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Broken Clocks (Dinah/You) by Tsunami199
Broken Clocks (Dinah/You)by Tsunami199
Y/N, a 25 year old CEO and Dinah, a 24 year old singer have been married for 5 years and been together since middle school. They have 4 year old twin boys and some craz...
Wrong Number? - Lauren/You by MusicBandsFans
Wrong Number? - Lauren/Youby M
G!P You Y/N gets added to a group chat, where she doesn't know anybody. Maybe she'll become friends with the people in the group chat or maybe she won't. Many things hap...
Yellow Flicker (Lauren/You) by iamgraciee
Yellow Flicker (Lauren/You)by gracie
You are a spy who protect famous people. Basically like a bodyguard. You're sent to protect five specific girls. Fifth Harmony. Once you get there, a green eyed girl c...
Behind The Glasses (Lauren/You) by JoJane1
Behind The Glasses (Lauren/You)by Joy
"Wait you're the Y/N everyone talks about? Everyone says that you're so quiet and timid like a nerd." "What can I say? I like to challenge stereotypes.&qu...
Bullies (Fifth Harmony/You) by CamilaIsSmexy
Bullies (Fifth Harmony/You)by g
You've been bullied by these five girls since Freshman year and now you are a senior. What if feelings change? Or will they always be bullies. Maybe once a bully,always...
Lust And Love (Lauren / You) by iamgraciee
Lust And Love (Lauren / You)by gracie
What happens when you're forced to live with your sister, Camila Cabello? What happens when you fight with your sister? Will you fix it - or not? What happens when you c...
Fifth Harmony Imagine  by BigBadSofty07
Fifth Harmony Imagine by AlwaysHungry
Feel free to give me any suggestions.
I'm a Succubus by Larahopkins07
I'm a Succubusby Jacent Larlie Hadden
you're a what now? You're basically everybody's dream person... In looks anyway... You turn gay men straight and straight woman gay for you without even meaning to, it j...
Messages - Camren by mich_jrg
Messages - Camrenby Steph Maximoff
You know, just that one random group chat full of crackheads that Dinah Jane made... [WARNING: Chaotic energy lvl 696969696969]
Numb: fifth Harmony/you G!P by MrsJaureguixCabello
Numb: fifth Harmony/you G!Pby Holy Smokes
Y/N is a successful Mafia boss and a wannabe rapper/singer. She is also a very powerful hybrid (or so she thought). All of her life she has been looking out for herself...
Sold To A Jauregui  by dreambigbro
Sold To A Jauregui by DBB
When your family starts having financial problems, what would your parents do? Well, my parents sold my sister and I. Yep, sold us. My sister was sold to Alejandro and S...
In this together  by wowzars19
In this together by wowzars19
Lauren, a teenage girl who switches from juvie, jail and prison. Shes a badass that makes Students and parents fear the girl actually the whole town, but only one girl m...
invincible fifth harmony/you by Larahopkins07
invincible fifth harmony/youby Jacent Larlie Hadden
Quick thing before you start reading is that I have changed who is what hero so don't go by the front cover ⚠️Warning⚠️ 18+ only GxG You g!p Violence Strong language ⚠️...
Secret life Of Ally Brooke by Sheldor2206
Secret life Of Ally Brookeby Sheldor2206
Ally Brooke is a younger daughter of the governor of Miami and she has an older sister Rosa. To the world Ally is a loving daughter and a successful woman but what peopl...
Different People || Fifth Harmony/You by Multifandotakugirl
Different People || Fifth DCNDKT-LOTS-SOT
"Who are you?" OR In which, Y/n is somebody who goes into a different body everyday, and she finally finds one she can stay in. (Yes, this is a 5H/You. Will e...
you make me sick (for being so perfect) by laurenjauregvii
you make me sick (for being so lern jergi 🦁
Lauren Jauregui is a lot of things. She's caring, she's intelligent and she's beautiful. But Camila Cabello doesn't notice those things when she and Lauren first come in...
just a dream (camren) by laurenjauregvii
just a dream (camren)by lern jergi 🦁
Camila Cabello is officially a solo artist. She left Fifth Harmony and is getting ready to start her solo career. Except she wakes up the next day, and she's sixteen, ab...
off camera. by laurenjauregvii
off lern jergi 🦁
Camila started YouTube as an escape from the loneliness she feels as she grows apart from her childhood best friend, Lauren. She never expects it to become a career, to...
Something about you (Norminah) by TheDreamCatcher45
Something about you (Norminah)by TheDreamCatcher
People say that the line between love and hate is thin. What they don't tell you is that sometimes it's invisible.
The Bad Teacher **Editing** by Iluv5H123
The Bad Teacher **Editing**by Iluv5H123
(Hey hey!! I'm moving this story to due to personal reasons, come over and have a look if you have time :) 'I felt how wet you were Cam...