. It's a story Cora knows all too well - not because it's her own, but th...
Blind Date / Haechan by haekkum
Blind Date / Haechanby Nana ♡
Two rivals on a blind date who end up fake dating. Classic.
Not So Second Male Lead [BL] by Fluffball88
Not So Second Male Lead [BL]by Fluffball
Akio gets reincarnated into a popular detective novel as one of the hottest characters. He was the second male lead! Shock and in denial, he knew he couldn't play the ro...
Wildest Dreams by anniecrownbooks
Wildest Dreamsby annie crown
Nora is determined to win a prestigious summer internship with her favorite entrepreneurial professor. Only one person stands in her way: Callum, the charming and confid...
friendly fire » poe dameron by -tothelakes
friendly fire » poe dameronby ruby
eliana lieth became one of the best pilot's in the resistance after leaving the senate. her only rival being that of poe dameron and when his unique past makes him perfe...
 Heartstrung Hatred (GXG) by Ayerreo
Heartstrung Hatred (GXG)by Daijour
Vinodhini von Bausch doesn't have much going for her in life. She spends hours holed up in a studio, painting away as if her life depended on it. She doesn't put much ef...
Love by chance by annnaazzx
Love by chanceby annnaazzx
Imagine being in an unimaginable heavenly vacation with your family and getting stuck with your most hated person by happenstance who is no other than your brother's bes...
Becoming a Fool for You by AnonymousWalnut
Becoming a Fool for Youby Andriea Danielle Estrella
"Can't you put down your tactics and politics for a bit and just be brave like a fool?" "Why should I have to do that?" "Because... I like guys...
Double Trouble by Nalulife01
Double Troubleby I Love Fairytail!❤️
The only person Lucy has left treats her like no father should treat their own daughter. He is the only one he has left and she doesn't want to be all alone. So she foll...
Roman's Reasons by contrabanded
Roman's Reasonsby contrabanded
Livia is on the Roman's Reasons rulebook for a multitude of reasons - some of which she cannot comprehend. Perhaps it's because Livia captured the heart of his crush bac...
The Heirs (The Heart's Edge Series, Book #1) by Ink-insomnia
The Heirs (The Heart's Edge Series...by Ink-insomnia
The only thing Rose Aria Colfield ever wanted was to persue her studies in the field of forensic science but a political marriage, murders and finding her sister in the...
PURE HATE(new Episodes Weekly) by rosie_nancyshi
PURE HATE(new Episodes Weekly)by rosie_nancyshi
~why so rude Mr.jeon?~ ??-"this world is a piece of shit. You make it shitty to live MR.RUDE JEON Me-"U LOST IT JUNGKOOK..I'LL NEVER BE YOURS EVEN IN YOUR DRE...
Our Entangled Lives // Oliver Wood by Too_Sarcastic_
Our Entangled Lives // Oliver Woodby Hanna
SLOW UPDATES {Slowburn friends to rivals to lovers} Book two in the underrated HP characters series During their first year at Hogwarts, Y/n and Oliver where inseparable...
checkmate. | 희승 by eerials
checkmate. | 희승by nikki
To be fair, the school council was as competitive as it gets. With a president and vice president fighting for different sides, it seems determination is in the air. In...
fake it till you make it. (woosan) by seqnghwaz
fake it till you make it. (woosan)by angel
Wooyoung doesn't even remember how long he has liked Hoongjoong, his co-worker for, it has been that long. But of course he has competition, his work place rival and al...
SCP x READERS Oneshots, Headcannons, Imagines, and more! by Purrple_Simpz
SCP x READERS Oneshots, Headcannon...by Fandom_Jumper
This story includes: Atleast every SCPs AND SCP Doctors I know :) Definitely there WILL be smut and.. I hope my hands are ready to become one working on this shit
What happened at midnight by d0bbyd0r3
What happened at midnightby Suffergod
On an unsuspecting school day, Heather received a little note on her school desk. Not signed, only there to tell her "Meet me on the roof of the movie theater at mi...
One In A Billion by KanemotoStorm
One In A Billionby Little Hyuka
Ryujin Manoban is the half-blood daughter of Minister of Magic Lalisa Manoban and Auror Chaeyoung Park-Manoban. She's the youngest of the Manoban Triplets and she's an u...