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Look After You by Linnaax3
Look After Youby Linnaax3
Harry is the father of a beautiful baby boy named Adrian, he moves out to Doncaster in search of a new start with his son. When Adrian starts school, he gets bullied, Ha...
Don't you dare - Larry Stylinson smut by Only_Angel_31
Don't you dare - Larry Stylinson s...by Angel 丰
It is just one of One Direction's usual performances. Yet this time, poor Louis get's teased by band member Harry. While Louis struggles with a problem 𝘥𝘰𝘸𝘯 𝘵𝘩𝘦𝘳...
ILY || l.s by breathedestiel
ILY || l.sby Ane
Louis recebe mensagens constantes de um desconhecido. Harry as envia. -x- 2016 © all rights reserved for breathedestiel.
Drarry a siren story  by Gryffinpuffgirl_2310
Drarry a siren story by Gryffinpuff girl
This is a creatur story!!! ❤️❤️ Draco is a siren, he has known his whole life! What happens when he comes into his inheritance and has to find his mate? Harry is a wiza...
proposta indecente [l.s] by l-enore
proposta indecente [l.s]by lare
Harry Styles odiava seu emprego, ele verdadeiramente fazia. Mas veja bem, ele tinha 22 anos, era solteiro, possuía apenas um amigo na cidade e bem, trabalhava como camar...
An unexpected vacation by raluvagaga
An unexpected vacationby yes, I'm alive
Harry and Draco got into a fight, like usual, but this time Dumblendore decided to punish them with a gift!!! Read and see what happens, oh and before you start please f...
Life line  by drarryislifex
Life line by Drarry.islife
life line ok so just bare with me... this is my first fanfic I've ever written but i wanted to write one because i came up with a really cute idea which were inspired by...
im in love with lou. || l.s. by mirandamercury
im in love with lou. || l.s.by miranda ;)
and all his little things. (this is a shit book i made when i was 11)
written on these walls||larry by cqlamityaep
written on these walls||larryby madi
"I don't wanna teach you English, I wanna kiss your lips." Or where Harry is a cute Italian boy who needs a tutor and Louis is a messed up boy with bad grades.
How come I never noticed? Drarry fanfic [DISCONTINUED] by larry_and_drarry_
How come I never noticed? Drarry f...by <3
READ TO FIND OUT! It's not finished and I don't really know what will happen next. WARRINGS Mentions of abuse, rape, self harming, sleeping disorders, eating disorders...
Undead Angels by Linnaax3
Undead Angelsby Linnaax3
What would happen if your whole life was suddenly lost, you awake in the mist of an apocalypse, unaware of what's to come. What would your first thoughts be? Family? Fri...
Small decision, but big difference [HIATUS] (Drarry) by Kyouuisdedinside
Small decision, but big difference...by *insertcoolname*
Small decision, but big change by Kyouuisdedinside When Draco Malfoy offered Harry Potter an handshake, what would've happened if Harry accepted? This is an Drarry (Drac...
Baby's can reveal secrets  by -Drarry_Simp0
Baby's can reveal secrets by -Drarry0bsession_-
Snape decided it was a good idea to pair pansy, Draco and Blaise together with the golden trio for potions class. What happens when they have to make an aging potion and...
A True Snake  by Mamabear_123
A True Snake by Mama Bear ❤️
This happens after the war but voldemort does not die. After the war harry noticed that his "friends" started to drift apart. Harry was tired of all the fame h...
B l a s f e m i a . ||Drarry Fanfic|| by n0tTodaYsiS
B l a s f e m i a . ||Drarry Fanfi...by 𝙇 𝙚 𝙣 𝙖
Una historia desarrollada 7 años después de la batalla de Hogwarts, donde Harry se encuentra completamente perdido en la vida, siendo, todos los sábados, arrastrado reli...
Lovely Drarry. by AmethysteTurquoise
Lovely Drarry.by 𝕬𝖒𝖊𝖙𝖍𝖞𝖘𝖙𝖊 𝖂.
Draco and Harry had been staring at each other for a few minutes now, as if anyone who looked down would die. They had both taken refuge in the Room on Demand to hide fr...
Teasing You Is Only Making Me Want You More by awkwardkylie
Teasing You Is Only Making Me Want...by Kylie
Louis has been teasing me all week. Constantly touching me where ever and when ever he gets the chance and it's driving me absolutely insane...
One trip to Paris and six enemies  by -Drarry_Simp0
One trip to Paris and six enemies by -Drarry0bsession_-
Only one trip to Paris ended up with six enemies falling in love with each other: Ron hated Blaise Hermione hated pansy And as we all know Harry hated Draco But what...
Draco One shots- Drarry/ Harco by ViktorijaMaculevica
Draco One shots- Drarry/ Harcoby Thatone223
Welp these are oneshots, there will be fluff, angst? idk probably not smut, im holy jk. there will be draco bottom and top. How to tell what its is: Fluff = ~~~ Angst=(...
Uniquely Perfect by British0boy0bands
Uniquely Perfectby Lou'srightbuttcheeck
"Hey, what happened" Niall almost whispered closing the door awkwardly because he had ice cream and movies in his hands. Bless that boy, what would I do withou...