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His Darkest Secret by Mazybell
His Darkest Secretby Mazybell
Finding out my boyfriends secret fantasies, and living them.
Kidnapped!! (EDITTING) by Emma5408
Kidnapped!! (EDITTING)by Emma
I started to struggle to get up from his lap, but he tightens his grip around my waist. "if you struggle again, i will tie your hands with a fucking ball gag in you...
The Path to Her by MxMags
The Path to Herby MxMags
When Rowan joins the consensual auction for pleasure slaves, she knows the auction will pair her with just the right mistress. The auction is a traditional part of her c...
My Little Heart by littlelinadoll
My Little Heartby littlelinadoll
Sage was a twenty-three year old submissive and little. She's known the lifestyle was for her since she was sixteen years old and she needed a caregiver now more than ev...
BRUTALLY BROKEN 💔 || 21+ || BTS OT7 || Jungkook ff || Read At Your Own Risk ⚠️ by yoongswrites
BRUTALLY BROKEN 💔 || 21+ || BTS yoongswrites
"You're just a wh0re for us to use" She screams as he thrusted aggressively inside her. His friends r*ped her infront of her boyfriend. Her boyfriend did nothi...
kitan club  by Rotten15in
kitan club by B8ch
Everything is consensual even if it's not mentioned. A book of BDSM smut. soft hearted can please skip
Revelations Of A Mistress  by Zeetay6
Revelations Of A Mistress by Zeetay6
A mistress tells a story of one of her slaves whom she took in for all the wrong reasons
6 Saturdays  by Anencephalous_mango
6 Saturdays by waste
Not the cute highschool puppy love story you were looking for
When I First Get You Alone... by DarrylTeller
When I First Get You DarrylTeller
Erotic short story about a first encounter between a dom and his sub.
Miss Vee by MarionKE340
Miss Veeby MarionKE340
Vick is stripped and forced to stay naked in school for a whole day. Read as Vick struggles to fight a boner which keeps popping on his exposed cock and the humiliation...
His Property  by malaksameh213
His Property by Evan213
Amelia is born in a strict household who told her that she will meet her soulmate one day and marry him and have kids just like kids stories but she always felt differen...
His Desire by Gothicthornn22
His Desireby Gothicthornn22
Smut 18+ ONLY! ⚠️WARNING⚠️ ⚠️CONTAINS MUTURE CONTENT⚠️ ⚠️VERY SEXUAL 18+⚠️ ⚠️some SA plz don't read if you ain't comfortable⚠️ This story is something I made up so plz d...
my diary of what i do to jay.  by M4sterBlair
my diary of what i do to jay. by blair.
a detailed look into what i do to my baby, jay.
Yes, Mr. King by Theelectrikyoung0
Yes, Mr. Kingby Freakstories
"He turns his hand slightly as he looks in my eyes and runs his thumb just above my knee feeling my soft skin." In a world where humans have mates.... The job...
My Hard Life As An Adventurer! by CHISAWX
My Hard Life As An Adventurer!by Ranhilde Takane
Leah is a recently graduated sorceress who instead of seeking more knowledge, conducting research or more power decided to follow her dream of becoming an adventurer in...
Reckless Behavior (Norman Reedus BDSM Love Story) by InSearchOfFlames
Reckless Behavior (Norman Reedus InSearchOfFlames
Sometimes giving up control is the only way to success.
Leylise's One Shots: Series One by Leylise
Leylise's One Shots: Series Oneby Leylise
A series of One Shots. (Warning: Only for 18+ readers.)
Coincidence  by privatoes
Coincidence by privatoes
Lex is a girl at University majoring in Business. She goes to school and her best friend said there's a new substitute teacher in their class and that he's hot. When she...