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the fosters X billie eilish  by takashibil
the fosters X billie eilish by sarah :P
Alex Mendoza is taken in by the Fosters after living in juvie. She meets someone that catches her eye. or a multi fandom mess of a fanfic where a girl tries to figure...
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Sex Slave (gxg) by XxscreamsxX
Sex Slave (gxg)by XxscreamsxX
"Mmm, yes thereee!" I arched my back in unison with my moans. I didn't want it, but it sure felt good. Her waistline moved rhythmically and all I could do was...
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billie eilish imagines fluffy/smut by blohsh1
billie eilish imagines fluffy/smutby hi
Here you have some random smut and fluffy stories that I write when im horny or needy gege. HOPE YALL LIKE IT LUV U
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My Mate is A Vampire "GxG" by ZoelArel3
My Mate is A Vampire "GxG"by Zoel Arel
Zari is a werewolf. she goes to a school where there are lots of different types of mythical creatures. She is pressured by her father to find her mate. When she does sh...
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Adopted by Thomas Sanders by EmoForEmotional
Adopted by Thomas Sandersby Jaylin
Max has lived the majority of her life in an orphanage. Now at the age of fifteen it feels as if she may be stuck in the same place for the rest of her life. Suddenly he...
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the sugar mama [18+] by DemetriaMyQueen_
the sugar mama [18+]by DemetriaMyQueen_
what happened when the shy submissive Y/N Y/L/N met the confident dominant Demetria Devonne Lovato Cover copyright ©DemetriaMyQueen_ Y/N=You
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Chemistry by Teddy_writes
Chemistryby Teddy
The school knows Ezra as the mysterious badass who always speaks her mind, but the truth is that she is barely holding on. She is forced to work long hours to support he...
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Various Fandom x Readers (girlxgirl) by JediKnightEli
Various Fandom x Readers (girlxgir...by Eli Martinson
Tired of not seeing your favorite girls in fanfics? I can fix that. I'll only do girls from fandoms I'm familiar with. Requests are open.
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Mark My Words || gxg by sarahjeancorner
Mark My Words || gxgby Sarah.
Rosalie has never kissed anyone, let alone a girl, and it's all thanks to a little mishap in the seventh grade when Joanna Spencer punched would-be-first-kisser Lennie P...
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Touch (Jerrie Fanfiction) by jerrie-is-my-otp
Touch (Jerrie Fanfiction)by jerrieismyotp
Little Mix has finished the Get Weird Tour and was enjoying a short break until the promotion of their fourth album. Jerrie and Lesy were staying at their apartments to...
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Falling in Reverse (Lesbian Story) •Ongoing• by FallinginReverze
Falling in Reverse (Lesbian Story)...by FallinginReverze
"You're leaving because you can't kill me! You don't have the guts because you love me" I said as I managed to sit up. My whole body is so weak now, I hate to...
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girls/girls (girlxgirl) ✔ by FlamingFandom
girls/girls (girlxgirl) ✔by jail is super
girlxgirl "Did I mention I'm into girls?" Highest Ranking #468 in Romance completed story c: f f.
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Stuck ( Ayano Aishi //yandere Chan x Fem!reader) by qecors
Stuck ( Ayano Aishi //yandere Chan...by 💝
This is the first fan fiction I have ever written, so I apologise for the terrible grammar etcetc but I hope y'all will enjoy my fanfic. I do not own the cover picture a...
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Highschool Life by Laura11333
Highschool Lifeby Laura Gorgoni
Welcome to my first try in writing a Spiderman Fanfiction. Since this was originally planned to be a Field Trip oneshot it is going to start as one. I hope you like it...
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Bullies In Love With Me (Lesbian Story) by YuriHimeko
Bullies In Love With Me (Lesbian S...by YuriHimeko
There was a quite and shy girl when it came to public name Dylan Wargh, she been bullied by 5 drop dead gorgeous and was abused by her mother. The reason why they hurt h...
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Find You Again (Camren) by Lisbethsalander85
Find You Again (Camren)by Lisbethsalander85
It's August 2019. CC2 is out and Camila is rehearsing for her tour. Lauren is still struggling with her first album. They meet at the VMAs and out of the blue, Camila re...
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the world is a little blurry by DeadlyFancy
the world is a little blurryby DeadlyFancy
You couldn't help but stare at her, she sat down calmly and started to look around, when her eyes laid on you.
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I Choose You.  by Lisamstu
I Choose You. by Lisamstu
Completed. Kaitlyn's and Lydia's worlds collide in a way they never imagined. But what will happen when these two meet. War? Lust? Friendship? Will they change the minds...
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Falling for You by nonamenights
Falling for Youby no name
Cristina Vasiliev had everything she ever wanted: amazing, kind friends, a hot football player boyfriend and being one of the most skilled players on her cheerleading te...
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About That Sunday  by Lisamstu
About That Sunday by Lisamstu
Jessica Lowe is a young, beautiful, and courageous actress perusing her dreams in New York City. Her career is just starting to take off when she meets Chelsea Marin. Ch...
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