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Help // trans bakugou//  by animeangsttm
Help // trans bakugou// by Bloo_mtomb
Katsuki is a man, and even if he did not realize that at 5 years old like all the famous transgender people he saw on the internet, he is still a man. He hasn't told any...
Peter Parker Swings Out of the Closet by uhitsSJ
Peter Parker Swings Out of the Mateo
Featuring Trans!Peter and Bi!Peter, a lil au inspired by many other trans!peter au's :) (not my art on the cover, credit to owner)
Tommys guide to survive in a transphobic house ftTubbo ~ TransInnit&Nonbinarybo by lolyukimaxlol
Tommys guide to survive in a Teri
Tommy is trans, female to male. Tubbo is non-binary amab. Both small streamers (though, slowly blowing up on recent smp they joined?!) in the closet. Their fami...
Jeremy by PocketIWatch
Jeremyby PøcketWatch
Jeremy is just a normal guy, but there was something that changed his life for the better. With his mother and father in full support, he goes through his normal life an...
Love Is Gay (Frerard) by pangitalex
Love Is Gay (Frerard)by Alex
{Completed} Frank Iero is as far from normal as possible. Like, very fucking far from normal. He has a problem, and that problem is in between his legs. It's not that F...
Gay Memes because why not  by NobodysGayBoyfriend
Gay Memes because why not by Nobody
Just a bunch of memes about LGBTQIA+ because why not. It's seriously the title. View Goals: 1k - 12/11/22 2k - 1/21/23 3k - 2/12/23 Vote Goals: 100 Votes - 2/4/23 Rankin...
Trying to figure myself out(Karlnapity-trans ftm Karl) DISCONTINUED!! by numberonemarz
Trying to figure myself out( numberonemarz
Karl always knew that he was a boy at heart and had known that from the time he was little. He had got himself together when he was around ten, coming out to his family...
My Man (Trans Bakugou x Kirishima) by HexIsQueer
My Man (Trans Bakugou x Kirishima)by Hex
I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THE ART!!! Bakugou appears to everyone in UA a boy who is hypercompetitive, angry, and loud. Little do most of them know Bakugou is trans. Born a fem...
Stop Calling me That (mcyt + ftm reader) -Book 1/2- by perfectdegeneration
Stop Calling me That (mcyt + ftm perfectdegeneration
COMPLETE. READ THE SEQUEL IF YOU LIKE THIS BOOK (it's called "Don't Call me That", check my profile) Real Description: When Y/N has the chance to become friend...
Boys and Girls (A Trans!Jiro and Trans!Bakugo AU) by LordOfMultifandoms
Boys and Girls (A Trans!Jiro and Lord_Of_The_Multifandom
Follow the journey of two of our favourite 1A characters; Bakugo Katsuki and Jiro Kyoka as they try to find away to fit in while trying to hide a big secret that they on...
In The City of the Nightmare King [Formerly Wizards Are So Gay] by VSSantoni
In The City of the Nightmare V.S. Santoni
WATTPAD ORIGINAL EDITION The nightmare continues when Ryan, the gay wizard, comes face to face with the most unexpected nemeses yet. He will have to figure out if love t...
I'm a Gay Wizard (Wattpad Books Edition) by VSSantoni
I'm a Gay Wizard (Wattpad Books V.S. Santoni
WATTPAD BOOKS EDITION You do magic once, and it sticks to you like glitter glue... When Johnny and his best friend, Alison, pass their summer holidays dabbling in magi...
ftm memes bc why not by ArsonIsCommited
ftm memes bc why notby Finn
you want trans memes I gotcha updates every week
DSMP trans oneshots by frogofwisdom
DSMP trans oneshotsby Overlord
Because transAUs are a huge comfort for me :)) Trigger warnings will be at the start of the oneshots Trigger warning for cussing tho, in most chapters. Angst and fluff...
Trans Peter Parker (bxb) by rainbowchild17
Trans Peter Parker (bxb)by Rainbowsheep77
Tony and Steve adopt Peter from an abusive orphanage. They don't know he's trans but his boyfriend Wade does. This is about life of peter and stuff. Major dysphoria tri...
Dysphoric (DNF-ftmGeorge) by frogofwisdom
Dysphoric (DNF-ftmGeorge)by Overlord
George is ftm trans and he's excellent at keeping the secret from the others, but when George, Dream, sapnap, karl and Bad all move in together, it becomes a harder secr...
momma's pride and joy by Laindzy
momma's pride and joyby Laindzy
After his mother's illness gets worse and she is no longer able to take care of him and his brothers, Kevin steps up to take care of everything and ends up becoming...
Strawberry Poprocks (Trans!Kirishima x Trans!Mina x Bakugo) by THATS-VERY-GAE
Strawberry Poprocks (Trans! Starry
Hey this is my first time writing one of these, it's 1 AM and I just came up w/ this idea. Sorry for the crappy writing, I'll try to update as frequently as possible but...
Rooftop Boys (Karlnapity) by happyhonkboy
Rooftop Boys (Karlnapity)by ohcomeonnow
"if you're here to stop me, don't." "Oh I'm not." The younger scoffs "mind if I join you?" Main Tws for this story: suicide mention/attemp...
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Mina x Trans Girl Reader by MerlinsSaggyTits
Mina x Trans Girl Readerby Archie
Follow our reader through the difficult challenges of being trans and training to be a hero. Watch as she falls in love with an adorable girl only to worry if she'll be...