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My Brown Eyed Girl (camren) by camrenlolocamzlove
My Brown Eyed Girl (camren)by Camren fanfic
Camila is a cute little nerd at Beverly Hills High School. She is the daughter of Alejandro Cabello a famous movie director and Sinuhe Cabello a famous clothes designe...
Reunion (Camren) by iHeart_LoveFanfics
Reunion (Camren)by iHeart_LoveFanfics
The women of Fifth Harmony have all gone their separate ways in life. Four years later in the year 2021, the once singers are thrown an opportunity to take back their dr...
Bullied  by 96cabellojauregui97
Bullied by Sun&moon
Lauren jauregui is bullied by Shawn and Austin, she doesn't have friends and no one notices her, teachers don't know because she is too shy to tell them. What happens w...
my friends from instagram (fifth harmony) by mayadrinkswater
my friends from instagram (fifth maya
lauren and dinah are best friends and one day, they decide to create a group chat. camila's kind of lonely, normani's kind of bored, and ally's kind of not around. warni...
The Bad Teacher **Editing** by Iluv5H123
The Bad Teacher **Editing**by Iluv5H123
(Hey hey!! I'm moving this story to due to personal reasons, come over and have a look if you have time :) 'I felt how wet you were Cam...
Independent || Camren G!P by god-speed
Independent || Camren G!Pby god-speed
Meet Lauren Jauregui, a well-established business tycoon who was thrust into the life of adulthood sooner than she expected after losing both of her parents in a wicked...
Fifth Harmony Memes by CC__5H
Fifth Harmony Memesby CC__5H
Contains Fifth Harmony Memes I wanna share if easily offended then please leave Highest rank #1
In this together  by wowzars19
In this together by wowzars19
Lauren, a teenage girl who switches from juvie, jail and prison. Shes a badass that makes Students and parents fear the girl actually the whole town, but only one girl m...
Let me hear your thoughts [camren - au] by unreasonablyobsessed
Let me hear your thoughts [ A
Lauren isn't normal. She can read minds. Hear minds. It's both a blessing and a curse. If she had a choice, she'd pick being normal in a heartbeat. Except that day. -- ...
Lamp and Milo (Camren AU) by Tobiyotwix
Lamp and Milo (Camren AU)by Tobi
"If I kiss you, would you believe me?" Highest rank: #3 - #camren (11/24/2020) #3 - #lauren (12/10/2020) (L-G!P)
exploring sexuality | camren by covermyeyes
exploring sexuality | camrenby covermyeyes
two friends- camila and lauren begin noticing things about each other. things that are wrong, but also, things that are right. they get curious. cover by @SLOTHTATO
I'm tired by camrenswift13
I'm tiredby Camren Swift
Camila Cabello left Fifth Harmony but she kept her secret relationship with Lauren Jauregui. Camila started getting known as a solo artist and unintentionally neglecting...
Sparks Fly by MrsAgron
Sparks Flyby MrsAgron
Camila Cabello is a high school senior, she had never really crushed on anyone until the new English teacher showed up. This is going to be a weird year. Camren.
The Wedding Date by DanielaPraulinya
The Wedding Dateby Daniela Prauliņa
Lauren hires Camila as a wedding escort to make her ex-fiance Paul jealous. Can Lauren make the difference between what's real and what's all act to make Paul jealous? ...
The Kick Boxer's Girl by tatterzz
The Kick Boxer's Girlby hi! i’m taylor!
Lauren Jauregui is the schools star athlete, but she doesn't play a typical school sport, she's a kick boxer. Camila Cabello is a smart girl with a secret she nobody kn...
The wolf next door (camren-werewolf story)  by CamrenIsDating
The wolf next door ( Camren for life
Lauren jauregui is a werewolf, she's 19 years old, she moves into a home next to a regular old high schooler and the high schoolers family. Camila cabello is that high...
Mute ||Camren by FuntasizeSerendipity
Mute ||Camrenby FuntasizeSerendipity
Camila Cabello, a girl who have always been struggling to talk properly due to her speech disorder that she had been suffering from since she was a little girl. She gets...
SPEAK NOW (CAMREN) by camrenswift13
SPEAK NOW (CAMREN)by Camren Swift
What would happen if a wedding organizer, organize the wedding of his ex boyfriend and his new beautiful girl?
My Mate's a Girl? | Camren by camren_arianator
My Mate's a Girl? | Camrenby Vic😬
Lauren Jauregui is a werewolf, but what she didn't expect was her mate to be a girl. Find out what happens with these troubled two. Will Lauren's pack, and her parents a...
Malibu Love by FakingCamren
Malibu Loveby antonela
Lauren just graduated from Political Science in Columbia University when her boyfriend Nick offered her to spend summer in Malibu with him, his brother Mark and Mark's g...