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"What's A Neko?"  by Burnt0Marshmellow
"What's A Neko?" by ☆ MARSHMELLOS ☆
Ao3 username is: aLivingThing Harry, with the help of his friends, find out about many secrets lying beneath the surface. He finds out he is a submissive Neko, and must...
Maybe one day by randymyqueen
Maybe one dayby randymyqueen
Louis is a very gentle alpha, he wants nothing more then to meet his omega and take care of them. Harry and Marcel are two very sweet omegas who lost trust in alphas a...
This can't be happening  by Lollol2455
This can't be happening by Lollol2455
It is the third year at Howgwart for Harry Potter. But this year is the hardest.It is more difficult than any of his year at Hogwarts.He is chosen for the wizard tournam...
written on these walls||larry by cqlamityaep
written on these walls||larryby madi
"I don't wanna teach you English, I wanna kiss your lips." Or where Harry is a cute Italian boy who needs a tutor and Louis is a messed up boy with bad grades.
The one vacation that changed it all || INSPIRED BY @raluvagaga by kxngz_zxyyxz
The one vacation that changed it a...by < Muzan Jackson 3
This was inspired by @raluvagaga In this story, Draco and Harry will end up fighting, but more intensly. Dumble-as-flat-as-a-door (Dumbledore, sorry if that offended any...
Life line  by drarryislifex
Life line by Drarry.islife
life line ok so just bare with me... this is my first fanfic I've ever written but i wanted to write one because i came up with a really cute idea which were inspired by...
A True Snake  by Mamabear_123
A True Snake by Mama Bear ❤️
This happens after the war but voldemort does not die. After the war harry noticed that his "friends" started to drift apart. Harry was tired of all the fame h...
Drarry Onshots (Smut and fluff) by Lonely__Bears
Drarry Onshots (Smut and fluff)by Lonely__Bears
Fluff and Smut (mostly smut) of Drarry
Does He Knows [L.S] by aimeechrr
Does He Knows [L.S]by aimeechrr
"¿Él sabe que te puedes mover de esa manera? ¿Él sabe que estás a solas conmigo y te quiero tan mal?"
Dear Mr T.  by tamalverde_stylinson
Dear Mr T. by Cily joseph
¿Un director de preparatoria frustrado sexualmente? No. Un director que no puede acostarse con quien desea, desquitándose con sus queridos estudiantes, es como se descri...
It's a least I can do by zarrylove30
It's a least I can doby zarrylove30
he can't give him anything, but he don't need anything from him, but love. 💚💛
Don't you dare - Larry Stylinson smut by Only_Angel_31
Don't you dare - Larry Stylinson s...by Angel
One Direction is performing like they always do, when poor Louis gets turned on by Harry. While Louis struggles with his problem *down there* he plans to make the curly...
Collide by Louseoka
Collideby HOBA
Um é despreocupado, enquanto o outro é exagerado. Um é distraído, enquanto o outro é ligado no 220. Um é tranquilo, enquanto o outro é exasperado. Um é Verde, enquanto o...
Hoping to be loved by you....... by larrys_love_xoxo
Hoping to be loved by you.......by larrys_love_xoxo
"What did I do to deserve your hate , louis. You were never like this before the marriage .,." Harry whimpered " don't you know what happened? Do you want...
🌻 WILDFLOWER TRANSLATION by dilflouandhazzmilf
🌻 WILDFLOWER TRANSLATIONby bubblepopelectric
Harry is a renowned Italian model, who lives his life without listening to the prejudices that society has about omegas. Sweet, charismatic and very flirtatious. Louis i...
I Hear Them Calling For You by butdaddyilovellarry
I Hear Them Calling For Youby Uki
Sequel to Like a Bullet in the Dark Harry knows. Louis knows Harry knows. Yet as soon as he moved past that revelation, a far, far worse one precipitated his retreat fro...
harry barry boo styles wyles by louisisdead
harry barry boo styles wylesby louis
a story ab my baby 😻🥰😍🥺
im in love with lou. || l.s. by mirandamercury
im in love with lou. || l.s.by miranda ;)
and all his little things. (this is a shit book i made when i was 11)
Gay Smut  by gust_a_sad_emo_kid
Gay Smut by ZOZO
hi this is my first book so it is going to be bad ps this is solby or any gay ship I know 😁 I will take requests Sorry I took a break bad mental health but im back som...
ILY || l.s by breathedestiel
ILY || l.sby Ane
Louis recebe mensagens constantes de um desconhecido. Harry as envia. -x- 2016 © all rights reserved for breathedestiel.