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Dom/sub Scenes (SFW) by xMasterSatanx
Dom/sub Scenes (SFW)by xMasterSatanx
Several short BDSM scenes of all wonderful flavors, lemon and lime and nothing past that.
The Brat Diaries by LettiLustcraft
The Brat Diariesby Letti Lustcraft
"Over my knee." She's heard those three little words many times - Letti is a brat and she knows it. Wrex is Letti's strict husband and Dominant, but he not-so...
Master and his whore by SithLordVader34
Master and his whoreby SithLordVader34
Enjoy random moments between these two main characters Female sub - Marie Male dom - Oliver
Ruthless'Possession by SMysticals
Ruthless'Possessionby Mystical Dimples
Anaaya, the only daughter of city's most famous music studio is betrothed to the most ruthless and cruel mafia of the city Ivaan. Ivaan is a control freak. The moment hi...
Fuck Me Up On A Spiritual Level [ FRERARD ONESHOTS & MORE ] by WetForFrankIero
Fuck Me Up On A Spiritual Level [ WetForFrankIero
🥇ON #WAY Contains smut, heavy language, bdsm, a variety of kinks and lots more... come find out😈😤😂 Please DO NOT kink shame!! Don't forget to vote and leave a commen...
She is the owner of my heart  by joyjk1737
She is the owner of my heart by Vanessa
"رجل في اواخر الثلاثينات لا يصلح ليكون سيد او عم لفتاه في السابعه عشر جميلتي يصلح لتكون الفتاه تحته"
Chaos ; Joker x Reader  by audreywrites720
Chaos ; Joker x Reader by Audrey
A world of chaos surrounds (Y/N). She hears stories about the Batman, the mob, the Joker, the GPD. The Joker begins to take over Gotham city. He robs a bank with a few g...
Black. Lace. Panties. by FanofFans6
Black. Lace. Fan of Fans
Black. Lace. Panties. What more can I say about a 21-year-old who has never experienced any type of love or romance in his life goes to work for a single father who was...
72 Hours by DaniandAnne
72 Hoursby DaniandAnne
"You'll be my sub for three days!" Anne, an owned sub, lost a bet with Dani, a dom she just met online. How would he train her? How would she serve him? All h...
His Dominant by slavegyrl
His Dominantby slavegyrl
"Strip nowww". "W..what" "You heard me..I said strip..or so help me God I will rip that dress apart". "B..but " Her name is Regin...
Please Take My Blood by BIG_GOOSEY2
Please Take My Bloodby Zombie bitch.
(Halloween story) After his death from the auschwalen y/n gewelle awoke to find himself alive in a different universe full of supernatural creatures which got him extrem...
Sakura in Diabolik lovers by MoiraCochrane8
Sakura in Diabolik loversby Moira Cochrane
Sakura dies in the 4th great shinobi war and is summoned by Karlheinz to teach his sons! maybe Yui too. 'ahh, screw it. I'm dead anyways.' On she goes to teach these pes...
My new neighbor is a vampire (Craig x Tweek) by Blackmagicwitch1
My new neighbor is a vampire ( ThatOneBitch
Tweek is a 16 year old kid who is scared of pretty much everything. One day some new kid moved to South Park, they moved into the house next to Tweeks house. Tweek notic...
The Mafia King's Dom  by officiallyHisSlut
The Mafia King's Dom by Ivory coetzee
Liam is a mafia boss with a cold heart for everyone except his family. He is not as ruthless as people thinks. He is haunted by the thoughts of all the people who he hav...
Issues || Rindou Haitani smut by kadenokojin
Issues || Rindou Haitani smutby jane
The stress of handling numerous illegal businesses was getting on Rindou's nerves. He decided to treat himself and asked one of his underlings to get him a pretty woman...
A Wonderful New World! (Konosuba X Male Reader) by TetraCyreel
A Wonderful New World! (Konosuba 『Tetra』
You were a prodigy who was gifted with amazing Intelligence. One day you decided to stop going to school because you already knew everything they were teaching you. And...
The Silhouette by sylviadelion
The Silhouetteby sylviadelion
"Nobody cares. Nobody cared then and they probably wouldn't ever care."Travis mumbled out with a deep expression of hurt. " Hey, don't say that. You know...
The legacy of a villainess by lenlop
The legacy of a villainessby lenlop
I was born for nothing . Cancer consuming my limbs I only became a curse to my parents . All I could do was read and sit in a hospital bed all day . I cursed this life f...
Exciting dinner date (Dom and sub smut) by SwaggyGinger11
Exciting dinner date (Dom and SwaggyGinger11
A Dom and sub have an exciting dinner date but dinner isn't the only thing getting eaten ;)
Izuku's unwanted past. by Uriel_et_teneberis
Izuku's unwanted Kinshu
Izuku is cheated by Ochaco but she somehow manages to be the victim and Izuku receives the short end of the stick. Izuku's life couldn't get any worse right , well it ge...