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Tattooed Heart || Jerrie by FighterMix
Tattooed Heart || Jerrieby ten
"You didn't even love me! You didn't even fight for me, you were too caught up with everybody's thoughts about us. You were too caught up with him!" "If I...
From the Outside Looking in by Onejerriestory
From the Outside Looking inby Onestory
Uploaded all at once and complete. A Jerrie story told in the way that fans and onlookers would actually and realistically experience it. Will feature a variety of thin...
Nudes... (Jerrie AU ) by Duchess86
Nudes... (Jerrie AU )by Duchess86
perrieedwards : Nudes...??? jadethirlwall : Who the hell are you? perrieedwards : Your future wife. ~ Just a touch of your love is enough To knock me off of my feet all...
Little Mix - Group Chat  by greedy_girl
Little Mix - Group Chat by Littlemix_mood
Don't read it if you're a cupcake mixer and don't take it too serious 14 april, 2018 20:50 Jade Thirlwall created the group Jade added Perrie Edwa...
Annoying || Jerrie by ItsJustJerrie
Annoying || Jerrieby zeey
Jade Thirlwall, 17 years old, is very bubbly, talkative and jolly at heart. Sometimes, she gets to be very annoying and irritating and so stubborn. She doesn't even care...
Jerrie in Depth by Sarahellol
Jerrie in Depthby Sarahellol
Jerrie proof and evidence. Please not hate, just support.
✔️: All Started With A Comment (Jerrie Thirlwards) by anonymouslymiles
✔️: All Started With A Comment ( M
An instagram themed story, saw some and wanted to give it a try. Enjoy!
Perfect ~Jerrie~ by littlejerriemixer
Perfect ~Jerrie~by Jerrie
What if two bandmates fell in love with each other?
Jerrie-  love story  by deehazlenutLM5
Jerrie- love story by Dee hazleton❤️🎼
Perries a footballer jades a part off little mix
my third hell || a jerrie story || by jerrielittlemixot3
my third hell || a jerrie story ||by jerrielittlemixot3
jades life has been horrible since the day she was born, she always felt as no one could ever lover her as well, that was what she was told. she'd been abused since the...
F.U. [discontinued] by LIPASCHERRY0
F.U. [discontinued]by inactive
𝐅𝐔: Do I have to explain the meaning of F.U.? [ not recommended ] [Started 7/20/19] [Ended ?/?/?] 𝘉𝘦𝘴𝘵 𝘙𝘢𝘯𝘬𝘪𝘯𝘨𝘴 #...
Together at Last by honeymixer
Together at Lastby honey
A love starting and other ones ending. After a breakup, death, and baby will Jerrie have their happy ending?
Stripper | jerrie  by jerriebits
Stripper | jerrie by Jerrie bits
Perrie (intersex) falls in love with a stripper she sees at the club. Will their love be only about sex or will one of them fall for the other? Read to find out. this wi...
Texts & Scenarios || Little Mix by Poisonlvysaur
Texts & Scenarios || Little Mixby TouchThirlwall
Perrie: What happens after we die? Jade, Jesy, Leigh-Anne: GO TO SLEEP!!!
Love I Never Asked For | Jerrie by jerriebits
Love I Never Asked For | Jerrieby Jerrie bits
What happens when a company goes down and needs someone's help? There's only one solution. But it's not as easy as it sounds. Age for the two: 25 years old. Jade is a...
Why me? (Jerrie) by wayhaught28
Why me? (Jerrie)by wayhaught28
Perrie is unpopular, simple. Because why wouldn't everybody hate you for no good reason. Jade is new and can't understand why anybody would do that to another person. Ca...
Good Enough (Jerrie) by nxrryxjerrie
Good Enough (Jerrie)by xx Leah xx
Zayn is abusive toward Perrie. He has been for two years. She wants to leave him, but she can't. Modest! Management controls them as a couple. They think it will be gre...