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numbers (USWNT)  by Itswooolf
numbers (USWNT) by Emma
Erin is a recovering anorexic. She was called up for camp when she was 17, but treatment got in the way of her of actually going. Now at the age of 19, after two years o...
Depth by AMAC45
Depthby Alex
Cairo is a very closed off person. She has a lot of layers to her and most of those layers she won't let anyone see or hear about. Her life as she knows it is about to c...
The Lioness in Red White and Blue by milikoa
The Lioness in Red White and Blueby M
Charlotte "Charli" Amelia Williams is a English-American soccer player who was born in England but moved to the US at a young age. Achievements -2x World Cup...
New Family by reimagine07
New Familyby reimagine07
Melissa Bishop is a 13 years old girl who lives in an orphanage with her 5 years old brother. Find out what happens when she cames back from a school trip one day to f...
They Don't Know About Us  by superstar-striker
They Don't Know About Us by Griffin
To everyone else it seems like Elliot Griffin is living the dream. She is living out her dream playing professional soccer signing with Arsenal WFC at the age of 15. And...
True Family by nutmegger
True Familyby nutmegger
Emma Morgan Heath McCain is a 15 year old girl, who has lived in a foster home for her whole life. She's been abused, screamed at, bullied, ignored, but has always had h...
The Only Two with Sisters on the Team (hiatus) by milikoa
The Only Two with Sisters on the M
"Ellie Krieger... the younger sister of Ali Krieger?" "Kristie Mewis ... the older sister of Sam Mewis?"
Seven (USWNT)  by Itswooolf
Seven (USWNT) by Emma
Seven was thrown into an experiment at the age of three. She was the seventh child to be a part of it, hence her new name. Once she and the others were released, all at...
I Found  by nutmegger
I Found by nutmegger
Luna Rodriguez is a 20 year old senior at Stanford University, and she's an extraordinary soccer player. She kind of has a rough background, and what happens when she g...
Mind Of Mine. (Dinah/You) by sleepingundrthestars
Mind Of Mine. (Dinah/You)by haylex✨
Y/N Brooklyn Lloyd is born into the family of Hope Solo and Carli Lloyd with her twin sister Julie Johnston Lloyd. Being the eye candy in her college campus, she catches...
Fresh Start by BELLE2217
Fresh Startby BELLE2217
Makayla is 17, and she hasn't had the best life. What happens when she gets a treat to go on a trip, and she meets some people who end up becoming a big part of her life...
Miss Moody by suchafuckingmess
Miss Moodyby suchafuckingmess
When the girls get called into camp and Tobin and christen become roommates, Tobin discover a new side of christen.
Becoming friends (uswnt) by vauseplease
Becoming friends (uswnt)by 15erskwad
Peyton Skylar Kline (17 years old) is an open person with a terrible home life. She aspires to play on the uswnt. Can it happen? What happens when they have a game in he...
Soccer and family  by octopusgirl_04
Soccer and family by octopusgirl_04
Karla Jonson Heath 17 years old, cousin of Tobin Heath has work all her life to be on the national team. What will happens when she get her opportunity to be on the uswn...
The Secrets Within [ON HOLD] by Thompson1317
The Secrets Within [ON HOLD]by Lonewalker17
Erin Barker. One of the most known musicians is the world. For the past three years she has been having the time of her life. That is one part of Erin that the world see...
Unexpected Love [ON HOLD] by Thompson1317
Unexpected Love [ON HOLD]by Lonewalker17
Andrea Bronze. 24 years old, Black hair, green eyes, olive skin tone, 5'5''. Born in America, grew up in Spain, but now lives in England with her sister. At the age of f...
Fight (USWNT) by Itswooolf
Fight (USWNT)by Emma
Harley's teenage years were terrible. Her mother died, she wasn't doing too well in school, and she was stuck with her father. Now at the age of 18, she lives with her t...
How I became Savannah Solo Part 1 by blaire_11
How I became Savannah Solo Part 1by Blaire
The story that shows my life at 16 and being the next top soccer player for the U.S. National team. Fanfiction of the USWNT some AU!
Sunday Candy by 17uswnt
Sunday Candyby 17uswnt
Mare Reign. USWNT's biggest star alongside Alex Morgan, Tobin Heath, Megan Rapinoe and Carli Lloyd. Following her exit from Real Madrid, Mare Reign prepares for the upc...