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Another Weasely? (A Harry Potter Love Story)✔ #Wattys2016 by WillowAshMaple
Another Weasely? (A Harry Potter 🍩donut🍩
What if Arthur Weasely had a sister who fell in love with Sirius Black? What if they had a daughter? I am Arianna Silver Black, daughter of Sirius Black and Maria Weasel...
Isolation - a Dramione Fanfiction  by QueenOfShipping2017
Isolation - a Dramione Fanfiction by Just Another Shipper
When the war survivors from the school of Which Craft and Wizardry return to finish their remaining years, everyone seems to have different feelings. The Golden Trio is...
The 7th Year by Where_Souls_Roam
The 7th Yearby 𝓐𝓼𝓱
Draco has to retake his 7th year, which coincidentally is the same year Persephone Jackson has transferred into.
Romione One-Shots by fandom-one-shots
Romione One-Shotsby Romione-Shot
Just a bunch of Romione fluff one-shots :)
Harry potter smuts by gayfanatic
Harry potter smutsby gayfanatic
The title says it all 😳 Current state: actively going Current characters: - Cedric - Draco - Hermione
Percy Jackson, The Path To Being A Wizard by Codayoda
Percy Jackson, The Path To Being Codayoda
Percy Jackson is ready to settle down after the giant war. But as more problems arise and after the lose of the woman he loves, his life takes an unexpected turn. Join...
Raise Hell → Harry Potter by scmmander
Raise Hell → Harry Potterby Reeses pieces.
❝Give 'em hell kids❞ In which Harry Potter decides he needs the help of a certain troublemaker to make it through his Third Year at Hogwarts. [The Prisoner of Azkaban...
Twins - (Draco x Reader) by jessweasley160
Twins - (Draco x Reader)by J🤍
Y/N Potter and her twin, Harry Potter, (or so she thought) just turned 11 and they find out life changing information about themselves. They have just started their firs...
How We've changed (Blairon) by Amaura1406
How We've changed (Blairon)by Amaura-Chan
To be continued on CabbageQ's account. Ron Weasley has changed after the war. The death of his brother impacted the way he has felt about himself, was he not quick enoug...
Scarlett Witch And The Rise of Dark  by violetartsybabe
Scarlett Witch And The Rise of Alicia Howard Margret Stark
Set in Year 4 of Hogwarts and Book 2 of Scarlett Witch Series. Scarlett faces new adventures and threats of both the Wizarding world as well of the muggle world.
Romione-I'm here for you. by bethb13x
Romione-I'm here for bethb13x
This is my own take on the Romione love story... How I, not wanted it to happen, but would have loved to happen, if you know what I mean? Anyway, this is my first fan fi...
Hogwart's secrets  by Messrs-Prongs
Hogwart's secrets by Prongs
*TRIGGER WARNING* OK so this story has been written for one of my close friends and since she is bio and has requested that I do hermione x reader it will be a female re...
The Girl Who Slithered In (Various Harry Potter Characters X Reader) by MadlyHandsome
The Girl Who Slithered In ( M A D D Y
This has some language You absolutely hated being a witch. Everyone was so snobbish with their magical abilities, and it sickened you to your core. You had no friends, a...
Do We Hug Now? • Scorbus by oddityofwords
Do We Hug Now? • Scorbusby B
"Was this the plan?" Scorpious asked, Albus' cheeks were still rosy, blushing harder and shaking his head. "No, not at all." - Hi I just like this pa...
Naughty(Dramione) by XerrorsX
Naughty(Dramione)by XerrorsX
Hermione and Draco were known enemies since they had first met, but that was about to change. It's a new year at Hogwarts and the two students were awarded to be head bo...
Mudblood in Slytherin by HP_PJO_MARVEL
Mudblood in Slytherinby HP_PJO_MARVEL
Hermione Granger is a witty muggle-born witch. She is abused by her mother and wrongly bullied by her classmates and relatives. When Professor McGonagall came to her hou...
Traumatised (A Harry Potter Fanfic)  by LittleBlackBird1928
Traumatised (A Harry Potter LittleBlackBird1928
Harry James Potter had been beaten by his Aunt and Uncle since he was 3. He had bruises and scars all over his body. He told no one in fear of what they'd think of him...
Runaway (Hiatus) by Where_Souls_Roam
Runaway (Hiatus)by 𝓐𝓼𝓱
The wizarding war is nearing, and not only muggle-borns but demigods are being hunted too. Most are on the run. What happens when they chance upon each other? ~~~~ Sligh...
various harry potter x reader smut by sluttyxreaders
various harry potter x reader smutby sluttyxreaders
taking requests :) 🐍= draco 💥= blaise 🍀= seamus 🍁= ron ⛓=bdsm/bondage
Harry Potter Zodiacs by bookhauler04
Harry Potter Zodiacsby Always
You can see it in the title