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Diapered by my football team by travismiller03
Diapered by my football teamby travismiller03
Lucas is a 13 y/o boy and he's the captain of the football team at his school until James, a new player, tries to steal the title by making him age regressing.
Baby teacher  by solboh
Baby teacher by solboh
There is a ruthless teacher hurting students and mocking them and one students had enough now the teacher is gonna get what she deserves
Abi's Issues by Unfabu1ous
Abi's Issuesby Unfabu1ous
Abi was set on having an amazing summer. Her accidents had other plans. Includes some slightly mature words/content ⚠️ Warning: not realistic, kind of graphic, not for e...
The Stepbrother by loversunit2107
The Stepbrotherby loversunit2107
WARNING!!!!!! THIS BOOK CONTAINS HOMOSEXUALITY SO IF YOU HATE GAYS DO NOT READ!!!!! Can't say I didn't warn you. Jace was a trouble maker always getting a drop to his d...
My cousins wedgie stories  by sub-Dork
My cousins wedgie stories by D@rk
This story has all of the wedgies my cousins gave me throughout the years. As a heads up, all the stories will most likely involve feet, spit, and public situations. Con...
The Bullies by Humiliation24
The Bulliesby Humiliation24
Poor Sophia has a bad day at school.
wlw spanking stories by imhere_forstories
wlw spanking storiesby imhere_forstories
i dont see enough gxg spanking and wedgie stories so i gave up looking for them and wrote them instead (no frequent updates, school is more important) (also i didnt both...
Diapered At The Doctors by Bellagracebaby
Diapered At The Doctorsby Bella Marie
When all of the bathrooms at the doctors office go out of order, Bella is forced to do the unthinkable. Will she be able to hold her bladder for the duration of her appo...
Story 1: Diaper confession by Chrrch92
Story 1: Diaper confessionby Chrrch92
*sexual and mature content* I, Chris, tell my girlfriend, molly, about my diaper fetish. what ensues afterward is something I could never imagine. A whole day filled wit...
tied up by smutlordgay
tied upby smutlordgay
a step dad and his step son have a VERY close relationship and like to butt fuck when they're alone HEAVY gay smut warning
DIAPER SISTERS by viking-writer
DIAPER SISTERSby viking-writer
Two sisters, ages 9 and 13, are put into diapers for bedwetting.
If Only || Q. Fabray by barretthanna
If Only || Q. Fabrayby barrett
{Glee Seasons 1-2} ♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫¸¸♬·¯·♩¸¸♪·¯·♫ When Ryder Hoffman returns to his hometown after a brief stin...
Bullying the rich kid: Rory Gilmore's college humiliation by schoolboytales
Bullying the rich kid: Rory schoolboytales
Blindfolded, tricked into stripping to her underwear and videoed by two bullies who pretended to be her friends (and that's only the start of the cruelty), Rory Gilmore...
✅ Potty Genius [NaNoWriMo 2022] by kittyangelabdl
✅ Potty Genius [NaNoWriMo 2022]by Kitty Angel
Adrica likes finding the hidden features and secrets in the apps on her phone; even an app like Potty Genius which she only has because she was gifted a second hand tabl...
Truth or Dare by ABDLKaitlyn
Truth or Dareby ABDLKaitlyn
Emma can't stand the idea of people not thinking she's the coolest girl around, but Anna intends to use the final slumber party of their high school career as a chance t...
The Sacred Bond ✔ by Sakshidevi712
The Sacred Bond ✔by Sakhiiiii
Cover and Banner credits : @Sitaraaa__ "I love reading books too",Karthik said while Bhoomi just smiled at him. She directed him towards the balcony where her...
Black Heels  by dreamk1d15
Black Heels by dreamk1d15
Hello to you all, this story is my first book on this account not necessarily Wattpad, my story description may sort of be a spoiler so I repeat....Spoiler Alert!!! ...K...
Wedgie Advent Calendar  by flamingocto
Wedgie Advent Calendar by R.H.
Updating every day of December up until Christmas with a new wedgie task! Most of them can be done solo but getting someone else to carry out the wedgies is even better...
✅    Jail Cat    ✅ by Alex_Furry_Fiction
✅ Jail Cat ✅by Alex_Furry_Fiction
Razz, the street cat, more affectionately nicknamed 'Tazzy' has had a reputation of fighting, but when it lands him in court, he has but two options; one, go to jail for...