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Runner by Mikaelatesss
Runnerby Mikaela's Stories
Book 1 of The Veterans MC Lilly is on the run with the baby she carries inside her. Not able to bring herself to trust another man she prides herself on her independence...
  • bikerromance
  • truelove
  • abusiverelationship
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Billionaire's Tainted Love by highheelsprincess
Billionaire's Tainted Loveby Ree
✨ She is vulnerable like most other innocent souls but she is also wild and carefree and she can handle a few more scars. ✨ ♥️♥️♥️ Sara and Sierra are twin, same look...
  • twins
  • fiction
  • possessive
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Until Dawn (18+) by RamenLady
Until Dawn (18+)by Leila Vy
"You know what I hate?" He whispered dangerously low. He removed one hand from the wall and cupped my cheek while his thumb brushed it back and forth. The rou...
  • blind
  • hotheaded
  • alpha
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Gideon by Nikkireadw
Gideonby Nicole
"We are nothing alike. He's hard and I'm soft. He's worldly and refined and I'm...well, me. I'm a human and he's...not. He's fire and I'm water. Wait, maybe I'm not...
  • alphamale
  • jealousy
  • fantasy-romance
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The Dark King by _dark_beauty5
The Dark Kingby _dark_beauty5
He was the Dark king, the most feared person, a cruel heartbreaker, a monster in disguise. She was a sunshine, kind and caring, navie and innocent, never hurt a soul, al...
  • alphamale
  • dark
  • hatelove
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Xerxes Knight: The Alpha King | ON GOING. by TheLittle_Naga_Girl
Xerxes Knight: The Alpha King | L ♔
|HIGHEST RANKING| #4 in Werewolf. #1 in Mate. * "He's dangerous. He's invincible." "He can take on hundreds of werewolves all by himself." "Beca...
  • mystery
  • legends
  • mature
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Dominating The Troublemaker by DangerouslyShady
Dominating The Troublemakerby S. Padgett
"Troublemaker" : a person who causes difficulties, distress, worry, etc., for others, especially one who does so habitually as a matter of malice. →← "Tha...
  • control
  • alpha
  • dark
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Mariano (Made Men #1) by NutInTheParish
Mariano (Made Men #1)by December
COMPLETED Isabelle Forte witnessed a murder, and was led straight into the arms of Mariano Rivera, acting boss of the Italian Mafia. With him, she further ventures int...
  • romance
  • alphamale
  • italian
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Billionaire's wife by imshreyaj
Billionaire's wifeby Baby
When Allison's step mother and sister betrayed her for her wealth. Along with her loving husband, her world came crashing down. they throw her on street to die. She was...
  • ex-huaband
  • alphamales
  • boss
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Forever Yours  by TiffanyCaitlin
Forever Yours by TiffanyCaitlin
Chevy Duvall has always been rebellious. Known by local law enforcement for causing trouble. No matter what happens though she knows she can always count on her best fri...
  • reconnecting
  • lovetriangle
  • badgirl
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Blade (Savage Wolves MC) #1 | ✓ by renacollins
Blade (Savage Wolves MC) #1 | ✓by Rena Collins
Mature Content 17+ || Savage Wolves MC Book One Recently escaped from the only home she's ever known, Letha moves out to Las Vegas to start a new life away from the peop...
  • stripper
  • mc
  • romance
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Last Kiss: An Innocent Ex-Wife Novella by xoDiamondxo
Last Kiss: An Innocent Ex-Wife M. Abril Mora
Hero Eldon, a driven, recent college graduate who had just moved to big bad streets of New York City met COO of Bryson and Bryson Marketing, Claude Bryson. They quickly...
  • divorce
  • ex-wife
  • regret
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Learning to be the Luna (Completed) by candles24
Learning to be the Luna (Completed)by Rose
"Shall we continue where we were earlier?" Blake asks. He kisses down my neck and I moan in pure bliss. "I have a little preposition for you" Blake w...
  • possessive
  • moongoddess
  • alphamale
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MAFIA INDEBTED (Mafia Series #1)by Beenish Shaheen
DARK ROMANCE (Private story) "Don't please," she sobbed, shaking badly. The fear of her situation was slowly sinking in. "Please let me go, I want t...
  • wattys2018
  • doctor
  • controlling
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HER ONE AND ONLY by RhondaLaVyrleJane20
Alexander Hunter,30 First class criminal. Had been jailed for 3 years on account of murder, a name which everyone feared and ran away from. They knew better than to cros...
  • hot
  • pain
  • arrogant
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The Dictator's Princess by Confusedsinner
The Dictator's Princessby Confusedsinner
"Sweet Carmen," he calls my name out calmly, but the calm does nothing to hide his anger. "Come out princess daddy won't hurt you." I could feel my...
  • protective
  • possessive
  • dominant
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Endless Days: Cindy|Rated M by zhmerr
Endless Days: Cindy|Rated Mby Z
The perfect couple put their relationship to the ultimate test. However, will they make it or break it? They were alike yet so different. He loves football. She loves d...
  • fast
  • ballet
  • rebeccaenders
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The Power Bond by therealKH
The Power Bondby Keylee Hargis
Highest Rank: #1 in werewolf -NEEDS EDITING- Book three in 'The Bond Series' (Please read 'The Royal Bond' first) This book is Ryker and his mate's perspective of the...
  • fights
  • possessive
  • thriller
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Her Possessive VET by reinadesus
Her Possessive VETby reina de sus
#5 In alphmale❤ My dad's best friend is a possessive veterinarian. The first time he lays eyes on me when I move back to my hometown after college is the first time I t...
  • claim
  • possesive
  • jealousy
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The McKinley Crew by therealKH
The McKinley Crewby Keylee Hargis
(Spin off of The Bond Series) You've saw them aid the werewolves in the latest war, but you don't know how they are really. You don't know how they came to be, or just h...
  • cheats
  • beloved
  • war
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