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One Direction Preferences by missfarahx
One Direction Preferencesby missfarahx
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Silent Screams (One Direction Fanfiction) by FallenHasel
Silent Screams (One Direction Kate
Evie ran away. She did more than run away from a place she once called home. Evie ran from her past of bad decisions and the memories that still haunted her brain. Now s...
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Forever and Always (A Harry Styles Fan Fiction) by musicrazi
Forever and Always (A Harry Jenny
"To tell the truth, just talking aloud soothes me. Maybe it's because telling these stories is like reliving those breathtaking moments. Or maybe because it reassur...
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Titanic Directions ~Zourry&Niam Fanfic by PaulIsASexyBabe
Titanic Directions ~Zourry&Niam PaulIsASexyBabe
It's time for the Titanic to set off. Join five young men as they travel aboard the Titanic, the ship doomed to death...
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Broken Life. by sexwithziall
Broken sexwithziall
I saw my step father run towards me, I was scared and lonely, i thought this was the end, i thought i was going to die. Lilly Grace never knew her birth father, she was...
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Erotic Nights ; h.s & z.m ;) by quiteidiotic_
Erotic Nights ; h.s & z.m ;)by Sel.
Elena; a girl that found her self living on the streets of Los Angeles at the age of 16. But what happens when a man offers her a job as a stripper?
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countdown ||n.h oneshot|| by Heyweareahurricane
countdown ||n.h oneshot||by Liv
Oh, killin' me softly and I'm still fallin'
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Blind Love (One Direction Love Story) by FieryRed
Blind Love (One Direction Love Nope. xxx.
Tori is a normal girl. Not really. She has a secret. One day, Tori bumps into One Direction. She tries to hide her secret from them. Biting the end, can she really keep...
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Zayn Malik and Demi Lovato One Shots by aishads
Zayn Malik and Demi Lovato One aishads
This book will contain many many One Shots of the pairing Zemi (Zayn Malik and Demi Lovato)! Enjoy! a.das
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The Teachers Lover by Dee_1D
The Teachers Loverby Dee_1D
Annabelle Steel is 16 and a junior in high school. She moves to a new town and on her first day meets her teacher Harry Styles who is 24. She becomes really attracted to...
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Through The Gray Area.. by nathasha18
Through The Gray Nathasha
Louis Tomlinson.... youngest son of the Tomlinson family, and the younger brother of Liam and Zayn... when someone falls in love with Louis and that someone happens to b...
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Directioners Dreams Come True <3 by CatherineStyles6
Directioners Dreams Come True <3by Catherine Styles
catherine only 15 moves to london with her best friend to live with her aunt While her dad tom and step mom Carmen honey moon it out for a while but little do alanna and...
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Take Heed [z.m.] by iintricate
Take Heed [z.m.]by Dos
The soft huffs of his cigarette wasn't enough to rid the thought of her jade green eyes. After all, he did not expect her to be caught up in his twisted games. All Victo...
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Girl-cation GONE WRONG!!!!! by elleigh94
Girl-cation GONE WRONG!!!!!by Izzyboo
Zoey and Elleigh decide to go on vacation together to UK and hopefully meet there idols One Direction. Little did they know that they might not be coming back from this...
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Past the darkness ( Harry Styles Fanfiction ) by cuurly
Past the darkness ( Harry Styles cuurly
No one likes being force to do something without their say but that's exactly what I was forced to do. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time and was taken in by fiv...
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Better Than Before (A One Direction Fanfic) (IN EDITING) by ktpa19
Better Than Before (A One Katie :)
Claudia Malik is- you guessed it- THE Zayn Malik of One Direction's little sister. When he left for the X-Factor, he completely abandoned his family. Not a single call...
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Malik's Sister (One Direction Fanfic) by IAmPurpleKitty
Malik's Sister (One Direction Certified stalker muwahahahaha
Katherine Jawaad Malik, Long lost sister of Zayn Jawaad Malik, After being abandoned by her parents, Katherine meets Zayn again in 13 years. Now that she's back, two of...
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"Lies" // h. s. au ||COMPLETED|| by -bleak
"Lies" // h. s. au ||COMPLETED||by Slow Burn
Book one in the Harry Styles Series {1/2} London was a normal girl who had the best friend that you could only dream of. She never thought he would lie to her but as...
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Intoxicated (A Louis Tomlinson imagine) by 1DSmuttyFanFiction
Intoxicated (A Louis Tomlinson 1DSmuttyFanFiction
It's a chill out session at some 1D hotel room. You didn't want to join in. But then your bf Louis gives you a very special kiss... enjoy, comment and like! x
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