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Instagram - Jerrie  by Atomic_MK
Instagram - Jerrie by Atomic_MK
Perrie Edwards is a very known model working for many clothing brands. Her best friend is Jesy nelson who is also a model. Jade thirlwall is a known international singer...
Fake Love (Jerrie Fanfiction) by fangirlrosie03
Fake Love (Jerrie Fanfiction)by fangirlrosie
"I wish that this could be real. I wish that you and me, we could be real. I wish that we could have everything. But all that we have is... a fake love." A/N...
Wrong Send (Jerrie AU) by laucylovescamren
Wrong Send (Jerrie AU)by laucylovescamren
Jerrie AU where Jade is a fuckgirl and accidentally texts Perrie because someone gave her the wrong number. **COMPLETE**
Jerrie OneShots by cxndid
Jerrie OneShotsby someone102030
Just Jerrie in different universes :)
Just a Bit by Jerriespetals
Just a Bitby 🍂
Pure Jerrie fluff and feels. Read and enjoy <3 *COMPLETED*
So Much More by TheGirlWithTheLaptop
So Much Moreby V.
Interviews, signings, concerts, coffee. Repeat. That's International sweetheart, singer song writer, Jade Thirlwall's life. Until she met a certain blue eyed blonde hai...
Wrong Timing by prankadoodle
Wrong Timingby prankadoodle
What if Perrie comes back after leaving Jade with that one text? And what if she comes back and realized that it was too late? Sequel to Wrong Sent
Pre-School [Jerrie AU] by JerrieStares
Pre-School [Jerrie AU]by jul (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
"It all began with Pre-School." Perrie is a pre-k 4 teacher at Little Friends Pre-School. Jade is a single mother to her lovely daughter, Arabella, who goes to...
Jerrie Oneshots by Jerriemixtape
Jerrie Oneshotsby Jerriemixtape
A put together folder for the upcoming Jerrie oneshots.
Growing pains by GayForEverything
Growing painsby Jemily/jerrie
Hey guys 👋 I'll be converting a Camren story to Jerrie. This is not originally mine so the credit goes to the original author.
He's cute. But what else can he do? - Started September 21st, 2017
Real Or Not Real (Jerrie Fanfiction) by fangirlrosie03
Real Or Not Real (Jerrie fangirlrosie
We have all experienced that pull, that force, that enchantment that made us helpless against the presence of someone. These are the people who remain inked in our memor...
Hidden by brxnes
Hiddenby Rachel
Jade fell on the floor, crawling backwards as fast as she could, "Who the hell are you- no, what the fuck are you!?" "...I'm not who you think I am, I'm...
Falling Again by Jerriespetals
Falling Againby 🍂
Jade and Perrie. Perrie and Jade. Best friends forever, or so Perrie thought until one day Jade leaves without even a goodbye. Years later, Perrie's business hires Jade...
Annoying || Jerrie by ItsJustJerrie
Annoying || Jerrieby zeey
Jade Thirlwall, 17 years old, is very bubbly, talkative and jolly at heart. Sometimes, she gets to be very annoying and irritating and so stubborn. She doesn't even care...
Jerrie One Shots by PerriesFreckles
Jerrie One Shotsby Mel
A collection of Jerrie One Shots ***DISCLAIMER*** If any of my information is incorrect, in terms of English concepts or phrasing, I'm sorry.
My Bodyguard by FanFicWriter08
My Bodyguardby FanFicWriter08
Recording..... "Hello! I bet your thinking who am i right?"a girl said in front of her video camera "Who are you talking too?" asked the girl behind...
Jerrie Family by ZiallHeroes
Jerrie Familyby ZiallHeroes
Love will find its way... g!p Jade, preg! Perrie