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Haikyuu Truth or Dare by Kirithetheory
Haikyuu Truth or Dareby Kiri 🙃💖
Kuroo's parents got out of town for the week so he does what any logical teenager does and throws a party with all of his friends no matter the team. With the influence...
Omega's Choice by Kurasume
Omega's Choiceby Kurasume
Omegaverse story revolving around Kuroo x Kenma. Kenma is an omega with no shortage of alphas trying to court him. Kuroo is an alpha who never really put too much though...
Kuroken parents by KuroosPuding
Kuroken parentsby Ken
Kenma at the age of 19, found out he was pregnant with a baby boy. a year later he was invited in a college. Knowing exactly who the baby's father was and needless to sa...
I think...! kuroken by nonbinary_x
I think...! kurokenby nonbinary_x
'I think I might be in love with Kuroo.' The 9 words I spoke at age 15. Kenma met Kuroo when he was only 6, he's always felt a strong connection towards his best and on...
Hanahaki: Koruken by _Yams_02
Hanahaki: Korukenby Yams_02
Kenma experiences the hanahaki disease when he unintentionally falls for one of his teammates. Although can he confess his feelings when he is sure the one he loves.. lo...
Silent Phone Calls (KuroKen) by twelveB
Silent Phone Calls (KuroKen)by ✨
An AU were the first words your soulmate says to you is written on your wrist, however, Kuroo's wrist is blank. TW: Mentions of abuse and self harm [COMPLETED]
Hold on by Dungeon_master88
Hold onby Dungeon_master88
Where the alphas recue the Omegas from an Illegal Trafficking syndicate.
last number || bokuaka by MikoSkylar
last number || bokuakaby M i k o
random stranger: how did you get my number? bokuto: oh I just changed the last number of my phone number ㅡ Miko. mostly fluffy, a little angst side ships: kuroken and ts...
Crimson (KuroKen) by rainfever
Crimson (KuroKen)by rosalie🌱
Kuroo is a vampire prince who is forced to be set up with a human. Kenma was in the wrong place at the wrong time. When Kuroo finds him, how will thing turn out? - I am...
[✓] daily vlogs ! hq  by kozumuro
[✓] daily vlogs ! hq by j <3
!under editing + possible revamp! people over the media have been requesting for two specific groups of famous vloggers to collab with eachother for years, but what type...
The Popular Brother by Kurasume
The Popular Brotherby Kurasume
Story based around Sakuatsu: Atsumu has always had a crush on Sakusa. But will Sakusa return the feelings?
On Campus (BokuAka & KuroKen) by StormsandRainbows134
On Campus (BokuAka & KuroKen)by • S T O R M Y •
Akaashi and Kenma can't wait for a brand new start at their new university, especially since they met two workout buddies that caught their eye. (Inspired by an AU post...
THEY MET AT THE BEACH by Iwaizumih26
A story about our ships meeting each other for the first time. The Miya twins were separated when they were 10 after their parents divorced. Atsumu went to live with his...
Soulmates - Kiyoko's gift by Iwaizumih26
Soulmates - Kiyoko's giftby Iwaizumih26
When her grandmother dies Kiyoko inherits a silver and Ruby necklace along with a letter from her elder. It explains that she has a gift to forsee soulmates when wearing...
Wrongly right by AceAspect
Wrongly rightby Ace
When kuroo mistakingly texts Kenma instead of bokuto, thinking it's bokutos number, it leads him on an adventure of a life time. Kuroo is a pretty famous volley player...
Eight Boys Two Dorms by ellarhx
Eight Boys Two Dormsby ella ;)
|| HIATUS. WILL BE BACK! || eight boys live in two dorms, four in each. what happens when they all cross paths and decide to become friends... or more? bokuaka, kuroken...
Players in LOVE by Exra_Cassandra_143
Players in LOVEby Exra_Cassandra_143
Oikawa Toru, Sugawara Koshi,Yaku Morisuke, Tendou Satori, Akaashi Keiji, Kozume Kenma, Shirabu Kenjiro, Miya Atsumu, Suna Rintarou, and Hinata Shoyo are transfere in Tok...
Troublemaker Princes by SakuAtsu_IwaOi_Lover
Troublemaker Princesby SakuAtsu_IwaOi_Lover
16 new transfer students boys are gonna transfer in a Haikyuu Academy, a collage school, Atsumu Miya, one of the troublemakers, Atsumu's Older Twin brother are gonna tra...
Suga decides to have a sleepover weekend for a few volleyball friends but it ends with alot a friends from numerous teams. A game of Smash or Pass becomes quite enlighte...
Endangered Love by Kurasume
Endangered Loveby Kurasume
Mafia AU of Kuroo x Kenma: Other gangs/groups run by other pairings- Kuroo is a gang leader, and Kenma stumbles into his territory. Kuroo is baffled why Kenma seems unbo...