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delicate || kaylor by taylorsdaisy
delicate || kaylorby Anna🥺
"It's just... nice to know that somebody actually wants me." 🦋 (Taylor had a slight age regression in this story so you're warned) 🦋 This was #1 in #taylorsw...
Beyond Me. {Haylor} by sleeptightswift
Beyond Me. {Haylor}by Ashley <3
Taylor and Harry are the cutest couple. A match made in heaven. Even through long distances and media attention, they still somehow find a way to make the near year long...
Besabriyaan by somewhere_urs
Besabriyaanby ||Rai||
Touching our favourite superstar is a far fetched dream but what if one day you actually get to touch the star of your dreams but that rather than being your blessing tu...
Him (BoyxBoy) by flirtatiousbae
Him (BoyxBoy)by Mintae
[Completed] Christian Blake has issues socializing with people. They still remember what happened at this sixth birthday. He has been isolated and friendless, but that d...
Instagram N.H by Directioner232677
Instagram N.Hby Directioner232677
He liked a photo and the rest is history.
The Bet (Just The Way You Are) by ilurvbooks
The Bet (Just The Way You Are)by Kim
When Drake Swift lost in a bet, his best friend wanted him to court a girl in a month and ask her to be his girlfriend. After she said, "Yes", he will tell her...
Kaylor: The Timeline by kaylorfanfiction
Kaylor: The Timelineby kaylorfanfiction
My own interpretation of the realistic Kaylor timeline, written to be as realistic and descriptive as possible. This is a work of fan FICTION. I do not mean any disrespe...
Curse of the Unholy Crystal by skynoctambulist
Curse of the Unholy Crystalby The Wasteland Witch
Yelena Taylor has always felt like an outcast of both worlds. She researched for years to find a way to open the portal towards the diverse world where she originally ca...
you belong with me || karlie kloss x taylor swift by xxdesaphi
you belong with me || karlie kloss...by licore
karlie kloss is the cheer captain. taylor swift is known as the lesbian who has an obsession with karlie kloss. need i say more? kaylor au inspired by the song, "Yo...
The outsiders messages by hippiemethyd
The outsiders messagesby k <3
text messages, and other things of the modern day outsiders :) ( co-written by @molleyy ) -completed August 14th 2017-
It's All Part of the Story by Wallflower481
It's All Part of the Storyby Wallflower481
Kaylor one shots and drabbles. Pure, unadulterated fluff.
Kaisi yeh yaariaan:After Years by abiarumugam
Kaisi yeh yaariaan:After Yearsby Abi Arumugam
How about a sneak peek of fab5 at their fifty's.Yaariaan of fab5's kids......
Bohemian Rhapsody and the boys of Queen *REQUESTS CLOSED* by BadwolfRed18
Bohemian Rhapsody and the boys of...by BadwolfRed
Come and experience the oneshots, imagines, series and stories of the boys of Queen. After seeing the film twice and diving into the Queen fandom on tumblr, I am giving...
Rage by MoonshineAndVodka
Rageby Vee
Julio Hernandez is socially stunted, rude, snarky and, in all respects, an asshole. With a penchant for wearing leather jackets and successfully scaring off everyone aro...
The Mafia's Dark Secret.  by rainycloud138
The Mafia's Dark Secret. by H.Sk
Manan book. Earlier known as... The Boss's Dark secret Another Manan tale filled up with love, tears, blood and happy ending. Join in to become a part of the Boss's se...
No One But You by zoechristinaxx
No One But Youby Zoe
[Ben Hardy as Roger Taylor] Madison Kayle has no idea that she just encouraged Freddie Mercury and John Deacon to join what will be one of the biggest bands in history...
Just What I Needed by chooseitwisely
Just What I Neededby Kelsey
In life there are things that are said, and then there are those that remain unsaid. For Keely Staub, her life mostly remained in the latter category. She kept the one t...
Justajoo by somewhere_urs
Justajooby ||Rai||
She longed for death whereas he wanted to live.
Would You Like A Tour | Drake love story by MsFanfictional
Would You Like A Tour | Drake love...by Tay Here ♥
Taylor is a new and upcoming artist. She wants everybody to know who she is. From a mutal friend she got into contact with Drake's manager. Drake's manager suggests that...
(Manan) The Love Of A Vaewolf.  by rainycloud138
(Manan) The Love Of A Vaewolf. by H.Sk
A vampire story. Starring exclusively Manan.