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Blue Moon by 0O0ooAOoo0O0
Blue Moonby AO
Regardless of the fact that women in her family are never claimed, sixteen years old Arrah has waited for the day she finds her mate. Believing herself would be the firs...
♥︎girls like girls♥︎ by xxxbabygirlxxxxxx
♥︎girls like girls♥︎by ♪𝙇𝙤𝙣𝙚𝙡𝙮♪
♥︎W|W one shots. ♥︎TW included at the start of potentially triggering stories ♥︎Fluff, smut, kinks, pretty much anything ♥︎Requests welcome ♥︎This is my first time wr...
Bloom by jthingokay
Bloomby jthingokay
A short story blended with historical and modern themes. Victoria Monet and younger adult Whitney Houston
trinkets by apocalyptysm
trinketsby p.m.☽
Mahika and Amoli can't stand each other. But apparently, that's not the only thing they have in common. ➝ Saying that Mahika and Amoli started off on the wrong foot woul...
Sarah Paulson smut collection by sarah_like_peaches
Sarah Paulson smut collectionby Sarah Paulson :)
This is a SMUT collection if you don't feel comfortable about smut stories, don't read it. I do Sarah Paulson and her characters, request are welcome :) okey enjoy readi...
My Bøss | ✔ by LV_Kunene
My Bøss | ✔by The Female Author
This is book 1 of a trilogy. Book 2 is called My Brøther's WIFE Book 3 is called My Døctor Hope you enjoy Complete Story ... With love Author
Something About You by ibxddie
Something About Youby OG
Beyoncé x Rihanna
ʟᴇsʙɪᴀɴ sᴍᴜᴛ sᴛᴏʀɪᴇs  by reversedsmile
ʟᴇsʙɪᴀɴ sᴍᴜᴛ sᴛᴏʀɪᴇs by homosexualien444
hey i'm just writing some random lesbian smut stories for when i'm bored. (this content is for 18+) also keep in mind that i'm not a professional writer or anything so...
Let me love you by sweetnersrem
Let me love youby ariana's bitch
After meeting through mutual friends at a party Ariana and Kaelyn come to develop a close friendship. Certain events and more spent time together makes them realize thei...
Battleground | Criminal Minds (gxg) by csxly2736
Battleground | Criminal Minds (gxg)by c.a.c.
Sequel to Blood and Battle | Criminal Minds Elle is gone. She left the BAU, the FBI, and Carli D'angelo in a pile of ruins. Running from the demons she can't control, sh...
Stars in the Sky by ibxddie
Stars in the Skyby OG
Beyoncé has to find out how hard life is when she's disowned and kicked out of her parents house at a young age. She struggles and gets knocked down countless times. Wil...
Our secret love (girlxgirl) Teacher/Student. by awholelotoflesbian
Our secret love (girlxgirl) Teache...by Love Stories
COMPLETED STORY Serena Jade is your average teenager, she's got a boyfriend, and her best friends and she couldn't think of a better way to start year 12. That is unti...
It's Okay To Be Gay (ON HOLD) by candyOcean
It's Okay To Be Gay (ON HOLD)by candyOcean
This is a gay story. That's it.
Among The Stars (Annie x female reader) AOT by koolxkiss
Among The Stars (Annie x female re...by koolxkiss
Adoring Annie Leonhart ever since Y/n met her. Imagine a free life with her. Sadly it couldn't be. Living in a world full of enemies where they were out to kill. Somewhe...
The Queen and the Slave  by selaeloestherina
The Queen and the Slave by Totally_weird
(Book 2) Stephanie Kane is a spoilt female who has whatever she desires...she sees it , likes it then gets it. Stephanie has the perfect body and shape, sweet and loyal...
Flavors by reversereverie
Flavorsby dreamfreak
'The winter recalls memories. Snow free drops in the evening. The time ticks when her body collapses in endless blood of white soil. She watches with her honey orbs of d...
A dime if you say you love me by Lucy_g05
A dime if you say you love meby Lucy_g05
Abigail Martin is a talented reporter, she always manages to uncover the truth in her interviews but is still only seen as a rookie writer. She's given the opportunity o...
Find Me (Demi Lovato Fanfic) by findinglove9499
Find Me (Demi Lovato Fanfic)by Amanda
After the shooting Mia is starting to close herself off again while her music career is taking off. Everyone is concerned for her but Mia is trying not to let it show th...
How The Stars Explode by SamWithTeaAndHam
How The Stars Explodeby PrismPhoenix
A summer romance, previously unexpected and unimagined by both girls, blossoms when Paige Woods visits a small town. Hayley Miller is preparing for yet another boring s...
Individual Roleplay by CassandaUltima
Individual Roleplayby CassandaUltima
I don't do Smut. I'll do foreplay, makeouts what ever. Just can't do Smut. but anyhow. it's pretty much a big ole book of lesbian OCs