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Afire: fight for the Earth begins by sjmegrav
Afire: fight for the Earth beginsby S J Meg Rav
Seven hundred years have passed since the Wars. The Earth is half destroyed, and the human organization - the Leadership - has taken complete control of the way the new...
  • post-apocalyptic
  • talkthepoc
  • humans
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Good Boy Ryker [COMPLETED] by weareyoungwriters
Good Boy Ryker [COMPLETED]by ⌁ jayla⌁
There was something about Devyn Foster that drew people to her. I guess it didn't hurt that she was a good looking girl; but it was more than that. She was the most fun...
  • wattys2018
  • kpop
  • lgbt
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Avoiding Cliches by VaporWhore
Avoiding Clichesby VaporWhore
Cliché /klēˈSHā/ a very predictable or unoriginal thing or person. Cliches. They're everywhere. Hated by everyone. But no one hates them more than Pandora Joyner. She gr...
  • badboy
  • talkthepoc
  • popular
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From The Other Side by ccreator
From The Other Sideby :・゚a carb・゚:
Isaiah Carr's day-to-day life went like this: wake up, go to school, then eat, sleep, breathe baseball. He didn't have time for relationships or going out over the weeke...
  • baseball
  • hot
  • love
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Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me ✓ by RedovefromVenus_
Fool Me Twice, Shame On Me ✓by ℓⱮ
"So this was all just a game to you . . .this whole time, you pretended to like me in order to humiliate me in front of the entire school?" An air of melanchol...
  • relationship
  • diversity
  • highschool
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When Best Friends Grow by Lena-Presents
When Best Friends Growby Lena
Moving in together, Liam struggles when Alex's friend group excludes him for being "too straight". How can Alex love Liam when they're so different? ...
  • talkthepoc
  • whenbestfriendskiss
  • mentalillness
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Bruised Knuckles  by augtwy
Bruised Knuckles by august
[boyxboy] [#143 in teen fiction] [completed] His parents are drug addicts and alcoholics. His brother is in a gang. Hi...
  • lgbtfiction
  • generalfiction
  • youngadult
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Glasses. (GxG) by lordhurton
Glasses. (GxG)by lordhurton
Taylor Monroe always kept to herself. She genuinely enjoyed spending her weekends and weekdays alone, losing herself in the bundle of notebooks she'd spend hours filling...
  • lesbian
  • angst
  • slowburn
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This Is Not a Tragedy (#Wattys2019) by Lena_Mano
This Is Not a Tragedy (#Wattys2019)by Lena Mano
How do you hold onto the people you care about when caring about them can kill? ** Natsu just wants to live a life where his mentally ill mother is stable and he can fee...
  • paranormal
  • comingofage
  • friends
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Zulema h.s. by kanyesdiary
Zulema h.s.by N
In which Harry attempts to take advantage of a sweet, innocent girl and is shocked to find out she is the complete opposite.
  • harrystyles
  • novel
  • romance
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Blurred Lines | ✓ [1st Edition] by shevvie
Blurred Lines | ✓ [1st Edition]by 紫苑
"When you start to really look at some people, you begin to notice the masks on their faces chipping away." Marissa Lee spent her entire childhood building up...
  • romance
  • myyouth
  • teen
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Bad Moon {bxb} #LGBT by WeHoardCats
Bad Moon {bxb} #LGBTby Ramsky
Narrowly escaping an attack by wolves, Jaylin Maxwell is driven towards the alluring Quentin Bronx. Together, they unleash the beast inside Jaylin's heart. ...
  • wattpride
  • boyxboy
  • love
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From hate, to Lust to Love by FathimaShif
From hate, to Lust to Loveby LiveLove
I drink hard, I play hard, I f*ck hard and I thrive hard in everything I do. I am care free. I use women like toilet papers. I don't care who gets hurt and why they get...
  • diverse
  • spiritual
  • badboy
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When Mary Met Halley (gxg) by FairlyLocalTreehouse
When Mary Met Halley (gxg)by lynn sabrina
*Highest rank #2 in girlxgirl* At eighteen, Mary Kincaid was in a freak accident that took the life of one of her closest loved ones and left 157 others dead. She was th...
  • featured
  • loss
  • bisexual
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Dog Days by beautlies
Dog Daysby Sev
All Kara Bennett wants is a calm life. Having to take care of a two-year-old baby and half of the expenses of a household, her dream is out of her reach. Enter Austin M...
  • teenpregnancy
  • strong-female-character
  • pregnancy
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The Emperor's Wife✓ by emjaywrites
The Emperor's Wife✓by Em Jay
SOME SAY SHE WAS SENT to unite the four Kingdoms. Others say, she was sent to divide them. Still others insist she sent by the Gods, as punishment. As a blessing. An off...
  • historical
  • empress
  • love
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Calling For Summer [GirlxGirl] by 90sheartthrob
Calling For Summer [GirlxGirl]by @CIEOPATRAS
"Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead." - Oscar Wilde ///\\\ "Winter Alexander. Blonde h...
  • demi
  • love
  • sad
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Photo Booth ✓ by Karran
Photo Booth ✓by Karran
Like it or not, there are some people you❜ll never see again. At least, not in the same way. Tanner Rodríguez didn❜t believe in fate, but if the universe had intended fo...
  • manxman
  • gaypride
  • lgbt
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The Sheikh's Little Wife. by WeirdAdelaide
The Sheikh's Little Wife.by WeirdAdelaide
"You have no choice but to please me, kitten. You are my wife after all." * * * Tobias Farouk is a mystery to the...
  • wives
  • billionaireromance
  • desertromance
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Nomad by WolvesandMoons
Nomadby Madelynn Tudor
To his family, he was a traitor, to his people he was a threat and to himself a monster. Charlie never had a chance to prove otherwise. For the last twelve years, Char...
  • uniquewerewolf
  • isolation
  • damaged
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