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One direction:- Niall Eating disorder fanfiction by ElmoFitzgerald
One direction:- Niall Eating ElmoFitzgerald
Niall always received hate nothing new, all the boys did, but the difference was the boys could ignore it, all except niall who was addicted to reading every comment , N...
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Noises Next Door Niam/Zarry Toddler!Louis by nikilynn01
Noises Next Door Niam/Zarry Nicole
One night they heard the sound of screaming and crying coming from the flat next door. They soon find out it's a little boy named Louis lives there with his abusive fath...
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1+1 Makes 3 | Niam by thestarsarewinning
1+1 Makes 3 | Niamby iz
A seemingly innocent one night stand. That's all it was meant to be. A one night stand. A casual fling. That ends up as something... More. More being a surprise that...
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Roses  by Paris5131
Roses by Tori
Niall is in love with Liam. But Liam has a girlfriend and isn't gay. So what happens when Niall begins sending roses to Liam anonymously, but Liam thinks it's his girlfr...
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groupchat | niam  by mxdlenhorxn
groupchat | niam by 𝖒𝖆𝖉𝖑𝖊𝖓
liam payne, a well-known model, mostly for hugo boss. niall horan, an irish singer, who seems really confident on instagram, but if you get to know him in person he's mo...
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To make him Jealous. Nouis, Larry, Niam, Zerrie. by tash273
To make him Jealous. Nouis, Tash
One Direction. The biggest boy band on planet Earth at this point in time. They have everything, you would think, yes? Well, Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan don't think...
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Three years later  by MYoweN_StorY
Three years later by MYoweN_StorY
What if someday you close your eyes and don't open them up the next morning? What if you you keep your eyes shut for nearly 3 years and when you wake up everything is di...
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Welcome To Our Family || Niam by 1directionsunflower
Welcome To Our Family || Niamby everywhere🌻
Niall and Liam have been friends since they were very young and they've always wanted a family. They couldn't have their own biological kids but instead they decided to...
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Forever Yours **Niam Horayne AU Mpreg** by Jellyfish_Queen_1D
Forever Yours **Niam Horayne AU Erin
*SECOND STORY TO WFLINW?* Liam and Niall are happy. Completely happy. It felt as though nothing could drag them down. Until Niall began feeling ill. After Liam takes...
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Silent Cries (Niam) by SecretlyInLove12
Silent Cries (Niam)by SecretlyInLove12
Niall is hurting in the inside. Everyday, the pain just gets a little bit worse. Will anyone notice? Will anyone care? Will anyone hear his silent cries? (Trigger Warnin...
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Clarity « Niam by zmelec
Clarity « Niamby صوفيا (Sophia)
For the last year Niall has been raising his son on his own, that is until his internationally famous ex-boyfriend decides to make an appearance in his life and again. T...
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M-Preg OneDirection Oneshots  by justlikefabi
M-Preg OneDirection Oneshots by justlikefabi
This is a bunch of One Direction Pregnancy Oneshots. They are short and mosty about one topic like finding out, going into labor, giving birth, complications, symptoms...
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Niall Centric Stories by harryxniall18
Niall Centric Storiesby Ivana D.V.
A collection of Niall centric stories made by me❤ Promots are open!💕 Narry, Niam, Ziall, Nouis, Zianourry (Niall centric) you can all find it here🏳️‍🌈 My DM is always...
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Niam One Shots by niamandstuff
Niam One Shotsby niamandstuff
A collection of Niam one shots, written by myself. Most will be my own ideas that just didn't develop into a whole story, but some will be prompts. Cover made by the fa...
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Zianourrys one shots by WolfstarandLarry
Zianourrys one shotsby Louis'_Butt
look up you twat Sometimes it takes longer to update then normal. This book is not done until I say. Sorry if I take awhile. I promise it will never be longer then 2 mon...
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Love or Payne? [Niam A/U] by OMG_its_VICE
Love or Payne? [Niam A/U]by V I C E
Niall Horan, blonde, young , homeless, afraid, and deeply depressed. Niall was kicked out of his home , and was forced to live a double life , keeping his home life sepa...
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I Will Look After You. (Larry Stylinson)  by Rayne_Dreams
I Will Look After You. (Larry Rayne
This is a story about Harry Styles, a famous hotelier and Louis Tomlinson, an average guy who somehow found himself working for Mr. Styles in one of his hotels. And the...
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Niall Horan Imagines and Sickfics  by Paris5131
Niall Horan Imagines and Sickfics by Tori
My second book of Imagines/Sickfics. Hope you enjoy! Just a friendly reminder for when you are making a request, I don't write smut- so please do NOT request it. My apol...
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Instagram Family | Niam  by mxdlenhorxn
Instagram Family | Niam by 𝖒𝖆𝖉𝖑𝖊𝖓
Niall and Liam Payne. Both in their mid-twenties and happy with their little son Aiden. They met and fell in love over Instagram,but not only them,some other people too...
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Not Afraid by AdorkablyPerfect
Not Afraidby AdorkablyPerfect
"I'm not afraid of you!" Louis yelled, chest heaving as he stared into Harry's cold, unnerving gaze. Harry slammed his fist against the wall, successfully trap...
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