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The Baker and The Billionaire by CountVustafa
The Baker and The Billionaireby CountVustafa
Harry Styles owns a small bakery. Harry hates big business and big CEOs. A big company wants to buy Harry's bakery. Niall owns a giant company. He wants to buy Harry's...
Change Your Ticket (Narry) by treatpeoplewithnarry
Change Your Ticket (Narry)by KK
In which Niall is secretly dating Pop sensation Harry Styles, and Harry never wants Niall to leave his side. **My idea, not my characters**
Niall Horan (sad) one direction Ziall  by HaylaRose190
Niall Horan (sad) one direction HaylaRose190
When people think of Niall they think happy, care Free, energetic, foodie but what if that slowly starts to change as he starts taking hate seriously. Niall goes spiral...
Accidentally Engaged (Narry) [Under-Construction] by nahrrie
Accidentally Engaged (Narry) [ Akiko
It was a drunken mistake that may or may not turn out to be the best mistake they ever made. © nahrrie, 2015.
The Unexpected [NARRY] by fxckthat
The Unexpected [NARRY]by kidd
[#210 in FAN FICTION] Niall is a high school student, and Harry is his math teacher. [THIS STORY DEALS WITH EATING DISORDERS, SELF HARM, SUICIDE ATTEMPTS, AND MENTION OF...
Accidentally On Purpose [Narry] ✔ by WritingZmyPassion
Accidentally On Purpose [Narry] ✔by Jay
"You work here?" Harry asked. "No. My boyfriend does." Niall replied. "Oh that's nice, what does he do around here?" Harry questioned the b...
✿ social media- narry au ✿ by -bbyhoney
✿ social media- narry au ✿by ☁️✨🕊🏹👼🏻🧸
Harry is a famous singer and Niall is a fanboy •twitter & instagram•
Daughter of Ours (Narry- Mpreg- One Direction) by nikilynn01
Daughter of Ours (Narry- Mpreg- Nicole
Niall found out he was pregnant one day with Harry's baby, while his band mates were out. That night he left his boyfriend of two years, so the band could continue livin...
Robber (Narry) **EDITING** by treatpeoplewithnarry
Robber (Narry) **EDITING**by KK
"Are you flirting with me? IN THE MIDDLE OF ME ROBBING YOU?" *My idea, not my characters* #1 in the Narry category (7/20/2020)
Instagram ~ Narry S. by Narryandwolfie
Instagram ~ Narry Narry And Wolfie
This is a boyxboy story and if that makes you uncomfortable, don't read! Niall Horan is a famous youtuber who does covers and vlogs, who also happens to fan over Harry S...
Slave Bet | n.s [COMPLETED] #wattys2017  by keepingupwidnarry
Slave Bet | n.s [COMPLETED] Ri 🌹
Frenemies Niall and Harry find themselves in a weird bet and neither of them is willing to back out ! A Narry Story ! Other ship : Ziam ! ®All rights reserved -- Sept...
Built For One(Narry)✔ by WritingZmyPassion
Built For One(Narry)✔by Jay
"Seriously Niall, you need to stop. What if the notes land into the wrong hands?" Harry asked in frustration. "What are you talking about?" Niall lo...
The Perfect Little Girl by sky1222
The Perfect Little Girlby sky1222
What happens when Sky a normal teenage girl is taken by two of her favorite member of One Direction? This is a ageplay and narry story
Life as Narry's Daughter  by PurdyGirl94
Life as Narry's Daughter by PurdyGirl94
What would you do if you had two dads? How do you think your life would be? Niall and Harry are married. What could go wrong?
Suddenly Married (Narry)-DISCONTINUED by FoodySue
Suddenly Married (Narry) Hari Hays
What day when you wake up, suddenly you're a married man with a kid? And the person you always fighting with is happened to be the love of your life? ...
Sharpie Stains [n.s] by inhaled1d
Sharpie Stains [n.s]by ❱❱❱❱❱
"You stay with him, but he always hurts you. You're crazy." "I'm not crazy." "Then you're brave." ...
Little // Narry (mpreg) ✔ by -kingnarrie
Little // Narry (mpreg) ✔by Kaspar
(completed) {BOOK 1} Niall Horan had it rough. From being sold at a young age and then being everyone's toy. It just seemed like he needed that little hope that things w...
When Sickness Hits by Zayniac420
When Sickness Hitsby Zayniac420
So basically a Niall pneumonia sickfic that was requested! Hope you like it <3
Bodyguard [narry] by Onlythosewho
Bodyguard [narry]by Onlythosewho
Harry is famous. Someone wants him dead. Will Niall be able to protect him ? Ps: there are so many mistakes. I wrote this a while ago and I wasn't really good with gramm...
Impotent |n.s| by xxNikita1dxoxo
Impotent |n.s|by ~ Nikita ~
Harry was impotent, but Niall changed all that. .. Cover by "zgnorant"