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Gay Is Bad-Ziam by freddietommoofficial
Gay Is Bad-Ziamby freddietommoofficial
Zayn has been taught since birth that gay people end up in hell. It's never been a big deal to him until he goes off to uni and his room mate is a very attractive, openl...
Sign of the Times - Ziam (Top Zayn), Larry by LiliJamesTommo
Sign of the Times - Ziam (Top Zayn...by LiliJamesTommo
Inspired by Harry's beautiful song. Harry is Liam's elder brother. Liam was a newborn baby, when they lost both of their
One direction groupchat  by thelosersssssclub
One direction groupchat by 🎈🎈
I guess this is what happens when 5 lads are in a groupchat 🤷🏽‍♀️✨
We Met Online (L.S.) (Completed) by BrodieStyles123
We Met Online (L.S.) (Completed)by BabyMochi
A Larry Stylinson texting and instagram story with a lot of Ziam and Shiall.
The Basket Baby↷Ziam au✔️ by butt3rflyTA3
The Basket Baby↷Ziam au✔️by butt3rflyTA3
"Zayn there's no puppy in there, that's a baby" [completed]
So Will the Plan Work? [A Ziam Fanfiction] by LoveandHeartbreaks
So Will the Plan Work? [A Ziam Fan...by Jenny Swaift
Liam is in love with someone.And that someone is none other than his bestfriend and bandmate Zayn Malik.Liam tried hard to push these feelings away but it won't help so...
the only time i feel i might get better (is when we are together) - ziam by passionatelilo
the only time i feel i might get b...by teddy
SFW AGE REGRESSION. it's hard to regress when you share a room with a playboy who fucks almost every lass he sees, and it's even harder to regress when you have a busy...
love, cheater ➳ ziam au by spidermalik
love, cheater ➳ ziam auby aisha
where zayn tries to seek for redemption that he doesn't deserve and sends liam letters after cheating on him, always signing off with; 'love, cheater' to add to the litt...
The One Direction Group Chat  {aka the boy talking shit and being funny} by soulofheathens
The One Direction Group Chat {aka...by A.K.
The greatest group chat ever. They talk shit. There is ZIAM, (ZAYN AND LIAM) LARRY (LOUIS AND HARRY), AND NOSH (NIALL AND JOSH). ENJOY THIS! Has lots of lovely fluff an...
One Last Time - I'll Make It Feel Like Home by Hoe4oneD5
One Last Time - I'll Make It Feel...by Hoe4oneD5
After nearly six years on hiatus Harry, Liam, Louis and Niall all put their solo careers on hold to get back together once more. Will they be able to put their differenc...
pizza boy || ziam au (boyxboy) by ziamsfond
pizza boy || ziam au (boyxboy)by ziamsfond
the one where zayn is a uni student and works as the pizza boy as a part time job, and he delivers pizza one time to liam payne; aka the son of the manager of the bigges...
One Direction Age Play by li_zee_ni_haz_lou
One Direction Age Playby li_zee_ni_haz_lou
A collection of One Direction Age Play fanfiction. All comments and votes appreciated. Dm me with prompts if you'd like.
power couple ➸ ziam (boyxboy) [completed] by dopehours
power couple ➸ ziam (boyxboy) [com...by YUH
Zayn Malik-Payne and Liam Payne are one of the most famous power couples in today's music industry. How will they cope with expanding their success when in the next nine...
All his little things(drabbles)(Zayn-centric)(Boyxboy) by zauthor-
All his little things(drabbles)(Za...by R
Zayn Centric drabbles I've written over the years, Cause I'm in love with him and all his little things.
Something Great (Ziam AU) by megz1985
Something Great (Ziam AU)by megz1985
Zayn is your average 21 year old waiter. Liam is an above average 21 year old popstar. When Zayn enters a contest to spend a day with his favourite singer Liam Payne he...
bruised ~ ziam by soft4ziam
bruised ~ ziamby soft4ziam
"roll up your sleeves Zayn" tw • self harm • abuse • anorexia • depression • suicide attempts • more to come {i restarted this story because my tops sounded li...
✓  | FEARLESS! larry stylinson x instagram by louiswenttoamsterdam
✓ | FEARLESS! larry stylinson x i...by tara not yummy
"tell me the truth, tell me, do you still remember feelin' young?" ... in which louis is a soccer superstar in the making with an adorable three year old son a...
Undercover ~ Loucel / Larcel / Larry by agirlruinedbybands
Undercover ~ Loucel / Larcel / Lar...by MichelleShipsEverything
*COMPLETED (& cringe)* Marcel is the typical nerd in highschool but a superstar outside. He had a perfect life, all was well, and then he got a call from management. Tha...
larry one shots by straightnogayvodka
larry one shotsby <3
because writing a full story makes my head hurt <3
Ziam ~ Instagram (Part 2) by LiamisanAngel
Ziam ~ Instagram (Part 2)by 🫶🏼🤍
Zayn is a Worldwide famous singer and Liam Payne is his biggest fan... What will happen when Zayn responses to one of Liam's texts? Bottom Liam Top Zayn