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Mr.Kim       Namjoon ff. ||completed|| by danielanoona2003
Mr.Kim Namjoon ff. || danielanoona2003
Y/n. Single Mother of a 4 year old, older sister, and a secretary/assistant. As you work for, it's like and every day routine. Until one day, he has to have a fak...
BTS fluff by della_tsang522
BTS fluffby Della Tsang
BEST RANK: #3 IN BTS IMAGINES (2018) ~You are the cause of my Euphoria~
Final Form by Just_A_Human15
Final Formby Just_A_Human
This is a My Hero Academia Alternate Universe. As well as having quirks, everyone can shape shift. The majority of the population finds their Final Form, this is like th...
tom holland imagines by oliviajjane
tom holland imaginesby liv :))
tom holland smut, fluff, lemon, angst imagines ~requests~ open!!
BTS Reactions by sosolsk
BTS Reactionsby Taehyungs.anpanman
Some reactions, oneshots, scenarios and imagens of your favorite Boygroup.... requests are open send me PM😉 _________________________________________ •smut •fluff •angs...
Breathe | ✓ by FriendsWithDarkness
Breathe | ✓by Tixie xx
"breathe a little bit, beautiful, you're all out of breath." Disconnected from the present, Twitch is haunted by his parents memories, the guilt coursing thro...
The Last Female by fangirlbooklover13
The Last Femaleby fangirlbooklover13
*Obvious title* I am the only female werewolf left.
bsd cute headcanons by reynacloud
bsd cute headcanonsby ⋆。˚
• cute scenarios I think would be canon • cover made by me
Home by antysocial_potatoe
Homeby Potatoes🥔💛
The story of a girl who lives in two different worlds at the same time. Ammaarah faces her traumatic past with the scars of losing her only sibling and her dearest mothe...
Masked singer high school by FlowerQueen31
Masked singer high schoolby Rubi Duran Reyes
Join the class of 18 students trying to survive crazy world of high school with dorms. Warning: language ships: Frog x Kitty Astro x Turtle NA x Robot Bear x Rhino
BTS oneshots -collection- by kimkhadijajin
BTS oneshots -collection-by kimk
A collection of extremely cute bts oneshots that will make you go UwU. Requests are always open.
~You & Me~(JJK.KTH)by ҡṭһɢɢȗҡ™
My collection of Taekook oneshots♡♡ Some short TAEKOOK love story...... 💜💜💜💜 For TAEKOOK boragay readers!!✌✌
Papa gwash takes care of his babeys by aesthxtic_dumbxss
Papa gwash takes care of his babeysby 👁👅👁
Most of the hamil cast gets turned into babies by accident and washingdad(and maybe king george) has to take care of them. This book might be filled with some fluffy shi...
Glitch Sprite by ToonageForever11
Glitch Spriteby Michael Dunn
Ever wonder what happens when a video game glitches out? Well, video game monsters pop out and casue mayhem, duh! And the Glitch Techs stop these coded creatures wheneve...
𝐏𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐋 𝐋𝐎𝐕𝐈𝐍' || 𝙢𝙞𝙨𝙘𝙚𝙡𝙡𝙖𝙣𝙚𝙤𝙪𝙨   by ___LunaCutie
━━ a young girl by the name of Luna documents her life on the internet. for the entire world to see. she's not very good at things like this, but she'll try her hardest...
You Are So Loved! | Good Omens - Ineffable Husbands Fic by treesthatsing
You Are So Loved! | Good Omens - Dakota N. Reyn
A new angel is sent to monitor the humans and report back to Heaven as a replacement for Aziraphale. Despite pretending so well, and doing such a good job of fitting in...
I Finally See You ✔️ by annwritess1
I Finally See You ✔️by annwritess
Today was the day Sean was going to finally meet his boyfriend. His boyfriend he has been with for pass 3 years. Sounds normal right? Did I mention he use to be blind? A...
TRUST (BTS hybrid x reader)  by cris_ot7
TRUST (BTS hybrid x reader) by CRYSTAL
Kang Areum a twenty year old girl struggling between the bills of her school apartment and her father's hospital bill. She have a bad past and she trusts only one person...
Two Sides of the Same Coin | Balance: Unlimited Highschool AU. by chxrryryu
Two Sides of the Same Coin | cherryontop
" 𝘚𝘦𝘯𝘱𝘢𝘪. " The ebony haired male whispered in a coy tone. And Haru ended up thinking just what can he buy with that honey-coated voice of his? "I...
Friend or foe? (skephalo) by Cheemk
Friend or foe? (skephalo)by Cheemk
Bad and skeppy finally meet up toghether, skeppy finds out bad is a demon straight from hell with built in powers made to destroy and wreak havoc apon humanity. how will...