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Jeremy by PocketIWatch
Jeremyby PøcketWatch
Jeremy is just a normal guy, but there was something that changed his life for the better. With his mother and father in full support, he goes through his normal life an...
Caregiver // Billie Eilish by imogenorpando
Caregiver // Billie Eilishby They/them
Billie Eilish (she/her) age regresses. Pando (he/him) is her caregiver. Read to find out more :)
Secret || Chanlix by Lovely_leeknow
Secret || Chanlixby Lovely_leeknow
In which Felix has a secret; he was born in a girl's body. Trigger Warning - Transphobia, self-harm, mentions of eating disorders, etc.
Man of the Match | DaiSuga by TerribleTyler
Man of the Match | DaiSugaby Tyler
What do I have going for me? Besides waking up daily and needing to squash my chest, put my packer in my pants and style my hair to not be feminine fluffy - at least I'm...
comfort | b.e by knifedtorso
comfort | b.eby 𝔤𝔥☠︎𝔰𝔱
wylie hayes (ftm) is billie eilish's childhood best friend and little.
You and Me [Nick Nelson] (On Hold) by Simply__Odd
You and Me [Nick Nelson] (On Hold)by ʚĭɞ 𝔹𝕦𝕟𝕟𝕪 ʚĭɞ
Copper Spring, he is the twin brother of Charlie Spring. Copper is Trans-Gender and Pansexual [and Panromantic] Copper is short-tempered and loud, quiet the opposite of...
ftm memes bc why not by ArsonIsCommited
ftm memes bc why notby Finn
you want trans memes I gotcha updates every week
What About Mineta? by mineta_mineta
What About Mineta?by Liv
Everybody in 1A knows mineta is a pervert, but, what if he was just lying this whole time? - Important things - Warnings: This book has very heavy topics because it is i...
Spider-MAN (Trans Peter Parker Story) by Newt_L_Young_
Spider-MAN (Trans Peter Parker Sto...by Newt L. Young
Peter is your average teenage boy... except he's not. Peter Parker knows all about secret identities. Not only is he Spider-Man, he's also a trans guy. From bullies...
Another Weasley (FTM OC) by Unordinary_Student
Another Weasley (FTM OC)by UnordinaryStudent
Ron's twin ends up being a little different from the family... Idk why but I felt like writing a fanfic tell me what you think Disclaimer: I do not own any characters th...
Hadrian Addams *On Hiatus* by Septiplyierfangirl
Hadrian Addams *On Hiatus*by Septiplyierfangirl
Inspired from a tumblr post I saw on TikTok. Hadrian (Hazel) Potter was left to the Dursleys, but with a helpful tip from a loving Deputy Headmistress, one of James Pot...
ROOMMATES - wilbur soot by moth-ia2
ROOMMATES - wilbur sootby maxx >:)
"Oh my god they were roomates" ---------------‐--------------------------------- Harvey Winters is new to alot of things but pining after british boys certainl...
Secrets (Wilbur x FTM Reader) by samdied69
Secrets (Wilbur x FTM Reader)by samdied
My voice caught in my throat, my heart pounding uncontrollably. My binder choked me as my tear-streaked eyes looked up from the ground and landed on the soft glow of the...
FTM! Reader X MHA! Story [Am I Man Enough?] by e_the_owl_man
FTM! Reader X MHA! Story [Am I Man...by E
" I mean. I know I should take it off. But if I do that... How am I going to explain the anime-girl sized tits I have? Damn me not having a mutation quirk to blame...
Help // trans bakugou//  by animeangsttm
Help // trans bakugou// by Bloo_mtomb
Katsuki is a man, and even if he did not realize that at 5 years old like all the famous transgender people he saw on the internet, he is still a man. He hasn't told any...
Simp! (TommyInnit x Trans!Reader) by AnimeLoserForever
Simp! (TommyInnit x Trans!Reader)by Kameryn
Y/N is a streamer that just recently hit 100k subs, he's really thankful to everyone for it. During one of his streams Dream DMs him asking if he wants to join the SMP...
Things Change: Elams by mxtallmadge
Things Change: Elamsby ♡𝐒𝐚𝐭𝐮𝐫𝐧♡
Alexandra, John, and Eliza were best friends since third grade. But they all go to separate schools in junior high, and then they have the same high school. But things c...
Trans Male Reader x Random Male Oneshots by Killjoy413
Trans Male Reader x Random Male On...by Alexander
I've done Trans Male Reader (Ftm) oneshots in my other books, but someone suggested that I make a whole book about trans reader, and I thought it was a good idea. These...
mushrooms // smp fanfic by elfsaresus
mushrooms // smp fanficby Nickole
this is a ftm george and tommy au! i am struggling with dyphoria alot recently so i decided to make a trans masc au of my favorite cc's. also it is really hard for me to...
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