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Spider-MAN (A Trans Peter Parker Story with Avengers)  by Madison_L_Young
Spider-MAN (A Trans Peter Parker Madison L. Young
Peter is your average teenage boy... except he's not. Peter Parker knows all about secret identities. Not only is he Spider-Man, he's also a trans guy. From bullies...
Milo by goingallnight
Miloby goingallnight
[Demi Lovato Adoption Book] A story about little girl named Milani Rue. She's 4 and a half. She likes dinosaurs, trucks and trains. And pancakes, a lot of pancakes. Oh a...
The Mad Hatters (V!Tddk~) by notyourdevil66
The Mad Hatters (V!Tddk~)by Casey Jones
This will include nsfw/smut. Izuku never met all might, he has a quirk, its blood mimic. I made that up shhHhhh. But yeah. Izuku Midoriya has been known to be missing f...
True identity (kiribaku)~trans Bakugo  by -_SpicyPeppers_-
True identity (kiribaku)~trans pearcy
Everyone has a secret no matter how old or young you are , you either have a secret of your own or you were trusted enough to hold another persons secret ---- Bakugo is...
✧ *: sunflower ・゚✧ by marvelkoolaid
✧ *: sunflower ・゚✧by ✧
[ #3 in transpeterparker ] peter had always been different. he never felt... right. by puberty, questions arose within him. he scoured the internet for answers to his bu...
Loki x Male (or nonbinary) Reader by ElvenPunk
Loki x Male (or nonbinary) Readerby Thomas, Levi, Julian, Loki
This will of course include male or nonbinary readers, mostly because, there are many out there, and i think there needs to be more representation. I hope you all enjoy ...
Peter Parker Swings Out of the Closet by uhitsSJ
Peter Parker Swings Out of the Mateo
Featuring Trans!Peter and Bi!Peter, a lil au inspired by many other trans!peter au's :) (not my art on the cover, credit to owner)
The secret of a paladin complete (✔️) by ghost1643
The secret of a paladin complete ( ghost1643
"Hey Lance, you left your helmet back there so I wanted to-" Keith stopped in his tracks as he saw Lance. Lance just froze upon seeing him. Keith felt his face...
He Was A She?! // Kageyama X Trans!Reader x Oikawa by gay_silence
He Was A She?! // Kageyama X Dylan
You had always known you were different. Always knew something was special. But what? Finally, in your last year of middle school, you figured it out. You were transgend...
His secret  by Weebforeverlolxd
His secret by Thea Clark
Hinata shoyo looks like he has the perfect life but he has a secret that no one knows.. he is trans gender only some people know but how will his team react...will they...
Hot Blonde Girl (GirlxGirl) by SparrowFox
Hot Blonde Girl (GirlxGirl)by Fox
#18 in HUMOR; 16-year-old, Ivy Carlson has nothing better to do with her boring life. So she drives downtown and things go drastic when she gets drunk and finds herself...
SI Field Trip by dragonbreath16
SI Field Tripby Lila
Peter's life had finally been looking up. After being adopted and made Peter Stark two years prior and with a boyfriend of two years, Peter couldn't have asked for more...
Field trips and the art of stopping someone from comitting murder by wolfstarxxo
Field trips and the art of ₜₒ ₗₐₜₑ, ᵢ'ₘ ᵢₙ ₕₑₗₗ
Peter goes on a field trip to Stark Industries, secrets are revealed and people are surprised or The Avengers realises Peter is bullied and decides that a kid needs to b...
The Struggles Of Being Sarah Potter, The-Transgender-Girl-Once-Boy-Who-Lived by Phoenix_Malfoy
The Struggles Of Being Sarah Silas
Harry Potter Hasn't lived at the Dursley's since he was age 5. Harry is transgender. So, Harry became Sarah. But what happens when the Letters come addressed to a Mr. H...
Lgbt guide by EdgyMeow
Lgbt guideby Max ♡
This is a "Lgbtq+ guide" to all who needs it. This book will include: · Flags · Sexuallitys · Genders · Flags · Memes And a lot more! So be prepared, grab you...
Seems Too Good by babysofia1234
Seems Too Goodby Sofia
Doctor Nick Benning has worked hard to become a phenomenal surgeon. Ads for traveling to a new dimension have begun to pop up everywhere; including a billboard asking 'L...
Cut Off the Heart-Shaped End || Trans!Kaminari x Shinsou by Heartless-Haru
Cut Off the Heart-Shaped End || Do you want to die?
(The art isn't mine! If you could tell me who drew it, please dm me!) ⚠️ Trigger Warning ⚠️ Daitan Kaminari was born a girl, but even her parents knew that she would ei...
He Not She | Trans Bakugo by bad-asmr
He Not She | Trans Bakugoby 🍁
Um...don't read this story. [COMPLETE] C R I N G AND H O R R I B L E WRITTING Bakugo had been treated like a girl and he hates it. He comes out and over all the respons...
A Big Surprise and Two Huge Secrets  by TheGayestJedi
A Big Surprise and Two Huge TheGayestJedi
In the aftermath of Civil War, Steve Rogers finds himself sick for seemingly no reason, until he discovers a reason that could expose the secrets of his life before beco...
Till death do we part(TodoBaku) by Annonymous_Trans
Till death do we part(TodoBaku)by Kyle
bakugo has depression and little space, while todoroki is a trans-male (ftm) what will happen in their life?