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Erotic shorts by Black4Red63
Erotic shortsby Black4Red63
Just a few short erotica stories for y'all. Some might have some itty bitty story, some might get right into it, hope you enjoy it either way. (Mrated 18+) Not that ^w...
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OBSESSION Vol.2 by erickasantana88
OBSESSION Vol.2by Ericka Santana
Skylar Parker is an aspiring model on the brink of international success. She has almost everything she could want: beauty, fame, fortune, and her two best friends. But...
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The Italian Businessman. by aimee_maxine
The Italian Aimee
Aurora Richmond is the daughter of wealthy businessman Gregory Richmond and his wife Lily. With billions of dollars in her family, she couldn't care less about what peop...
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EMPIRE by Captain_Lebanon
EMPIREby Shanelle
{Previously "Resisting The Alpha"} {Under Construction/Being Rewritten} Accalia Prospero is a respected Beta renowned for her extraordinary Warrior leadership...
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Unforgettable Love Of My Life by JanessaHeifer
Unforgettable Love Of My Lifeby JanessaHeifer
Amelia Parker, an almost perfect woman, mother and wife. She is married to Andre Parker,a business tycoon that owns a large conglomerate that has its hands in almost eve...
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Ashley's Turn (The Office Surprise an Interracial Romance Book 3) by quincyhart
Ashley's Turn (The Office Quincy Hart
We still ain't done with Watt's Research yet. You remember Ashley? Well you really want to see what happens when the new Alpha Male comes into the office. Will Penny sta...
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My Sister's Boyfriend Is My Mate by mynameisidk96
My Sister's Boyfriend Is My Mateby mynameisidk96
They was apart of the same pack , they were both married to someone they was forced to marry. Never once did their parents think they would find their mate , since they...
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The Setup - The Dark Billionaire 1 by LNPearl
The Setup - The Dark Billionaire 1by LNPearl
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Bitten By a Werewolf by stefanistover22
Bitten By a Werewolfby stefanistover22
This is a fan fic that I decided to write. Well what will happen? Read to find out.
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Blackmailed by the Billionaire by escapefromthisworld
Blackmailed by the Billionaireby escapefromthisworld
"You have 24 hours to decide whether you're going to listen to my orders or not. You know the consequence's you'll have to face if you don't." He whispered, th...
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The Possessive Alpha's Broken Mate by Ann_Little
The Possessive Alpha's Broken Mateby Sam c:
Danielle Ester Harvey is a 15 year-old girl who is going through hell over and over each day caused by her Father and her boyfriend but what happens when she meets a cer...
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Special Love With The Billionaire by ms_boutdatlyfe
Special Love With The Billionaireby ms_boutdatlyfe
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For better or for worse by EleenorRayland
For better or for worseby Story lover <3
Sarah Ridley married Brandon Tate because she had no other choice . Long story short , her cousin Tia broke Brandon's heart as she left and humiliated him at the alte...
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Ignition (The Redline Series 1) by SkyeCallahan
Ignition (The Redline Series 1)by Skye Callahan
Note: If you're looking for rainbows, butterflies, and happy endings coated in chocolate and caramel, turn back now! This story deals with dark themes and intense situat...
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An Alpha's Love by solsticed
An Alpha's Loveby ☾ Nina ☽
"You're mine," he growls lowly, bringing me back into his warm embrace. "I don't understand," I whisper as a few tears run down my cheeks. Braxton re...
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Like a Song (Book 2, Second Chance Series) by ncluse
Like a Song (Book 2, Second Nakeesha Cluse, IR Author
Jordan Arlotti fell hard and fast for Lia Michels freshmen year at Georgia State University but when given a chance to pursue his dreams, he turned his back on love. Two...
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Dead  by elly_mason
Dead by Elly Mason
"What do you think you're doing ?" He said, a little surprised by her action. "Just wanted to know how you'd feel if I hug you like this." She replie...
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Love In Rewind by TaliAlexanderBooks
Love In Rewindby Tali Alexander
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When You Were Mine (Moreno Brothers) by elizabethreyes__
When You Were Mine (Moreno Elizabeth Reyes
**Chapters will be loaded daily up to about 30% of the story. When her head was screaming “enough,” her hopeful heart continued to whisper “wait.” It's the only way Va...
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Erotic Talk by emmasapphire1
Erotic Talkby Emma Sapphire
"Sexology student is looking for a volunteer for her thesis on male sexuality" When her boyfriend dumps her for another woman he has better sex with, Eva Strau...