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The Soldier's Affair  by gabby645
The Soldier's Affair by gabriel
The course of true love never did run smoothly according to William Shakespeare and for Rebeca it never did. Rebeca never knew she would fall in love with Dean, an Amer...
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Royally Yours by maceyywrites
Royally Yoursby Macey
Alena Thompson is fresh out of college ready to pursue her new career in London England. Everyone tells you how hard it is to move from America to London but no one tell...
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Mistress's Good Boy (BWWM) by Lovelshadows
Mistress's Good Boy (BWWM)by Jasmine T.
Where one's status is based on their Dominant or Submissive alleles, Ama'Rose always felt a deep reluctance to take part in societies grouping. She couldn't see herself...
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Psychopath. (bwwm) by flawed-
Psychopath. (bwwm)by ty • y’all hate me
"Write down one word that describes you." psy·cho·path noun noun: psychopath; plural noun: psychopaths a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abn...
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Reminder by elibabyy
Reminderby breezybby
cover made by xxlovetoreadxx 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐬𝐞𝐪𝐮𝐞𝐥 𝐭𝐨 𝐜𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐨 𝐡𝐢𝐥𝐥𝐬 𝐡𝐨𝐨𝐝𝐫𝐚𝐭
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Zori + Evan by ChanDP1
Zori + Evanby Chandler 💓
Zoriana Ramos and Evan Woods have been best friends forever. What happens when one falls in love and the other is left wondering how to get the other? Follow a truly you...
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ʂᵼɑɽɨɳɠ ʌᵼ Tɦɛ ʂƙy 🌌  by jahsehwifey
ʂᵼɑɽɨɳɠ ʌᵼ Tɦɛ ʂƙy 🌌 by ʂ ƙ ყ ყ🌻
Skyy is moving to Broward County, FL in the next few months. She visits for a bit prior to her move, to handle business and make sure that everything is situated for a s...
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L Y C A N by Zenaria
L Y C A N He is Powerful He is Beautiful He is vicious He is King . . . . . . . He is Dimitri #74 in Werewolf #7 in Beast
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incorrect • bwwm by imsimone_
incorrect • bwwmby simone
her name is bambi a smart ass korean/black girl who along with a big ass brain has a big ass mouth. she also has a big obsession with smoking weed, but that's another st...
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The Badboy And The Basket case by im_quasimodo
The Badboy And The Basket caseby im_quasimodo
Willow Kennedy was a basket case to strangers but to her three childhood best friends she was a carefree girl who loved to live life to the fullest but everything around...
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LOSS by eleraobari
LOSSby Eleraobari
An overweight woman struggling to maintain her sanity with her unfaithful husband and her insecurities.
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My Ex (BWWM)✔ (#Wattys2019) by judelineclenord
My Ex (BWWM)✔ (#Wattys2019)by Joude
2nd place in Wicked Awards 3rd place in The Waterfall Awards "You're real funny Kevin Reynolds, the marriage is just a contract so no I'm not going to be faithful t...
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The Butler and I (BWWM)✔ by judelineclenord
The Butler and I (BWWM)✔by Joude
He walks up to me and stares at me. He then grabs my waist and slams his lips into mine. He pulls away slowly, he connects our foreheads, our nose touching. I could hear...
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Meant To Be | DaBaby urban fiction by NenaLashae
Meant To Be | DaBaby urban fictionby Nenaaa
🥇 in #dababy and #babymamadrama for a reason😉 **Disclaimer: This story is not promoting the [illegal] use of weed, it's just portraying the life of the characters. Vie...
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Stay the night  by undressing
Stay the night by Honey Baby✨
When a shy slightly obsessive artist is infatuated by a local stripper
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My Son's Best Friend by jahsehwifey
My Son's Best Friendby ʂ ƙ ყ ყ🌻
Tara is a sexy, single mom that hasn't lost her glow yet. Her son, Jackson is due to graduate college in a few months and she couldn't be happier. His best friend Jahseh...
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The Locker Letters by ChanDP1
The Locker Lettersby Chandler 💓
Someone starts leaving notes in Fallon's locker, and she's determined to find out who it is.
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Brown Eyes || l.p by MyaSprinkles
Brown Eyes || l.pby Myaa
"Put the money in the bag." "Yes Big Daddy."
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Daddys Girls by Autumn-wont-fall
Daddys Girlsby Miss Autumn
*"Incest" warning* *Extremely mature and detailed* A little girl with stolen innocence Actually I don't know I'm just typing and seeing where it goes people
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My Stepbrother: No one will no by Avery_Love
My Stepbrother: No one will noby Avery_Love
"Can you stop touching me" I said "Why would I do that. Your so sexy. I want to have you . Come closer to me. Let me teach you what a man's all about"...
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