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A night with Dracula by kissmybff
A night with Draculaby ♡¸.•°*”˜Sarah ˜”*°•.¸♡
"I wanna kill you.." He whispered huskily. "I dare you" I said. Seventeen year old Sonee rave win's a contest to go stay at Dracula's castle for two...
More D&L. by Cendrillon1996
More D& Cinderella
The world is a different place, science is advanced enough to create new creatures. Nekos, half-human half cats, only the most elite people could get them, they pay a g...
Vampire And Neko (Snarry) by DragonKittyFanfics
Vampire And Neko (Snarry)by DragonKitty
What do you get when you mix a Neko! Adorable! Submissive! Harry, Vampire! Snape, Veela! Submissive! Draco, the Weasley twins, and... Bitch! Ginny?
My Roommate's Secret by theperksofbeingsina
My Roommate's Secretby Sina
Loui has lived with a big secret all his life. He is a neko. Only his best fried Miyu knows about it and now she and Loui are going to College. Loui has almost accepted...
Professional Family. by Cendrillon1996
Professional Cinderella
"This family is going to be the death of me," Mathéo, daddy. "You broke my heart and I stole your last name," Jace, master/daddy. "I'm in love...
Instincts (A Loki Fanfic) by DontTellAuntieTasha
Instincts (A Loki Fanfic)by Just Keep Your Hopes Up
Kit is not your normal Kitten. In fact, she's not even a cat. But after an entire life of not being able to trust a 'pure' human being, how could she ever show her true...
Derek Hale x Neko Love Story by werewolvesden
Derek Hale x Neko Love Storyby Mur Mur
Neko's protecting werewolves, what is this world coming to.
i'm sorry, sir [bxb] by centralperkxox
i'm sorry, sir [bxb]by centralperkxox
he was just a slave. worthless. scarred. beaten. until, he, felt differently. {major trigger warnings} lowercase intended
Yandere Neko Boy x Reader by danimax1029
Yandere Neko Boy x Readerby Danielle Maxwell
You should have never brought him home. At first he was cute and innocent. He adored you but that adoration quickly turned into an obsession. Now no one else can have yo...
The Time I Bought a Demi-Human by JutZoak9
The Time I Bought a Demi-Humanby Justin K. Johnson
The day has finally come where I have saved up enough money for my own Demi-Human. I've been told how wonderfully useful they are. They can clean, cook, and do pretty m...
Hidan's Gift by HappyGoLuckyRainbow
Hidan's Giftby MissMischief
A girl with feline features are found by the Akatsuki, and brought in when showed interesting markings. Follow along as Hidan and his 'gift' go through life and death...
Becoming Aizawa's Pet by Bakugou_Obsessed27
Becoming Aizawa's Petby Bakugou_Obsessed27
You've been dating Aizawa for a while, and he finds out a certain secret you haven't told him yet ⚠️PSA::::I KNOW HIS NAME IS SHOTA AIZAWA, BUT FOR SOME REASON EVERYTIME...
Yuri Oneshots?? (X Reader) by SheScribes
Yuri Oneshots?? (X Reader)by SheScribes
These are x reader yuri oneshots!
Master~ *ON HOLD* by Melody-Wonder
Master~ *ON HOLD*by Angel<3
Harry is a Neko by birth. He was sold as a pet to The Ministry by Dumbledore. But what happens when Lucius brings him as a present to a certain Dark Lord?
BoyxBoy Recommendation Book by notWeirdbutUnique
BoyxBoy Recommendation Bookby 007Sept
L o o k i n g F o r S o m e G o o d B o y x B o y/ M a n x M a n S t o r i e s...? You've come to the right place! •G R A M M A R 💯 •P L O T 💯 •C H A R A C T E...
Kitty love by 1o1wolf18
Kitty loveby Wolf
(Yandere Neko!Bnha x F!reader) Slow updates
My Kitty  by sicksac
My Kitty by sicksac
Language and mature scenes updated with age change :-) i may make mistakes as brain is small. sorry it took me four years aha.
Black Snow || Kylo Ren  by LucidCult
Black Snow || Kylo Ren by mossyhearts
he left her with a white rose painted black.
The God Gremory (Dxd x Male Lord Shiva reader) by Lord_Shiva_Supreme
The God Gremory (Dxd x Male Lord Lord Shiva
The adopted brother of Rias who was abused and neglected since he didn't have magic in him, but in reality he had something much more. Now in the future we can see that...
Ouran High School Host Club X Reader by izzyana7
Ouran High School Host Club X izzyana
You are Haruhi's adopted sister, (y/n) Neko. You have black cat ears and a tail, which you hide under your hoodie. What will happen when you meet the host club. How will...