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Should I stay or should I go now (Will Byers x Male Oc) by Soapoperaswastesoap
Should I stay or should I go now ( Gay trash 🏳️‍🌈 ✨
Will Byers has always been alone, until Eleven's brother turned up, now his whole life has changed, for the first time since the mind flare he's found his happiness and...
Only Us 《Drarry》 by SortaSadWriter
Only Us 《Drarry》by Kai <3
After defeating Voldemort, Harry blames himself for all of the lives lost in the war. He feels numb and the only person that can seem to lift his spirits is his life-lon...
He's a Jealous Wolf (BoyxBoy) by beautiful_and_damned
He's a Jealous Wolf (BoyxBoy)by Madeleine Wrangell
{Completed} Break-ups are hard. They are even harder when you have a jealous ex who refuses to let you move on. Carter was heartbroken when his boyfriend, Alex, came ba...
Kiribaku stories  by mioetranger
Kiribaku stories by Jay
mainly smut 18+. There is also fluff and maybe angst. when its smut they are AGED UP so dont worry, I wont be sexualizing children. Heres a key, so you know what each st...
Bakudeku pregnancy by MyHeroShipper2007
Bakudeku pregnancyby ✨MyHeroShipper🐸✨
As it seems as normal a day for the two top hero's Izuku and Katsuki, izuku gets a little surprise this follows their life through out this pregnancy and all the danger...
Dekubowl (Yaoi smut) by Zume14
Dekubowl (Yaoi smut)by 69Neko
A story about Izuku being f*cked by other guys that he knows and is determined to make the boys have a good time with him All of them are gonna be 16-18+ don't read it i...
nude • taekook [English] by stylesbxby
nude • taekook [English]by shay
It was that one night when Kim Taehyung hasn't gone into his heat cycle for a long time as guys would experience. When he does, he found someone to play with on his Hang...
|Let's Make A Deal | - (Billdip) by MsThang223344
|Let's Make A Deal | - (Billdip)by Dippy_Doppy_Pines
Weirdmageddon has struck, Bill at the top of it all. Dipper has to make a life altering choice to save his family, but at what cost? In this AU, Dipper and Mabel are sev...
Playing With the King by Queen-of-Quotes
Playing With the Kingby Queen of Quotes
Finn had finally done it. He had saved enough money to attend the town's all-boys school. After years of bullying from the public school, he was ecstatic to start his fi...
Love caused by the future  by WolfNight2324
Love caused by the future by UnderagedFujoshi
It was a normal day for class 1A they were doing typical group training until a hole forms in the sky and 2 figures fall out of it once the figures land everyone is shoc...
Random Markiplier Smut (Requests Open) by not_kiri
Random Markiplier Smut (Requests tetsutetsu tetsutetsu
This book is super smutty. Mark resently uploaded a video called Markiplier TV. In that video, at the end it showed all of his 'characters'. I'm giving you the option to...
Love hurts.. A Leopika angst story  by chocotani
Love hurts.. A Leopika angst story by tobias_
Kurapika has caught unexpected feelings towards his close friend, Leorio. This leads to Kurapika getting Hanahaki disease.. Will Kurapika be able to tell leorio how he f...
Stay with me - VegasPete Oneshot by poptropicarulez
Stay with me - VegasPete Oneshotby Yoongi_minatozaki
Continuation of KinnPorsche ep 12 trailer with VegasPete. What happens when Pete is given the chance to escape the safe-house without anyone holding him back. Except af...
Boyf riends  One-Shots :) by mygaymusicals
Boyf riends One-Shots :)by gay
Wanted to do this for so long! I just didn't the chance to! Pardon myself for not introducing myself, Im Carmela, but call me Carms! They'll be smut and fluff too of Je...
Let Me Love You by SSnovelist
Let Me Love Youby Safa Sadiq
"I hate you." Lan Zhan said emotionless. Just hearing it, Wei Ying's world came crashing down. But still, he tried to keep his composure. ...
♡ He's Mine ♡ | ~[All x Naruto]~✓ by femboy_naruto
♡ He's Mine ♡ | ~[All x Naruto]~✓by SemeSasu_UkeNaru
It's was an ordinary day in the leaf village, Naruto was training in his usual 'kill me now' orange jumpsuit when he suddenly felt a familiar chakra signature coming str...
Pancakes | (bxb) ✔️ by Fr0gsSayHi
Pancakes | (bxb) ✔️by Fr0gsSayHi
{COMPLETED} Axel Miller is the smartest guy in school. Or well, he used to be. Ever since his parents left, everything's been going downhill. Jayden Williams, the school...
Killua meets class 3-E (HxH X AC) by xXHeriotzaXx
Killua meets class 3-E (HxH X AC)by Noodles
Killua was just minding his own damn business when he was suddenly he sensed something that made his blood run cold. It was Illumi's bloodlust. He recognized it instantl...
Aeipathy [Yoonmin] by Ilove1D1237
Aeipathy [Yoonmin]by Ilove1D1237
"because being wild and free and dressing colorful is dangerous for boys in this society." in which jimin falls in love with a boy in a homophobic society.