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Our Deepest Scars by camilasdreamss
Our Deepest Scarsby camilasdreamss
It's the 2015 Reflection Tour, and Camila Cabello is in a lot of pain. But not the kind of pain that can be made better with medicine or a bandage. She is stuck in a see...
Baby Come Back by holychels
Baby Come Backby chelsea
I wanted Baby Come Back to be on Wattpad because it is one of the first Camren fanfics I ever read and I was surprised no one uploaded it here. The storyline is great an...
"That's the new girl?" (Camren) by fifthharmony123
"That's the new girl?" (Camren)by fifthharmony123
Lauren jauregui 18 the schools most popular girl their plus one of the biggest bullys their to. Lauren may act stupid sometimes but she's actually an A+ student. Camila...
Love and Basketball (Camren) by __jimmyneutron
Love and Basketball (Camren)by alexis
Lauren Jauregui is the star basketball player who happens to be very shy in front of a certain someone. Camila Cabello is the head cheerleader who happens to have someth...
The Princess and The Bandit by beanie_lauren
The Princess and The Banditby BEANIE_HATFIELD
A princess running. A bandit thieving. Together, they make quite a disaster . . . g!p posted: 03-12-2020
Please be my nightingale (Camren) by demodino
Please be my nightingale (Camren)by Ina
"I don't get it. You live in the castle? As a what? As a maid?" Camila snorts and chuckles about her comment. "No, I'm the princess to be honest." ...
Lern Jergi Imagines :) by fifthharmonizergb
Lern Jergi Imagines :)by 5Hgb
A bunch of Lauren Jauregui imagines...
Gravity (CAMREN) by EndGameWarrior
One night Lauren receives a mysterious text from an anonymous sender, little did she know that it'll change her life forever. 💭💭 (I'm not good with descriptions. It's...
Don't fuck with my heart (camren) by camrreeen
Don't fuck with my heart (camren)by Camren es real
Camila and Lauren are famous singers. Lauren is known as the flirtatious celebrity and Camila falls for her charm as anyone else would, it is impossible not to. Sexy s...
Lern Jergi imagines (2) by fifthharmonizergb
Lern Jergi imagines (2)by 5Hgb
another book of Lauren Jauregui imagines (taking requests guys)
Bloodstream (Camren) by lern_camzi
Bloodstream (Camren)by T
I wanted Bloodstream to be on Wattpad cause it's been deleted. Here you go... Enjoy ! All Credit goes to the owner. Don't mind this, read the story !
Rich but Sweet (Camren) *slowly editing* by camren_arianator
Rich but Sweet (Camren) *slowly ed...by Vic😬
What happens when the world's richest girl in the whole world falls in love with the new maid's daughter? Will she allow the other girl into her life or allow her to kee...
'Boyfriend' Lauren (5H CAMREN) by kyrie999
'Boyfriend' Lauren (5H CAMREN)by kyrie999
A set of CAMREN one-shots and the different reasons why 'boyfriend' Lauren is the hottest.
The Contest (Lauren/You) by ainttalkinboutyou
The Contest (Lauren/You)by ainttalkinboutyou
Surprise, surprise Harmonizers! We think you all know the Fifth Harmony girls are busy rehearsing for the #ReflectionTour, right? Since the tour is kicking off this Frid...
Besitos by Jokers_babydoll
Besitosby Princess 👑
Lauren Jauregui was bullied for being intersex until she finally stood up for herself. Everyone left her alone due to them being scared of her temper. She then became t...
The Girl in the Background (Lauren/You) by ainttalkinboutyou
The Girl in the Background (Lauren...by ainttalkinboutyou
Surprise, surprise U.K. Harmonizers! We have been thinking and we thought it has been quite a while since we last visited the United Kingdom. And it was only to do inter...
Her voice in my head (camren) by camrreeen
Her voice in my head (camren)by Camren es real
Set in an AU where everyone has a soulmate. When you and your soulmate are in the same area, you can hear their thoughts/communicate in each other's minds. I found the...
never wanna complicate your heart by laurenjauregvii
never wanna complicate your heartby lern jergi 🦁
Camila hates Lauren. Lauren is hopelessly crushing on Camila. It's basically a disaster. (4-part camren college au. This work may not be posted/copied/reproduced/transla...
the bittersweetness of us by cami740
the bittersweetness of usby camila
All Camila wants to do is bake some brownies, but apparently the universe has a hidden agenda against her. It's not like a broken oven has ever stopped her before, thoug...