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Trials and Tribulations by LSWrites1121
Trials and Tribulationsby LJ
Jazmin Winter is an easygoing, chill type woman. She's very smart and determined in everything she's doing. She will not hesitate to put the right person in their place...
NEEDED ME. by Zioeatstoes
everyone loves down bad rich whiteboys.
Not So Bad After All (BWWM)(EDITING) by ImagineBlackBlues
Not So Bad After All (BWWM)( Danielle Mccombs
Rose and Jayden are very much different yet very much alike. They've always disliked each other, ever since they were kids. After years of fighting and arguing inside an...
The Rich Boy by gojoxluvr
The Rich Boyby Chibuns
Batfam/ Jason Todd AU - Imani Thompson is a pretty quiet girl. She likes to be out of the way and in the shadows. She's a scholarship student at Gotham Academy and has b...
Chains by sadloveletterssigned
Chainsby ni
Anne-Lee Daniels is a black girl who loves to be free and do what ever she wants but she is also preserve in her own way. After collage she becomes an assistant to a ver...
Adorkable (BWWM/Plussize) by no_one_u_know
Adorkable (BWWM/Plussize)by no_one_u_know
April is a big girl who knows how to handle herself. Growing up with two older brothers she learned you either fight back or get pushed over. Her kind heart and boyish w...
The Billionaire's Redemption by Gigithebookwriter
The Billionaire's Redemptionby Gigithebookwriter
Shayla Simmons is young, hard-working and determined to go after her dreams and always get what she wants. She's had a painful past, one involving her ex who left her w...
The Gift of the Moon Goddess by AlexusXOXO
The Gift of the Moon Goddessby Alexus
Not everybody gets a second chance.
Something Sweet by Mini11Moon
Something Sweetby Mini11Moon
Grumpy x Sunshine Just a small town baker in love with her small town grumpy firefighter. - This is a anthology, meaning all chapters can be read as stand alones. -
CLAIMED (Interracial) by itgrl101
CLAIMED (Interracial)by itgrl101
What happens when a city girl moves to a small town with the intention of making a difference. Unknowingly stepping into a world she didn't even know existed where she w...
The Phantom's  African Rose by ChristinaMorgan7
The Phantom's African Roseby Christina Morgan
Erik Destler has given up on life. After he let his angel, Christine Daee, go with the Vicomte, Raoul De Chagny, he was left with a hollow emptiness that would not be f...
Molten Chocolate (The Hollens Book 2) ✔️ by MavelineBelle
Molten Chocolate (The Hollens Tendani Maveline Pascal
"What happened last night was a mistake. We both had too much to drink and one thing led to another. It was an act of alcohol and nothing more. I don't have any fee...
Bride of War (18+) by emjaywrites
Bride of War (18+)by Em Jay
An unlucky bride makes a deal with a God of War to bless her marriage. Unfortunately, her husband has other plans and leaves her for dead at his altar. #8 in Romance #1...
Mr. Billionaire **ReVamped** by Shykeijah
Mr. Billionaire **ReVamped**by Shykeijah
A story about how Yvonne Michaels enlists the help of a certain billionaire playboy in a plot for revenge against her ex-fiance, who left her minutes before their weddin...
Eduardo's Dandelion. by Kendjunior_
Eduardo's Niniola
When a strange man hijacked Aviva's car and forced her to drive it off a cliff because people were after him, she didn't know what she got herself into. When Aviva got c...
Blind Date by candy4baby
Blind Dateby Unique
Kristen Tomas is a successful businesswoman who found it hard to meet a man since men get turned off by her success and goal-oriented persona. She made her peace with i...
All in One - Milady by pinkiestwin
All in One - Miladyby Dominica
Nneka has never been in love before, but everything changed on a trip to Spain. Now Nneka suddenly finds herself with four suitors who all claim to be her soulmates rein...
Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: New Adult Enemies-to-Lovers Romance by EmendedHearts
Doctor-Patient Confidentiality: Emended Hearts
"That's it, baby," he continues, his tone almost soothing, despite the filth spilling from his lips. "Take my cock. Take all of it." Baby. My belly f...
His Little Amelia by chisomwrites_
His Little Ameliaby chisomwrites_
"Be more direct, sweetheart." "I just...really want to kiss you right now." - It was as though the sun escorted her wherever she went, her enti...
The Stone Twins by JadeLoveRosie
The Stone Twinsby Jade_Love
Cassandra Rivers is the daughter of the Alpha of the Blue Moon Pack. On the night of the Moon dance Cassandra is dragged along by her brother , who is to become the next...