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In The Morning | SM+CC by shawnsafterglow
In The Morning | SM+CCby Iz
Pop-sensations Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello are the closest of friends, but what happens when a one drunken night leads to them sleeping together? ----- Camila woke...
If it Were Me by shannon1625
If it Were Meby shannon1625
How could a girl be so blind to love? How could a girl stay in a loveless relationship when the one person she has ever truly needed is waiting?
Inseparable ~ Shawmila by alwaysnlxsc
Inseparable ~ Shawmilaby Noelle 💜
Shawn and Camila grew up together. They were inseparable for their whole childhood. They even imagined a future together when they were kids. Suddenly, an unexpected eve...
Back To Me by karinna_12
Back To Meby karinna
One night, Camila's dog Thunder runs away. What happens when over a year later, she finally finds him? But, there's one thing. He has a new owner.
The Breaking Point (Complete)  by camila_n_shawnfp
The Breaking Point (Complete) by camila_n_shawnfp
Some times the most beautiful of things can grow from the most broken of souls. A Shawmila story by Camila_n_shawnfp Please vote or comment if you like it so I know whe...
Adventuress Love | S.M & C.C by shawmilaprecious
Adventuress Love | S.M & C.Cby mila & shawn <3
Camila Cabello is a 28 year old on a small "adventure' to Milan. Unfortunately, her phone died and she's desperate for a phone to borrow to call for a taxi. When 2...
Unlocked Moments by shawmilajourneys
Unlocked Momentsby shawmilajourneys
Shawn and Camila's love story, unlocked moments.
Please don't fall (Shawmila) by justvibbel
Please don't fall (Shawmila)by Vivi
(TRIGGER WARNING!) Fifth Harmony, the best girl group in the music world. Everyone seems to have fun, a lot of fun. They look happy together, on stage. But what about t...
roommates ✧ shawmila by -angelsoft
roommates ✧ shawmilaby 𝙟𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙢 <3
where shawn teaches his roommate camila how to seduce a man
Arranged Marriage  by hvnsung
Arranged Marriage by 𝖟𝖆𝖍𝖗𝖆
being a twenty-three year old popstar wasn't the singer's ideal future. sure, he liked it - but sometimes it got a little too much. everything changed for him when the m...
MY HERO | S.M by luumendess
MY HERO | S.Mby luumendess
Shawn Mendes as a dad? When he finds a little girl in the streets he knows exactly what to do but... will it be easy for them to stay together as a family? Read to find...
Ketchup Love by mayflower_x
Ketchup Loveby Ugochi🦋
"I don't really like being stared at, Camila. But for you, I'll make an exception." Shawn breathlessly said. ~~~~~~~<<<<>>>>~~~~~~~~<...
shawmila (ddlg) by Shawmila_116
shawmila (ddlg)by Shawmila
shawn and camila have been friends for the longest time one night when camila and shawn are hanging out she slips into little space
Beginning of Forever by karinna_12
Beginning of Foreverby karinna
Sequel book to "The Secretary". Follow Shawn, Camila, and their journey as a family in this one shot book, each chapter leading up to the rest of their lives.
Low Income Affection | S.M & C.C by shawmilaprecious
Low Income Affection | S.M & C.Cby mila & shawn <3
Camila, a women of low income, just trying to get by in her everyday life and keep up meets a wealthy man named Shawn Mendes who seems to grow quite fond of her. She now...
We're ready and can definitely get used to this by ShawnieMila
We're ready and can definitely shawmilasfanfics
Shawn and Camila's story. Both of them have been bestfriend for years and are deeply in love with each other. But they are scared to confess and say it out loud what wou...
Celebrity Group Chat 2 by haileedotcom
Celebrity Group Chat 2by Steinfan♡️
You guys asked for it and I'm going to give you what you want! Not all of the celebs will be in this one, because I sometimes forget who I put in lol.
A child with my enemy | SM + CC by ShamelessRoses
A child with my enemy | SM + CCby 𝐄𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐬𝐡𝐚❦︎
Camila Cabello's company is on the top 5 richest company along with Shawn Mendes' company, the two companies are not rivals, it's just that Camila and Shawn had a terrib...
Neighbors | sm + cc by Camila_Maria_Grande
Neighbors | sm + ccby ♡
Shawn Mendes moves into a brand new apartment in Los Angeles right next to Camila Cabello. One night, due to the loud music from Camila's apartment, Shawn goes over the...
Don't You Let Me Fall (Shawmila)  by liliacatherine
Don't You Let Me Fall (Shawmila) by Mila
Two ex-lovers reunite after years of not seeing each other. A Shawmila fanfiction, partly based on the music video for señorita. ------------------------------------- ...