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cursed by eman227
cursedby iman
Victoria and her sister Alice always loved each other. they were the opposite but still understood each other. they were happy but also cursed...
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The First Time by anemargaux
The First Timeby Ane Margaux
The first time the man, who I now call my Dom, and I first played. That day changed everything.
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Until We Reach the Ground (for editing and rewriting) by mrs_duizhang
Until We Reach the Ground (for Mrs Duizhang
"If ever there comes a day when we can't be together, keep me in your heart. I'll stay there forever." -CHOI REN "No matter how strong I am, I also have a...
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Rejected By My Sexy, Possessive Alpha Mate (ON HIATUS) by EuniceMaglaque
Rejected By My Sexy, Possessive Eunice Maglaque
Megan Jenkinson was once the daughter of the pack's beta, The Moonlight Night Pack. Key word ONCE. Both her parents were killed by rogues. She's been tortured and bullie...
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Intoxication by LunarCasa
Intoxicationby D.Haija
This is the journey of Cassandra as she breaks the shells and unravels truths about her life while finding herself,the path into becoming an Alpha then her life after, t...
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You're A Monster (Kaneki x Uta) (Yaoi SMUT) by Bulbaovesen
You're A Monster (Kaneki x Uta) ( King of Trash
Kaneki Ken has just recently come to the shocking realization that he has become the very thing he fears; a ghoul. Scared, hungry, and confused, Kaneki feels as though h...
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For Their Liking.. by Daydreamer102312
For Their Adriana Fernandez
Two guys, one girl. Kaleem, the bipolar man Akeem, the hard, rough 'idontgiveadamn' man Elizabeth, the lost girl. How will this relationship work? Will she finally le...
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MONSTERS [malexmale] by ZackWalls
MONSTERS [malexmale]by Zack Walls
~~~~~~~~~~ Matt Woods woke up in an unknown place where he is held prisoner. He is stripped off of his dignity and identity by his captors, whose goal is to turn Matt in...
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Queen of the Sandbox |||Naruto||| by KittySpalla
Queen of the Sandbox |||Naruto|||by Kitty Spalla
Fuyu hails from the Kuro clan of Sunagakure and she doesn't have the best of luck. For example, she was nearly killed by Gaara when she was five. As fate would have it...
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Tragic Encounter (YAOI) by YaoiWonderland
Tragic Encounter (YAOI)by YaoiWonderland
This fanfic is YAOI, in another words BoyXBoy. Read at your own risks ^^ The boy who suffers. He trusts no one. He hates this world. But then, he meets this boy. A yaku...
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[ON HOLD]	Love Never Doubts by oikage
[ON HOLD] Love Never Doubtsby Oikage Trash
Mira, the prettiest girl in town has gotten herself in a relationship with a mysterious guy named Leo. Mira was always curious about Leo and always questioned him but th...
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Don't Touch the Corporal's Cleaning Supplies (eren x levi) by Under_t_a_k_e_r
Don't Touch the Corporal's Lucifer
Eren accidentally breaks Levi's broom, he's in for one hell of a punishment. ;) (CONTAINS BOY X BOY ACTION AND A TON OF SMUT, DON'T LIKE, DON'T READ.)
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Do You Believe In God? by dilated--pupils
Do You Believe In God?by black lines
I am not a very religious person, this is not a story about shoving religion down your throat. If you get butt hurt and offended by religious things don't read it, there...
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The Sadistic Prince by madamred_01
The Sadistic Princeby madamred01
In this Kingdom, a dark secret is held and every night the sadistic Prince Luke will patrol, this time he came early and the father of Amanda, a sweet girl that brings...
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I'm Dangerous.. I'm Psychotic.. I'm Sadistic.. and I'm 15 Years Old (Book 3) by xXKittenFuryXx
I'm Dangerous.. I'm Psychotic.. I' Rose
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Prince of Tennis~ FujixOC!~ Pure POT Verson by TennisFashion
Prince of Tennis~ FujixOC!~ Pure TennisFashion
-CURRENTLY BEING REWRITTEN- ~i am aware some of people dont like the idea of doing a cross over with my POT fanfict so im ganna do a pure Prince of Tennis version of my...
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Sadist Kohai by Emotional_Senpai
Sadist Kohaiby Emotional_Senpai
Submit to me Senpai~
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My Lord **SAMPLE - to be published** by Shimaira
My Lord **SAMPLE - to be L.B. Shimaira
Reduced to sample May 20th, 2020. To be published by Gurt Dog Press ♥ ~*~ Gothic Horror // Historical // LGBTQ+ // Novel // Completed ~*~ Blood is not always red... ~...
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1-800-KINK-ME-UP (Hiatus) by afearofcarpets
1-800-KINK-ME-UP (Hiatus)by KIRA
I cover my mouth. The sensation of his lips against mine is still very apparent, real, earth-shattering. Shaken, my voice peels out from beneath my fingers, "Did yo...
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Her Night Job by pandahero26
Her Night Jobby Yuf
A story about a young female who is trying her best to find the fragments of herself. Along the way, people that she doesn't want to be around, are thrown in her path. N...
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