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The Navelicious Candies by TheNavelHunterrr
The Navelicious Candiesby Hunterrr
Hey Guys, Welcome to the Most Amazing Navel Story "The Navelicious Candies". This Story is about a Single Man who Enjoyed Many Hotties. So, If you want to Join...
Her Father. (MAFIA) Completed. by Kyrah_K_
Her Father. (MAFIA) Nikita
Emeris has been raised by her mother her entire life. She has no idea who her father is and her father doesnt know she exists. Lucia her mother has always taught her to...
MINE by worrilessme29
MINEby worrilessme29
Erotic love story between a couple.
Tapish تپش by Shiba_Sakeen
Tapish تپشby Shiba_Sakeen
Hamdaani Heirs #1 The story of Rayyan and Duaa. Love, misunderstandings and regrets. How they overcome all the emotional distress and find their way back to each other...
Muntazir مَنتظِر by Shiba_Sakeen
Muntazir مَنتظِرby Shiba_Sakeen
Hamdaani Heirs #3 The story of Furqaan and Aamaal. How fate brings them together in bleak circumstances. The storms they brave. How a lover's wait is finally over. Munt...
Peep inside the story to know, whether the Beast will taint or will be tamed by his angel. Join the journey of ABHIMAAN SINGH RATHORE: a royal by blood, oofy by wealth...
Meant To Be Yours [MTBS #2] | ✓ by sugar002
Meant To Be Yours [MTBS #2] | ✓by 💜
• BOOK 2 IN MEANT TO BE SERIES • It's not compulsory to read the first book, Meant To Be His [MTBS #1] in order to read this but it's recommended to read the first book...
My Planned Marriage  by Have_TRI_lock
My Planned Marriage by A. C
Planned Marriage? ... . Yes... someone planned her marriage which she thought fate's decision... but it was not. Everything was planned ..... Thinking her marriage as fa...
The Story of Her Life✔️ (Completed)  by Writerbyheart01
The Story of Her Life✔️ ( 𝒩𝒶𝒶𝓏 𝒥𝒶𝓂𝒶𝓁
This story is about a woman named Anupama. This is the story of her life, her imotions and her loss. She got married in the age of 21, getting Sahil as her husband she w...
His angel  by Smeraldo0
His angel by Smeraldo0
An English girl decided to travel to Italy for a vacation to see the beauty of nature and to chill out after her stressful work. What she didn't expect that her car will...
Royal Blooded by ckookie03
Royal Bloodedby khushi
It's a story about pratiksha who is a innocent girl belongs to a middle class family. She fell in love with a wrong guy, but her destined one turns to be a billionaire w...
my mafia husband| Kth ff by Ktaeki
my mafia husband| Kth ffby ωιηтєя_вєαя
you recently married the love of your life little did you know he had a big secret that is going to change your life
The Hijabi's Romeo  by The_Clothed_Gurl
The Hijabi's Romeo by Missy
"What was that?" He came closer and closer as I step back with each step he took. "What was what!? I can hang out with whomever I want, it's none of your...
Mr Billionaire's Heart✔️(Edited and Polished) by maahisingh1
Mr Billionaire's Heart✔️(Edited Maahi Singh
This is a beautiful love story of Eternity Granger and Aaron Knight Meet Aaron Knight a hardworking CEO of Knight Industries one of the biggest and most successful youn...
My Possessive Husband by Possessive_Lover
My Possessive Husbandby Possessive_Lover
A story of two strangers 😍😍 From two different worlds With opposite personalities Journey of a man who never care about anyone but soon he will become a possessive hus...
MINE HUSBAND by TheOjasvini
MINE HUSBANDby Ojasvi sharma
Y/n P.O.V I thought it was a prank but it was a mistake. Something I regretted for the rest of my life. Life which isn't mine anymore but his. I thought he will forge...
Soulmate System by Kuurechr
Soulmate Systemby Kuurechr
In the world that Assassination Classroom takes place, the population has drastically decreased. Because of this, there is an order placed by the government called the S...
Love on Hold||✔️ (Editing) by arya_writes21
Love on Hold||✔️ (Editing)by 𝐀 𝐑 𝐘 𝐀💫
Love seems to give a tougher way out for both Shivay and Anika. Shivay is not ready to accept Anika and Anika is already head over heels in love with Shivay from the pa...
The Regret(Editing) by Futuremrsjunghoseok
The Regret(Editing)by Jhope's Girl
"You know what I've decided? I want a divorce!" You and Jung Hoseok, aka Jhope from the well known Kpop group BTS, have been married for three and a half years...
Meri Pehli Khaata by mehshanaya
Meri Pehli Khaataby mehshanaya
#1- hate love #2- mumbai #3-forced "Samridhi," Naina said my name with excitement. " What happened, why are you shouting, "I asked her. "My ma...