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Roommates (Re-editing) by CCKens
Roommates (Re-editing)by C.C. Kens
Cara Lee is cold, awkward, highly OCD and she is defininly not a people person. She spends most of her days in her luxury apartment away from any social interaction. Aft...
Sin (BoyxBoy) ✔️ Book 1 by sageskies
Sin (BoyxBoy) ✔️ Book 1by 𝕷𝖎𝖑𝖞
Luke Ivy, son of a pastor. He's expected to follow the typical routine that his parents desire: Wake up, go to school, go to church, sleep. His family is the stereotypi...
LGBTQ Memes by bellatr1xz
LGBTQ Memesby milkfrøgx
Just a book full of gay memes that I found in my gallery. Enjoy! ♡ none of the images in here were created by me, I found them on the internet ranging from Instagram to...
That Night by Crazy_Fangirl2524
That Nightby Crazy Fangirl
That night, that one damned night, was where everything fell apart. That night, it turned Kaden and Zacharias's world upside down. Nothing they do could ever undo the a...
the owl house, lumity X Fem Oc/reader by lunaclawthorn
the owl house, lumity X Fem Oc/ Luna Clawthorne
Luna is a 5'7, 14 teen(now 15&5,8) female who is has horns and lion ears and tail, she is Pan, demi-sexual/romantic/girl she lives with Eda, who found her when she was 8...
LGBTQIA+ Memes & Stuff by Rhian_The_Snek
LGBTQIA+ Memes & Stuffby ~Rhian~
A collection of LGBTQIA+ Memes, Heart-warming stories etc Credits go to the original artists/creators (Most posts have credit attached to them)
Not Eliza ~ Bokuaka Text Story by milkytoenails
Not Eliza ~ Bokuaka Text Storyby 𝘺𝘶𝘩
Bokuto's bestfriend (Kuroo) forgot that he had a boyfriend, this resulted in him begging Bokuto to text a random number he got from a girl to address what had happened t...
Nosferatu | Book 1 by TateCsernis
Nosferatu | Book 1by T.Csernis
• Book 1 of the Nosferatu series • (FREE TO READ with exclusive chapters!) Alucard's a reclusive, former-god-hunting vampire lord. Zalith's a promiscuous warlord who com...
When I Fell For You by MadlyninBliss
When I Fell For Youby MadlyninBliss
Arthit had only one aim in his mind, to dodge the matter of marriage with a very annoying family friend named June, so he came up with the best thing he could think of...
I don't know what this is going to be yet, but I'm here for the adventure  by pinkblueyellow54
I don't know what this is going pinkblueyellow54
See title #7 in Venting 9.12.22-9.14.22 #8 in Venting 9.15.22 #10 in Venting 9.13.22 #12 in Venting 11.8.22
Sonífera - A Dama da Meia-Noite by bella-blossom
Sonífera - A Dama da Meia-Noiteby Bella
"Eu sei que ela é cheia de mistério E é de noite, no horário que acordam as bruxas e os lobisomens Que ela dá um rolê no cemitério" - Anabelle, 7 Minutoz Para...
Anything But | Human! Alastor x Reader by fierypitoffailure
Anything But | Human! Alastor x Cal :]
You're a young woman, born in 1903 who works at a small, once family owned bakery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Your mother and your father were going to retire the busine...
Nosferatu | Book 1 [N.A.E] by TateCsernis
Nosferatu | Book 1 [N.A.E]by T.Csernis
• Book 1 of the Nosferatu series • (FREE TO READ with exclusive chapters!) ~ | No Accent Edition | ~ Alucard's a reclusive, former-god-hunting vampire lord. Zalith's a p...
BTT x Reader | BloodXLust by CrystalRouge
BTT x Reader | BloodXLustby Crystal’s Fanfiction
How does a curious, world traveling, demisexual end up in a polyamorous relationship with a trio of lustful vampires? It starts with a broken down car, a Renaissance fai...
Checkmate ⚢ by AevumAce
Checkmate ⚢by Aevum
In the hope of someday becoming as spectacular as the famous controversial idol in Photography, Hana sets out to find inspiration with the help of her doting Professor...
DISCORD || Aki x Angel x OC by myimaginess
DISCORD || Aki x Angel x OCby L
"So? It's only me left. Just do it." "Who said we weren't equals?" ✧☁✧ ~☁ I can't sit idly, no I can't move at all ~☁ I curse the name, the one behin...
Werewolves Don't Cry (BoyxBoy) by Ellen_Reese
Werewolves Don't Cry (BoyxBoy)by Eʟʟᴇɴ Rᴇᴇꜱᴇ
What happens when an asexual werewolf falls in love with a sex-crazed human? Jesse Calaway is struggling to keep his sex addiction under control, but it's so much harder...
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Am I Yours?  Dream x George Fanfic by Magnorsquirrel555
Am I Yours? Dream x George Fanficby Magnorsquirrel555
Clay was hiding from everyone he cared about. Was he too femme? How could he come out to his best friend? Why was being trans so hard?
♡Wizards Love Arachnids♡  Peter Parker by Drawingwhateverinc
♡Wizards Love Arachnids♡ Peter Mid-Writer
*Discontinued* An boy of HYDRA was rescued by Eldritch Magic Users and was raised by their ways. But in turn made the boy need to make anyone associate with the corporat...
Lovelanguage: Baking by LucyMintLeft
Lovelanguage: Bakingby LucyMintLeft
Julie and Nathan are both nervous for their first day of college. For different reasons both have been lonely, without friends or meaningful connections for many years...