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Baby Ellie Meets Her Daddies by babyellie79
Baby Ellie Meets Her Daddiesby babyellie79
Ellie is a 30 year old woman with a very troubled past. To cope with her past, she frequently enters "little space". Ellie has never had a caregiver and has...
Lucifer's Little Angel by sunflowr03
Lucifer's Little Angelby Sunflower03
One day, Lucifer, the ruler of the entire Hell, got bored at his routine. He wished nothing but to have something other than the demons he governed, someone to take care...
Summoning Daddy. by Cendrillon1996
Summoning Daddy.by Cinderella
As the tittles says, I summoned him, expecting to be loved, worshipped, taken care of. What I received was a spanking to my bum and a scolding for my attempts. But I d...
Human to baby pokemon.✅ by The_Star_Rie
Human to baby pokemon.✅by Little Rie
The world has gone crazy, pokemon had it with trainers catching them and using them for sex or pets or for fighing there fights. They were done all the pokemon revolted...
Miss Melody's  by GraySmudge
Miss Melody's by Gray
An abdl/age regression/age play story taking place in a manor in the country side. It follows Sarah and her time spent working at the manor under Miss Melody and learnin...
Bunny || Steve Kemp story  by nnieForreingt
Bunny || Steve Kemp story by Annie Forreinght
The first thing I need to say is that this is ABDL story. If you don't like this kind of content I recommend reading a different story . ________________________________...
HIS LITTLE BABY by sky372422
A girl with a bad past. She had to grow up at an early age. Her childhood snatched away from her. She has always wanted to feel loved. Maybe that will be possible when a...
SOLD. by Cendrillon1996
SOLD.by Cinderella
The world has changed, vampires are a thing now, you can belong to one, to have a giant amount of money, the money would go to your family or people of your choice. Andr...
Baby sisters by Nate15643
Baby sistersby Nate15643
A story about a step sister wanting to be an abdl
You'll Always Be My Little Brother by seehowitgoes
You'll Always Be My Little Brotherby seehowitgoes
Jake lives alone with his 13 year old brother, who has been acting out at school. To keep them from being separated, Jake decides to help him regress through hypnosis. ...
Bad Boys Don't Cry by Hope4future
Bad Boys Don't Cryby Hope
When the bad boy of Ridgewood high gets his secret spilled a strange set of events will begin to unfold quickly. Will he get used to his new life as a sub? Or will his...
Master's Baby Boy by littleboyblue17
Master's Baby Boyby Wolf Pup
Welyn is a runaway who ends up at an auction house and bought by Keon
Professional Family. by Cendrillon1996
Professional Family.by Cinderella
"This family is going to be the death of me," Mathéo, daddy. "You broke my heart and I stole your last name," Jace, master/daddy. "I'm in love...
Make Him Mine (Ddlb) by LittleLove1899
Make Him Mine (Ddlb)by LittleLove1899
Brandon has a secret. He loves to call people daddy in his head when he dates them but he would never tell anyone. But one day surfer jock Nate overhears him masturbatin...
Innocent hearts by Crystalforests
Innocent heartsby Crystalforests
Dolores is shy ,awkward and not one of those good looking girls. She is an introvert and likes being by herself ,though this is practically impossible for her cause she...
Baby Hermione  by Wittle_Baby_David
Baby Hermione by Wittle_Baby_David
After Hermione drinks a potion that went wrong, she becomes diaper dependent and acts like an infant
Katie's Little Life by ABDLKaitlyn
Katie's Little Lifeby ABDLKaitlyn
Before she was a 4th grade teacher with a pants-wetting student, Kaitlyn Lowe was a child with her own potty problems. A spin off of our stories "Elementary Regress...
Story 1: Diaper confession by Chrrch92
Story 1: Diaper confessionby Chrrch92
*sexual and mature content* I, Chris, tell my girlfriend, molly, about my diaper fetish. what ensues afterward is something I could never imagine. A whole day filled wit...
Mix-up at summer camp by Bibliophilio
Mix-up at summer campby Bibliophilio
Once upon a time, in a small suburban town, there lived a teenage boy named Alex. He was a typical young boy, full of energy and always seeking adventure. One summer, ho...
Girls that poof by nothinggg18
Girls that poofby nothinggg18
TW: Diapers, Wetting, Messing, Lifestyle. Girls that get bad grades in high school fail the first chapter of life, so the natural progression for them is to make th...