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Drive Me Crazy (Skeet Ulrich)  by buttercreamSQQ
Drive Me Crazy (Skeet Ulrich) by buttercreamSQQ
Royal Jackson is a 23 year old model, actress, singer, songwriter and dancer. who famously catches the eye of one of Hollywood's most loved 90s bad boys... Skeet Ulrich.
Falling Again by honeymixer
Falling Againby honey
Jade falls in love with a new man. But he's got a secret that could change Jade's life forever. How will Jade adjust to a new lifestyle at home, at work, and most import...
Little Mix Group Chat [ Jerrie/ Lesy] by TeamViper
Little Mix Group Chat [ Jerrie/ That_Mixer
The title basically gives it away, but I don't see a lot of little mix group chat books where they haven't met yet so I'll be making one to satisfy my needs y'all can re...
Raising Laila by cinderellaeyes
Raising Lailaby cinderellaeyes
When Jade's parents died in a fatal car accident last September, sweet, innocent Laila, having witnessed the crash from the backseat was left behind. With Jade too busy...
Golden by mysunshineemoji
Goldenby jerrie is real‍🏳‍🌈
Jade Thirlwall has spent the last few years looking up to Perrie Edwards. She is the one who inspired Jade to study music production, and has helped her in ways she will...
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X Factor (Jade/You) by threemuskateers3
X Factor (Jade/You)by 3littlemixeers
Y/N Y/LN, A contestant on the X Factor 2016 hoping to fufil her singing dreams. When she meets Little Mix because their performing, What will her impression on a certain...
Nobody's Gotta Know by leighadesbubbas
Nobody's Gotta Knowby Riley
A Leighade story because they are the cutest ship in Little Mix and there are not enough stories about them. Also this is my first story so PLEASE give me suggestions on...
No matter what  by perrielmixx
No matter what by perrielmixx
Perrie and Alex adopt a young girl but how will she react to the harsh life of her parents being in the media?
Annoying || Jerrie by ItsJustJerrie
Annoying || Jerrieby zeey
Jade Thirlwall, 17 years old, is very bubbly, talkative and jolly at heart. Sometimes, she gets to be very annoying and irritating and so stubborn. She doesn't even care...
When two bands come together- Bradley Will Simpson by thevampsbradx
When two bands come together- thevampsbradx
When the lead singer on the vamps meets little mixes fifth member and you fall for brad *UNDER A LOT OF EDITING*
you broke me and you know it by pansexualqueen2
you broke me and you know itby pansexual queen
"Lauren you broke her and you know it!" Y/n's big sister Dinah said. "how?" Lauren asked. "you never noticed her when she walks in a room. She a...
Impossible (Jerrie) by denise266
Impossible (Jerrie)by den
Jade just moved in London. She has been though a lot,but she was strong not to end it all. Nobody wanted to be friends with her,but now that she moved here,she thought o...
In Love with a Popstar // J.T by jadesgirlie
In Love with a Popstar // J.Tby ella
Ella Kate Williams is an upcoming music artist and actor who is dating British pop star Jade Thirlwall. Their relationship was as perfect as it could be, until one day J...
My hero, her hero (Jade + Y/N) by wikipediaxturtles
My hero, her hero (Jade + Y/N)by wikipediaxturtles
Y/n has always had a tough life, her dad hated her and her mum left her with him. The only thing that saved her was the amazing band Little Mix. At 23 years old Y/n is...
Alerrie: His Son by tropicaltea
Alerrie: His Sonby 🌴🌴🌴
When Alex finds out he has a 13 year old son from a previous relationship, his whole world is turned upside down. Suddenly, there are hundreds of questions to be answere...
Women like me by kieran_tierney_3
Women like meby Jade_Thirlwall
What happens when Jade Thirlwall (21 years a old) of little mix goes with Perrie to a Liverpool game and gets invited out to a meal? Trent Alexander Arnold (22 years ol...
Zac Efron (Instagram) by Bella22222227
Zac Efron (Instagram)by Bella22222227
Amber's the 5th member of Little Mix. She's going through a horrible break-up. What happens when she and Zac work in a movie together. 💖Instagram Story💖 #1 in zacefro...
Celebrity female smut imagines by sexylilslytherin
Celebrity female smut imaginesby sexylilslytherin
Just like the title. G!P YOU I'm not good at describing these books so all I'm gunna say is that EVERY PART WILL HAVE SMUT IN IT. So i dont need to warn yall.