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Perfectly Wrong by usedtojapan
Perfectly Wrongby Ju
After the recent death of her father, Camila is forced to be the rock for both her mother and younger sister. Moving away from her hometown, she immediately forms an int...
Junior vets I Shawmila by Jasmine_Rose_
Junior vets I Shawmilaby @Jasmine_Rose_
Shawn and Camila are two of three junior veterinarians at the 'Toronto West Animal Clinic'. A small clinic for dogs, cats and other pets in downtown Toronto. They haven'...
My teacher's obsession // S.M + C.C by intoshawmila
My teacher's obsession // S.M + C.Cby 🌙
Love. Pain. Danger. complicated is an understatement to describe the two worlds of Shawn and Camila as they collide to form into one. started writing~~> January 30, 2...
Adventuress Love | S.M & C.C by shawmilaprecious
Adventuress Love | S.M & C.Cby mila & shawn <3
Camila Cabello is a 28 year old on a small "adventure' to Milan. Unfortunately, her phone died and she's desperate for a phone to borrow to call for a taxi. When 2...
Escape the Covenant || Shawmila [Completed] by MilaCamendes
Escape the Covenant || Shawmila [ Mila Camendes
Two hearts, one cursed love. In Camila's blood flows a power that has been passed for generations. Despite the magic that runs through her veins, her lonely heart carrie...
starboy (instagram au) by Ellie_with_love
starboy (instagram au)by Ellie_with_love
he saw her at one of his concerts in Miami among the crowd. and now he cannot get her image out of his head.
Blurring the Lines by WhyAlltheseyears
Blurring the Linesby رمشا
"Why are you looking at me like that?" "Like what?" "Like, you want something, crave something so badly." "I do. I want you." - L...
If we never met by usedtojapan
If we never metby Ju
Camila wakes up in a hospital bed without any memory of the last four years of her life, including the fact that she is now married to a man she doesn't even recall meet...
Consequences  by Pewfictions
Consequences by Pewfictions
"The day you pulled my hair in kindergarten, I knew I was going to hate you.Yet I have no clue when it turned into love."
if i cant have you- s.m, c.c by xsashxr
if i cant have you- s.m, c.cby sash
@urfavlatina: aww not @shawnmendes wanting to date me!!! flattered asf ↳ @shawnmendes so when's the first date? - in which hes been in love with a girl, but she only tho...
Beautiful Angel by I_write_weird_fanfic
Beautiful Angelby weird fictionator
Shawn, the Prince of Eulidea travels for month's on end to find this fabled mythical place of great wealth. After stumbling on a bandit named Harry, they band together...
my muse | sm + cc [ completed ] by livingwhy
my muse | sm + cc [ completed ]by livingwhy
shawn mendes is a famous celebrity photographer thats gotten loads of awards. One day he meets singer camila cabello, and was completely swooned. however shawn and camil...
Roommates by mila997
Roommatesby mila997
"I just found my favorite song for the rest of my life." "What is it." "Your heartbeat."
Perfectly wrong by shawmila_always_
Perfectly wrongby Shawmila ✨
Mendes, the typical 19 year old boy. Well apart from the fact that he's part of a gang which his half bother is in control of. Shawn though would never be chosen to hurt...
Message by antoniaaar
Messageby antoniaaar
Imagine, if shawn and camila talking like this.
Always Been You- Shawmila One Shot Book by karinna_12
Always Been You- Shawmila One karinna
One shots of your favorite couple, Shawn Mendes & Camila Cabello! Mostly AU, ranging from all different subjects, themes, and categories.
Soulmates by Anastasianoor
Soulmatesby Anastasianoor
Journey of two strangers from being friends to become lovers❤️ This book is based on real life love story of two amazing famous singers Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello...