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Behind The Limelight by howtosellmysoul
Behind The Limelightby kara
Ashton's acting career was sinking and he knew it. When he gets the lead role in a sureshot blockbuster, he's aware that he needs to accept it if he wants to stay releva...
DESIDERIUM by luftmenschoriginal
"We'll always find our way back to each other." Adrian, Levi and Rafael. They've been best friends since basically forever. Best friends, even tho Rafael has...
The Runt by letsread_32
The Runtby letsread_32
"I don't know why he makes such a big deal about my absence. He has all these other pack members around him dying to give him attention. So why dose he care if I do...
The CEO's Kryptonite (boyxboy) ✓ by wambuimuiruriii
The CEO's Kryptonite (boyxboy) ✓by Wambui Muiruri
"Have you tried turning it off and back on again?" •• Christian Ivonov, CEO of Ivonov enterprises, had always been the best at fucking things up. Whether it be...
The Nerd and The Frog by Blurein_
The Nerd and The Frogby BluRein
*COMPLETED* During his AP Biology class, Alan is presented with an unexpected request: a talking bullfrog is desperately asking him for a kiss. To his surprise, that tal...
21 Last Wishes | ✔ by Dragon_Angel_6712
21 Last Wishes | ✔by DA
"I am your husband-" "Not by choice!" Earth snapped at Mix, who noticed his Red rimmed eyes. And they stood there in an unsaid st...
When Worlds Collide by AnaliseRoberts
When Worlds Collideby Analise
Ivan Irlbeck was a boy whose brain has never, and will never, function properly for him. All he wanted was to live the life of a typical teenager, but being gay and havi...
Bowser x Luigi by SpookyRr
Bowser x Luigiby SpookyRr
the name is so original. I know, I forgot the picture my friend gave me for this story, so don't mind it if the pfp suddenly changes :) A warning, though, there's multip...
My Best Friend, Beta, My Mate (BXB) by dreamerchristy
My Best Friend, Beta, My Mate (BXB)by dreamerchristy
Who would've thought that I was jerking off to my best friend that was in the next room? Yeah that made it even more exciting, until the door was slammed open, disturbi...
When Mary Met Halley by FairlyLocalTreehouse
When Mary Met Halleyby lynn sabrina
WATTYS WINNER When her fiancé ends up in a coma and his secret mistress, Halley, shows up, Mary feels like her world is falling apart. What she doesn't realize is she's...
Twisted by __sillage__
Twistedby Peroxide
"I think I'm gay." I say, leaving out the part about my... exposing dream about him last night. I watched his expression, waiting for some sign that he was an...
Tvdu gay smutshots by Ak7862
Tvdu gay smutshotsby Ak7862
Tvdu mxm smuts enjoy!! I dont own any of these characters.
hard love - (neteyam x aonung)  by fxth3rBL
hard love - (neteyam x aonung) by Ira 🧸
aonung doesn't want to admit it but he has a massive crush on a boy named neteyam. but he can't say anything about it. boyxboy story
Amor =Giyuu Tomioka X Male Reader= by ir0hin3
Amor =Giyuu Tomioka X Male Reader=by Landon B. Succo
Star Breathing: A breathing technique that was the only one not to come from the Breath of the Sun. But instead came from an entirely different person. It was said to ha...
Kiribaku stories  by mioetranger
Kiribaku stories by Jay
mainly smut 18+. There is also fluff and maybe angst. when its smut they are AGED UP so dont worry, I wont be sexualizing children. Heres a key, so you know what each st...
Sexy Literature ✔️ by unconsentingsoul
Sexy Literature ✔️by ⚜️
Easton heads to a book store where he encounters an arrogant but sexy guy.
Gay Chicken | ✓ by PandaGuts
Gay Chicken | ✓by megan
"They have belligerent sexual tension." "What does that even mean?" --- James and Casper have been fighting for years - they've just never gotten a...
Amortentia   Drarry by Livy264
Amortentia Drarryby Liv
They are brewing a love potion when a certain klutz causes a whole problem that he will now have to solve. Read the story to figure out what will happen between Harry an...
Guardians And Primes (TFP Optimus x Mech!Reader) by InsomiaticFanatic
Guardians And Primes (TFP Skylark
Many ages ago there was once an order known as the Palatonic Guardians. These Guardians are shrouded in mystery and haven't been seen since the beginning of Cybertronian...
Fluff: Short Story (Boyxboy)✔ by letsgohomehidee
Fluff: Short Story (Boyxboy)✔by Hidee
*COMPLETED* Short excerpts and skits of 4 teenage boys and their fluffy lives! Read on to follow their wild & funny adventures. Warning: This story is fluffy and full o...