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The Devil is my Owner (18+) by sevensealord
The Devil is my Owner (18+)by sealord
Naielli just lost the most important person in her life.. her mother. Now she has to go through the rest of her life alone. if that wasn't already hell she meets a very...
smut stories ;) by shelby_whalen
smut stories ;)by shelby
a collection of some smutty stories for your pleasure😚😚 ⚠️⚠️bdsm, nsfw, degradation, etc.⚠️⚠️
Babysitter Bill by babygirl2dot0
Babysitter Billby babygirl2dot0
A seventeen year old girl with sass, attitude, and anger issues has to deal with her new babysitter. A 30 year old daddy dominant named Bill Skarsgard has to deal with...
Bakugo x Deku Yandere lemon Smut!! ⚠️READ AT YOUR OWN RISK⚠️ by DirtyDirtyDekuSlave
Bakugo x Deku Yandere lemon DirtyDeku
⚠️TW WARNING⚠️ This story has: Abuse Sexual abuse Sexual content Kidnapping Sex Toys BDSM AND MANY MORE PLEASE BE 18+ TO READ Read at your own risk you have been war...
His Only Obsession  by anastasiagrey2303
His Only Obsession by Anastasia grey
He is everything that she isin't. HE is filthy rich Devil incarnate Handsome Ruthless SHE is poor Angel by heart Brunet...
Black Ice - Sterek by wallrose02
Black Ice - Sterekby 🌹
Stiles Stilinski has been having trouble finding a dom to submit at the McCall Pack Club. So Scott, the owner, told him to try going to another club, Black Ice, because...
Sir's Littie Bitch by tiger4456
Sir's Littie Bitchby tiger4456
Look at me," Jackson told her when he saw her eyes flicker closed. When her attention few back to him he unzipped his fly and stepped closer to her and he pulled he...
Bad Boys get Punished by Lemitri_s__momma
Bad Boys get Punishedby Lemitri_s__momma
Landon Wilder is a troublemaker with enough money to intimidate anyone who tries to take any form of authority towards him including his teachers. Demitri Jones is a new...
His Gorgeous Boy (BDSM) (DDLB) (ManxMan)  by -carmin
His Gorgeous Boy (BDSM) (DDLB) ( Carrie Vanessa
It began with a kiss. It was a New Year's Eve kiss that he wouldn't forget any time soon. - Bram doesn't like a lot of things. He doesn't like the fact that his boss i...
June | DDLG | by smnsh19
June | DDLG |by smnsh19
After being forcefully enrolled in an Army Bootcamp, June, a frail and timid girl, has nowhere to go but suck it up in this unknown place. In a world where she clearly d...
The Power Academy by Pastel_Babydoll
The Power Academyby Julie
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride, Kayla certainly will be. After graduating high school, she decided to take an alternative path to college, and attend the "Powe...
Daddy&Kitten by GemmaParker9
Daddy&Kittenby Gemski69
gXg bXg Just some smut to satisfy some of the horny people on here.
My daddy and I by girlyyhii
My daddy and Iby girlyyhii
"Daddy my princess parts are tingly" "Well we have to fix that now won't we princess" Vanessa is a quiet girl who would rather stay inside and cuddle...
The gangs princess by MissCow06
The gangs princessby Misscow06
A young girls fisrt year in college becomes out of hand whens she meet a gangleaders and his friend WARNING *DDLG *BDSM *VIOLENTS *CURSING * BAD SPELLING
Why don't you listen to Daddy? by psycless
Why don't you listen to Daddy?by ⭐psycless💫
¿¿𝙗𝘈𝙘𝙆 𝙩𝘈𝙇𝙠??? 👹👺👺 . . . . . 𝗶𝘁'𝘀🤐ǫᴜɪᴇᴛ🤫𝙖𝙞𝙣𝙩😴𝙣𝙤🙄ᵇᵃᶜᵏ🤠TaᒪK😤
Lights up and they know who you are. //  Larry Stylinson. //  BDSM au by ltandhs28
Lights up and they know who you ltandhs28
According to the world, One Direction consisted of Dominant Louis Tomlinson, Dominant Liam Payne and his Submissive Zayn Malik, Dominant Niall Horan and Dominant Harry S...
Wanting Her by simxmy
Wanting Herby simmy
Jack wanted one thing. Her. He would do anything to make her his. After months of watching her, he decided to take action, whether she liked it or not.
Kidnapped and enslaved  by ddlgprincess6999
Kidnapped and enslaved by ddlgprincess6999
Ashley is a 25 yearold girl shes completely focused on partying and hooking up shes obvious to the dangerous people around her little dose ahe know a man has been stalk...
Crave ; Draco Malfoy fanfiction by hgwrtshoe
Crave ; Draco Malfoy fanfictionby hgwrtshoe
Calista Snape leaves Beauxbatons Academy to continue her last two years at Hogwarts and become a Death Eater. Then she meets Draco Malfoy, an arrogant rich boy. They bot...