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Diabolik Lovers by nezuko7711
Diabolik Loversby nezuko7711
Ro Komori is the sister of Yui Komori who goes to the mansion along with her. All six of the vampires in the Sakamaki mansion are now very interested in Ro possibly even...
Another Sacrificial Bride (A Diabolik Lovers Fanfic) by sailormoonjun
Another Sacrificial Bride (A 🌙✨
What if another girl came to live with the Sakamaki? A girl who lived in the exact same church as Yui, but has an attitude the exact opposite of her? Someone with a dark...
yui's shy little sister: shu sakamaki x shy!reader by haha_cathy
yui's shy little sister: shu cath
Ivy Komori is only 15 years old, and speaks only on occasion. Her captivating beauty and heart of gold attracted many people, whom Ivy all avoided. Yui Komori, her jealo...
DEADLY CURSED: diabolik lovers (english) by stxrk-
DEADLY CURSED: diabolik lovers ( ˗ˏˋ ᴄᴀᴍ !! ˎˊ˗
DIABOLIK LOVERS.| Yusuki Kouko is a vampire that lives on the Sakamaki's mansion. She lived just like she wanted, being covered by Ayato and Laito Sakamaki's affect...
Sisterly Love (Diabolik Lovers And Vampire Knight Crossover) by AnimeLoverGirl156
Sisterly Love (Diabolik Lovers AnimeLoverGirl156
A girl named Ayano a kuran Yes a kuran that family that you thought Was kind to all the people they knew But they were wrong unknown to them there was a girl at their a...
They Call Me Heartless (Diabolik Lovers Fanfiction) by _YSoSirius
They Call Me Heartless (Diabolik King
Happiness... The word itself is a joke. Such a thing would never survive a second in my world. Battling creatures no ordinary human should even witness, My soul has long...
Black Cat (Diabolik Lovers x OC FanFiction) by Selene_Scarlett
Black Cat (Diabolik Lovers x OC Selene_Scarlett
Whether its humans or supernatural beings, doesn't matter to her because to her; a target is a target. Catarina, also known as test subject BC-13, is also known as the...
Hey Oniisan! (diabolk Fanfic) by SavingBlossoms
Hey Oniisan! (diabolk Fanfic)by Mozzie
Meet sakamaki akane. An innocent girl that's 6 years old but more mature than she looks. Is sister to the 6 sakamaki brothers (oh let's not forget the mukami's) She was...
Yui's Sister: Spread Your Angel Wings {Diabolik Lovers x Reader} (Slow Updates) by AshlynRose03
Yui's Sister: Spread Your Angel Ashlyn Rose🌹👑
You never remembered your memories below the age of 4. You were brought into a big building with lots of children inside. You never complained but you always want a fami...
Cross Dimension: Diabolik Lovers by Boredom_Overlord
Cross Dimension: Diabolik Loversby Boredom_Overlord
Today, truck-san hit the wrong person and Y/N was the unfortunate victim of this mistake And now, God is currently apologizing to her. "Even gods make mistakes too...
Red Moon by SilverMoonShit
Red Moonby Jamie
Yuki Sakamaki, 3rd born of Beatrix, 3rd oldest of the siblings, and also the only female. Now that she is back to her childhood home, her brothers want to know where she...
Diabolik lovers in the shadows by Nanami-sakamaki
Diabolik lovers in the shadowsby Nanami
Siera komori is yui's younger sister. She had always been in her sisters shadow and had always been ignored. But what happens when that all changes when she meets the va...
Two Brides (Diabolik Lovers) by Goldenbellslight
Two Brides (Diabolik Lovers)by Goldenbells
(Y/N) Komori with her twin sister, Yui came to the mansion of Sakamaki's by their father's orders, once they arrived at the mansion, they faced with 6 brothers who creep...
The Little Skater Girl (Diabolik Lovers X Star Reader) by PlutiaSakamaki12
The Little Skater Girl (Diabolik Sakura Morow
Aoi Hatsune is a 16 years old is a very shy girl, kind hearted, petite young girl, she is friendly and melodious. Aoi was foster daughter of the Seiji Komori since she w...
Yui's Neko Sister  by uushipushi
Yui's Neko Sister by leeshawn0425
Kimiko Hisakawa, the adopted younger sister of Yui Komori. One day, her so called 'father', Seiji, had called Yui and Kimiko to his office. He told them that they'd hav...
Another Sakamaki (A Diabolik Lovers Fanfic) by MysterySouls29
Another Sakamaki (A Diabolik MysterySouls29
Kiyomi Sakamaki. The only sister of the Sakamaki brothers and Karlheinz's only daughter. The first word that came to mind when hearing her name was 'different'. She had...
nothing but memories | dialovers by Princess-KitKat
nothing but memories | dialoversby 『 キャット ∥ kat 』
『 all the vampys x reader 』 Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Though what happens when there's more than that..? From one to the ne...
The Full Moon (Subaru X Reader X Shuu) by echoesof-passion
The Full Moon (Subaru X Reader X ༄Abhip Stark࿐
The Full Moon (Subaru X Reader X Shuu) Vampires are the creatures of night. The Full Moon increases their carnal hunger for blood, it unleashes the beast within them. B...
Yui's Little Sister by Kaelyn121
Yui's Little Sisterby Kaelyn121
WARNING: Yui is a not fragile and weak she is a bad ass You are Yui's little sister and you end up going with her to the Sakamakis. However you are 5 years old. See how...