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Gin [Zouis] by Prisonerwithavision
Gin [Zouis]by Z
Louis Tomlinson is a stripper known as "Gin" with a lot of pride. He practically owns the club, he's the one all the men come to see, and he knows it. Zayn Ma...
Tormented (Zouis Talik Student/Teacher) by GemmaStar
Tormented (Zouis Talik Student/Tea...by Le Shpoonz
Zayn was convinced it was just a simple crush he'd get over soon enough, a stupid infatuation over his alluring English teacher, Mr Tomlinson, That's what he thought. Bu...
Out in the Cold (Zianourry) ON HOLD by harrys-rings
Out in the Cold (Zianourry) ON HOLDby Court
Harry Styles has been living on the street for almost a year now. He used to be a warm, gentle, outgoing boy, but living on the street changes a person. Now he's cold, h...
Little Bit Of Hope (Zouis) by KylesPage
Little Bit Of Hope (Zouis)by Alien
"Stay with me please." Louis said, Zayn looked down, "Always."
Oops? ☯ Zouis Talik by sweetxXxdreams
Oops? ☯ Zouis Talikby Matte Dickson
To put it simply, Louis Tomlinson ruined Zayn Malik's life. "Did you ever even care? At all?"
How Fast the Night Changes by art-hoe-beau
How Fast the Night Changesby ☀️ beau ☀️
just a bunch of stories with plenty of fluff, angst and hurt/comfort because i know yall are a sucker for that stuff - aka solo family-fics that i don't wanna make separ...
I'm in love with a Killer by Lilly_Tomlinson
I'm in love with a Killerby Lilly
I grabbed the man from behind and pushed him into the alley next to us, pinning him to the brick wall of a building and covering his mouth with my hand. His brown eyes w...
With Open Arms by art-hoe-beau
With Open Armsby ☀️ beau ☀️
in which a runaway boy finds himself hurtling head first into something he's never had before - a family OR thirteen year old niall has spent the past three years on the...
Dirty Yoga (A One Direction Fan Fiction) by larry_love_ED
Dirty Yoga (A One Direction Fan Fi...by larry_love_ED
WARNING: This isn't a Larry Story..... or issssss ittttttt? ;) Harry and Niall take a yoga class, where they meet a sexy instructor named Louis. Harry and Louis seem to...
Reason To Be (A Zouis Family AU) by art-hoe-beau
Reason To Be (A Zouis Family AU)by ☀️ beau ☀️
two new additions to a family of three won't change anything at all. zayn and louis are sure of it. one hundred percent certain. or maybe, like, eighty-four percent. y...
Shakespeare [Zouis/Narry] by Prisonerwithavision
Shakespeare [Zouis/Narry]by Z
"I can't have him until that thing he calls an older brother has a boyfriend. And that's where you come in." "Never in a million years." >>>...
My Bestfriend's Brother - l.s by its__sia
My Bestfriend's Brother - l.sby its__sia
Louis has known Harry since kindergarten. But since he became famous, they haven't seen each other. What will happen when Harry decides to come back to the town?
Style (zouis mpreg)(book one) by ConWeCallLove
Style (zouis mpreg)(book one)by Queen Connie
"The world is filled with flashing lights and pretty smiles. Have you ever stopped to think that maybe they were all fake? That's the thing about you and me, we're...
You're My Stalker? || Zarry by Nexus_Universe
You're My Stalker? || Zarryby Mikaela Evans
Moving out of Darlington, Zayn is forced to move to Bradford by his parents. Everything became easier once he left but things didn't feel right after the first few days...
Our "taken" omega~zourry(Mpreg) by _fivestars_
Our "taken" omega~zourry(Mpreg)by OneAddition
Alpha!Harry Alpha!Louis Omega!Zayn
Too much love (Zarry Ziam Zouis Ziall) by zarrymarryzarry
Too much love (Zarry Ziam Zouis Zi...by zarrymarryzarry
Zayn Malik the new flirty and slutty gay English teacher at an all boys school in London. Mr.Malik just got out of a bad relationship he wants to forget. But that's easi...
Kissing My Friend (Zouis) √ by FOBonedirectioner13
Kissing My Friend (Zouis) √by FOBonedirectioner13
Zayn has been friends with Louis since the second grade but one day when Louis kisses Zayn it all goes downhill. Zayn's mum (Trisha) finds out and tells Zayn that is bad...
Invisible (Larry Stylinson AU) by Larrys_Girl
Invisible (Larry Stylinson AU)by Pauline ✌🏼️
Louis has always been an outcast. Now he goes to high school. He has always had feelings for none other than Harry Styles, the school's most popular guy, who gets all th...
Spotlight ~ larry mpreg au by bestwriterever8
Spotlight ~ larry mpreg auby bestwriterever8
[FINISHED 2017] Who would want to be in the spotlight? Certainly, Louis wouldn't. He cherished his private life, and didn't want anyone to know about it, not even his fa...