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Artwork [h.s] by _miiki
Artwork [h.s]by miki
"Sierra, you go with Harry Styles." I raised up my head at the words, giving my teacher an incredulous glance. "Do I really have to?" Was the only th...
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Insanely in love with you(Marcel&Harry/ Liam&Harry) by cliffordvshoran1320
Insanely in love with you(Marcel& Hannah ❤️
Harry is about to walk into his future. Sadly this isn't the future he wants. I mean who wants to live in an Insane Asylum? No one he knows. He is leaving his high schoo...
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Triggered. (Zayn Malik Fanfiction) by NiallersGirl25
Triggered. (Zayn Malik Fanfiction)by NiallersGirl25
Holly, Zayn's best friend is dealing with her problems by hurting her self. Zayn, her best friend has always been her confidant. Zayn's taken care of Holly since they we...
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One Direction Imagines. by victoria_tomlinson6
One Direction Victoria
Your One Direction imagines! Message me and I'll do one for you. :) If the title has *** beside it, it means it's personalized for someone!
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One direction age play by louispicket
One direction age playby louispicket
Just some story's about baby one direction
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IRWIN by AlexaJaydeWright
IRWINby Alexa Jayde Wright
*THIS SUMMARY IS ASHTONS POV* Amber was a complicated person. She was difficult to read and it's unbelievably hard to gain her trust. Maybe that's why when I asked her s...
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finally clean ღ ziam by fruityliam
finally clean ღ ziamby serena
in which liam overcomes a dark phase in his life with the help of an angel. or in which zayn helps a stranger get better and accidentally falls in love.
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Five Gym Teachers? That's Not Weird. (Teacher/student One Direction) by 1Dfeels7
Five Gym Teachers? That's Not 1Dfeels7
Emma is your average 18 year old high schooler. She has friends, good grades, and LOVES music! She is kinda athletic so lets meet her gym/health teachers First Coach Pay...
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Inseparable by ShannonHowes
Inseparableby Shannon Howes
Ally McCall, younger sister of Scott McCall and in her freshmen year of beacon hills high school she thought that life couldn't get anymore hectic after turning into a w...
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The Purge: One Direction Edition. by RockyMe0wtains
The Purge: One Direction RockyMe0wtains
What would you do if on night a year all crime was legal? Would you rob a bank? Would you kill as many people as you could? Or would you simply hide? For Hannah Pryce t...
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One Direction's House Sitter (A Harry Styles Romance) by JumpFlySoar
One Direction's House Sitter (A JumpFlySoar
Molly planed to go to London and spend some much needed time with her best friend Beth, but plans change. Beth finds a way for Molly to still have her dream vacation and...
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Backup Dancer (Harry Styles FanFiction) by OneDirectionsSecrets
Backup Dancer (Harry Styles Koutney
Lexi is not just a backup dancer for One Direction. She is also Harrys 'Little Slut'. even though Lexi is younger then Harry. A lot Younger. Harry takes advantage of her...
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The Styles Twins - Bad Decisions by cuurly
The Styles Twins - Bad Decisionsby cuurly
Everyone knows who Harry Styles is and that he has a twin brother, Andrew, but not many people know who Andrew is. Just that he's the tatted up, lip pierced, darker, att...
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Once Upon A Skittles (Harry Styles) by onedirectshuun
Once Upon A Skittles (Harry Styles)by Mariella Horan Tomlinson
Who knew a pack of skittles could make your world turn upside down?
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The Stars Among Us by corinnakent17
The Stars Among Usby corinnakent17
The boy Liam who lived past his due date. Liam is an average 8 year old boy who has exceptional grades, lots of friends and is pretty well spoiled by getting to meet all...
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Nightmare (one direction gang fanfic) by dark-secrets
Nightmare (one direction gang dark-secrets
What happens when Harlette Parkers is thrown into the world of gangs. A world that her best friend Max, a known gang leader tried so hard to keep her from. But when Max...
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days of summers past - h.s by bennnnnyboy92
days of summers past - h.sby Ben
Ben and Harry had both started University in hope of a fresh start and a simpler life away from home, but when they meet their roommates and each other they realise thei...
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Ruby Rage (Ziam Au) by cinematiczirry
Ruby Rage (Ziam Au)by xxx
For years, Zayn was tortured by soon to be alphas Louis and Liam and he had no clue why. He had a great pack life despite being an omega and he couldn't ask for anything...
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Wrong number by Leave_me_alone_
Wrong numberby Haydn
It was strange the way we met... One minute I was not far from death, the next I was more alive than I'd ever been.
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