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✿ social media- narry au ✿ by -bbyhoney
✿ social media- narry au ✿by ☁️✨🕊🏹👼🏻🧸
Harry is a famous singer and Niall is a fanboy •twitter & instagram•
The family man by CountVustafa
The family manby CountVustafa
Harry and Niall have been together since they were kids. The Family Man is a heart-warming, humorous story of a famous and wealthy international rock star who wakes up o...
VEGAS ~ NARRY ✔ by LittleLoveOnNarry
VEGAS ~ NARRY ✔by Margot 🥀
One wild night in Las Vegas, comes back after four years to bite Harry and Niall in the ass.
Britain's Hottest Couple |n.s|  by xxNikita1dxoxo
Britain's Hottest Couple |n.s| by ~ Nikita ~
The one in which Harry and Niall are fake dating each other.
The White Wolf (Zianourry) by Female623
The White Wolf (Zianourry)by Femi
"When the sun goes down, Darkness overtook the world, Born the soul of kindness, To conquer over the evilness, The path is obscure and thorny, Maze is difficult to...
Shakespeare [Zouis/Narry] by Prisonerwithavision
Shakespeare [Zouis/Narry]by Z
"I can't have him until that thing he calls an older brother has a boyfriend. And that's where you come in." "Never in a million years." >>>...
Princess ♕ narry by Poisonnialler
Princess ♕ narryby ✧.• k.w •.✧
"Harry! I can't be a princess!" "You're not a princess, you're my princess." ♕ Harry just wants to give innocent little Niall the world. ♕ {highes...
One direction:- Niall Eating disorder fanfiction by ElmoFitzgerald
One direction:- Niall Eating ElmoFitzgerald
Niall always received hate nothing new, all the boys did, but the difference was the boys could ignore it, all except niall who was addicted to reading every comment , N...
Once Upon A Twisted Tale (Ziam AU) by Miss__Mysterious
Once Upon A Twisted Tale (Ziam AU)by Miss__Mysterious
Zayn Malik, local college student, doesn't really enjoy fairy tales. In fact, he doesn't believe in them. Liam Payne, the boy Zayn admires from afar, isn't exactly his d...
LITTLE ONE ~ NARRY by LittleLoveOnNarry
Mr. Styles hires a young boy to take care of his prized horse and becomes effectuated with him. This story is loosely based on many Lolita tipe of stories that I have r...
What My Boyfriend Doesn't Know |N.S| by xxNikita1dxoxo
What My Boyfriend Doesn't Know | ~ Nikita ~
Niall has a pussy and Harry just doesn't know. cover by SLOTHTATO
Picture Perfect (narry mpreg) by ConWeCallLove
Picture Perfect (narry mpreg)by Queen Connie
"So my name's Harry, I'm about six weeks pregnant and thought it would be a cool idea to vlog about it. That way my boyfriend, who is halfway across the world right...
Pop.  by abby_harry
Pop. by Abby
"I just want to live a normal life." "Baby, I'm anything but normal." "You're my normal. Compared to this crazy roller coaster I'm on." ...
The Popular Kids  |Narry| by smd_fangirl
The Popular Kids |Narry|by narry.
Niall and Harry are the best of friends. Everyone at school wishes to have a friendship like Niall and Harry. They're also the most popular boys in the school that are...
Neighbors ☹☻ narry ✔️ by Poisonnialler
Neighbors ☹☻ narry ✔️by ✧.• k.w •.✧
"Hi Harry Styles. Is that your real name, or is it actually Harold?" "It's just Harry." "Ok. Is that your favorite band?" "Yeah, it...
The Irish Exchange Student (Narry Storan) by Narryandwolfie
The Irish Exchange Student ( Narry And Wolfie
When there is an exchange student from Ireland studying at Cheshire High School, he is immediatly targeted, and is bullied. When Harry Styles, comes back from his family...
Something Between Us ||Narry|| by cthnarry
Something Between Us ||Narry||by Az
Niall and Harry, sweethearts since high school and now they're married. A true love story right? Well, it doesn't really end there. Nial still wants to study at Universi...
Impotent |n.s| by xxNikita1dxoxo
Impotent |n.s|by ~ Nikita ~
Harry was impotent, but Niall changed all that. .. Cover by "zgnorant"
missing // narry storan by Castiellations
missing // narry storanby Castiellations
"Breaking News: 21 year-old University student Niall Horan has been reported missing just hours ago. Colleagues say that Horan was out in a nearby club with others...
Niall Centric Stories by jeonsfika
Niall Centric Storiesby Ivana D.V.
A collection of Niall centric stories made by me❤ Promots are open!💕 Narry, Niam, Ziall, Nouis, Zianourry (Niall centric) you can all find it here🏳️‍🌈 My DM is always...