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Back to You // Zarry by multifandomgirl05
Back to You // Zarryby multifandomgirl05
It's 2020,Everyone is waiting for the 1 Direction Reunion for their 10 year anniversary but this also means that Ex lovers will cross path again.
give me love ➳ zarry by fluorescentzarry
give me love ➳ zarryby alexis ⚡️
❝you know how they say, what was it? don't judge a book by its cover? well lad, this is a prime example.❞ zayn was your typical bad boy. leather jackets, motorcycles, an...
More than a mate by zarry_sucker
More than a mateby Someone
💚 ZARRY FANFICTION💛 A pure love which is not bounded by a mate bond but more than that. It is not about just a mate destined by the Moon Goddess but a love which is M...
The memories (𝚣.𝚜)  by ZarrehQueen
The memories (𝚣.𝚜) by ZarrehQueen
Harry got into a car accident, and doesn't remember a thing. Zayn is heart broken because harry thinks he's in a relationship with someone else, what happens when Harry...
Destructive Love (Zarry) by Zarry_Socks
Destructive Love (Zarry)by Savannah
He loved him, but all he seemed to do was destroy him.
S.A.D || zarry au by xGetTheShovelZarryx
S.A.D || zarry auby Tori Stylik
"It's hard to live while you're young when you're a gay, teenage boy with Social Anxiety Disorder." © 2014 xGetTheShovelZarryx Highest in Fanfiction: # 508
Hide and Seek (ZARRY AU) by MissCATLEYA
Hide and Seek (ZARRY AU)by Miss Catleya
Harry is a rich kid with supportive parents, a lot of friends, studies at a private school and has the perfect life. He has passion for helping other people. He's genero...
Mixed emotions [Z.S] by ZARRYISREAL59
Mixed emotions [Z.S]by zarry
Zayn and harry started dating but don't know what would happend if they tell louis.
My Sister's Brother In Law by personal09z
My Sister's Brother In Lawby Jackie 💛💚
Harry's sister married Jason, but their relationships ended with a divorced. Jason wanted to make Gemma feel the same way he felt, so he told Zayn his Stepbrother to mak...
Just a little bit of your heart (ZARRY AU) by MissCATLEYA
Just a little bit of your heart ( Miss Catleya
Zayn Malik is an uprising rockstar. He has the voice of an angel that every human being swoons over him. His life is perfect since he already have his dream-dream of sha...
Tonight (z.s.)  by ZarrehQueen
Tonight (z.s.) by ZarrehQueen
Zayn and Harry are friends with benefits, Zayn claims he's straight, and he says that every single time they fuck. Notice they fuck everytime they see one another and H...
Logged In (ZARRY AU)  by MissCATLEYA
Logged In (ZARRY AU) by Miss Catleya
Zayn is a college student taking up fine arts and a mild extrovert. Most of the students at the campus knows him since he's well known to girls and has this cool, bad bo...
Zarry One Shots by dattumblrgal by dattumblrgal
Zarry One Shots by dattumblrgalby dattumblrgal
A collection of short stories, all of them are Zarry. I accept prompts too :) Enjoy ❤️
Lambs (Zarry) by at_donna
Lambs (Zarry)by at_donna
Take a ride with young Zayn and Harry, working their way through the innocence of lambs into life. Watch them grow, fight and change with the story with possible promis...
If our love is wrong(zarry mpreg) by styles_potatoes
If our love is wrong(zarry mpreg)by MyprincessHarreh
Zayn was 8 when he first met harry He wish their situation was different. He wish he could tell other people out loud how madly he is in love He wish harry didn't treat...
Jealous Love  by multifandomgirl05
Jealous Love by multifandomgirl05
Harry styles is very protective towards his best friend Zayn Malik when friendship turns into relationship,The protectiveness turns into being possessive.
Amnesia { Zarry }  by krazyklaine
Amnesia { Zarry } by v boy
The one where Zayn looses his memory and falls in love with Liam, Harry's bestfriend leaving behind his secretly pregnant fiancé Harry.
showstopper [zarry] by badhabits4life
showstopper [zarry]by j.
in which harry is the (almost) perfect housewife and tries to win bake off. a story told in snapshots 🎂 a great british bake off au 🎂 🎂 pregnant harry 🎂 indulgent...
Jealousy (Zarry Stylik) by myzarryloves
Jealousy (Zarry Stylik)by myzarryloves
Where Zayn is forced to be with Liam & Harry is forced to be with Louis. But behind the scenes Zayn and Harry are madly in love, although nobody knows.
A scar a day keeps the pain away |z.s|✔️ by HaroldtheFroggy
A scar a day keeps the pain away | <3
Zayn swears up and down he loves Harry....but puts Harry through so much. Zayn cheats and hurts Harry physically and mentally How will Zayn react when he finds out what...