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Sleepover Stories: Truth Or Dare // Haikyuu by idontwantone21
Sleepover Stories: Truth Or Dare...by idontwantone21
Suga decides to have a team bonding sleepover with a few extra special guests, but he really has something else in mind. -+=+- I do not own the art and I do not own Hai...
DEAF HINATA AU - The Sound of Silence by tashiiia
DEAF HINATA AU - The Sound of Sile...by タシア!! (TASHIA!!)
~~COMPLETED~~ Hinata was born deaf. That never stopped him from being the most joyful carefree kid anyone could know. But he would never let them see through his joyful...
truth or dare- haikyuu edition by simp4kuroo
truth or dare- haikyuu editionby oya?
A bunch of crows, cats, owls, and hanger bastards all decide to have a sleepover (with maybe some fashionably late eagles?) and want to play truth or dare. It definitely...
Haikyuu Truth or Dare by Aj_panda15
Haikyuu Truth or Dareby _pancake_
This is my first story so I apologize in advance
Hinata Boke >:( (kagehina) by -jessoikawa-
Hinata Boke >:( (kagehina)by Jess <3
Karasunos Yandere by raaandompersonnn
Karasunos Yandereby ꧁꧂
As a friendship between Hinata and him continues to grow, Kageyama realises he's madly in love with Hinata. He can't get him out of his head. He slowly becomes devoted t...
Lighthouse by Crazyshipper154
Lighthouseby Crazyshipper154
Kageyama gets stranded on a island and decides to take shelter in an abandoned lighthouse but finds something quite unexpected A/N: I saw a lighthouse decoration, and t...
💙 ~Start of a family~🧡 ~A Kagehina omegaverse story by Animeloverlols
💙 ~Start of a family~🧡 ~A Kagehi...by Animeloverlols
This is in the omegaverse- STILL WOKING ON IT Still in high school btw! Kageyama and Hinata are dating when Hinata finds out he's expecting, Kageyama and Hinata now have...
𝐬𝐡𝐡𝐡 ! || 𝐤𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐚 by ahacrystal
𝐬𝐡𝐡𝐡 ! || 𝐤𝐚𝐠𝐞𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐚by crys
Kageyama and Hinata are in a secret relationship. No one knows and they don't really want anyone to know. It's their own little thing, which makes it so much cuter. But...
The King's Servant by Kurasume
The King's Servantby Kurasume
Story based around Kagehina: Kageyama is a prince, and needs to find someone to rule by his side when he takes the throne.
Awakened by HirayaLuna13
Awakenedby HirayaLuna13
Kagayema never felt this way before. In his sixteen years of existance, he had never felt the slightest attraction to anyone. So why now? Why did he fall in love with th...
is now following you (kagehina) by Purplecil202
is now following you (kagehina)by Purplecil202
kageyama is a semi famous instagramer, he adds hinata after finding him on suggested. after days of talking, they suddenly feel like this isn't just a following on insta...
Snowflake ❄️ HAIKYUU by Mamiko_17
Snowflake ❄️ HAIKYUUby Miko
December has come and snow is falling on the ground. What will happen when Nishinoya, Hinata, Yamaguchi, and Sugawara test out a special myth? COVER ART NOT MINE Inspire...
MEMORY LOSS AU - Gone by tashiiia
MEMORY LOSS AU - Goneby タシア!! (TASHIA!!)
~~COMPLETED~~ "I'm sorry... I don't know who you are?" Hinata Shouyo; Once happy, energetic and a brilliant volleyball player, loses his memory in an accident...
Kagehina| why| by yourheartispower
Kagehina| why|by Yourheartispower
In this story their are soulmates everyone has a mark somewhere on their body your soulmate had the same mark on the same place in the same color soulmates can be differ...
The Top Comment (A Bokuaka AU) by xhaikyuuxsimpx
The Top Comment (A Bokuaka AU)by xhaikyuuxsimpx
Bokuto and Akaashi are both famous youtubers. Akaashi has never done a face reveal but Bokuto wants to know who exactly is the boy behind the screen. As a reward for hit...
The Popular Brother by Kurasume
The Popular Brotherby Kurasume
Story based around Sakuatsu: Atsumu has always had a crush on Sakusa. But will Sakusa return the feelings?
Sunflower(hinataxkageyama) by im_petras_tree
Sunflower(hinataxkageyama)by Im_petras_tree
A secret relationship between kageyama and Hinata. The volley ball team has their suspicions, only to be proved by a natural mistake. KAGEHINA🧡 Yaoi and lemon included...
haikyuu pictures i found on Pinterest  by Scarmnder
haikyuu pictures i found on Pinter...by Scarlett
If you don't like the content please don't report just remove (there's nothing NSFW is there was I'd warn you) none of the picture or characters are mine like I said I f...
The Valentines Day Card by Rittzzcracker
The Valentines Day Cardby Rachel
It's the day before Karasuno's Valentines Dance and Kageyama is forced into a very odd situation. Hinata leaves to help his mom run errands while Kageyama is left to bab...