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IshRa FF : Mohabbat Ya Ishq  by Angel7719135
IshRa FF : Mohabbat Ya Ishq by Angel
story of a business tycoon who met a doctor at dental clinic and felt attraction . Story delicts how he want to marry her and become his submissive wife and how ishita b...
How I Have Been Tamed by ElegantPuppy
How I Have Been Tamedby ElegantPuppy
Mark was a proud, noble, elegant young man with a quiet life. He always likes to stay away from troubles, but this time, he failed. One day, Mark finds himself confronti...
DDlg 101: an Introductory Course to being Daddy's little girl by daddyprofessor
DDlg 101: an Introductory Course daddyprofessor
An introductory course for answering all your little questions! An introductory course to being little, taught by Professor Daddy (yes, actually a real professor!) My re...
Brat Smut by Alex65785
Brat Smutby Alex65785
Read the title lol Your ex boyfriend dominants you Enjoy🧸
Bad Boys Don't Cry by Hope4future
Bad Boys Don't Cryby Hope
When the bad boy of Ridgewood high gets his secret spilled a strange set of events will begin to unfold quickly. Will he get used to his new life as a sub? Or will his...
Always & Forever Mine (Ongoing) by lovedpw19
Always & Forever Mine (Ongoing)by Danielle Walch
Recently ranked #2 in badboy You're going to be taken on a journey through love , friendship, pain and heartache . ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ Just click read , it won't hurt , trust me...
Maid 2 Sub by aka-rene
Maid 2 Subby aka-rene
ADULT..+18..SEXUAL CONTENT...Shivanna has only known disappointment in life. When an opportunity for change in her life presents itself she is quick to grab ahold of it...
Kidnapped for Him (continued) by Kinky_reads66
Kidnapped for Him (continued)by Madeline
Melanie Stone was taken from her easy life and thrown into a new life with a man with a dark secret. 18+
Becoming Aizawa's Pet by Bakugou_Obsessed27
Becoming Aizawa's Petby Bakugou_Obsessed27
You've been dating Aizawa for a while, and he finds out a certain secret you haven't told him yet ⚠️PSA::::I KNOW HIS NAME IS SHOTA AIZAWA, BUT FOR SOME REASON EVERYTIME...
THE WETTER'S ROOM by Sissyscottii
THE WETTER'S ROOMby Sissyscottii
A teen boy can't resist the sudden urge to wet his bed and pants. He doesn't understand why he has these unusual urges to wet in spite of his dismay and discomfort at be...
What The Alpha Says...Goes (boyxboy) Bk 1 by DoUbLeZone
What The Alpha Says...Goes ( DoUbLeZone
How can you love someone you fear? Laken is a werewolf; the runt of the pack. What happens when the Alpha starts taking an interest in him? Rule number one of the wolf...
You Should See Me In A Crown by ThisShitIsCrazyy
You Should See Me In A Crownby AmIAJokeToYou?
Kalia Johnson was by far the most "nerdiest" girl in school. She hated "The Kings". Now you might be wondering... How did she caught their eyes?
Runaway submissive alphas mates  by mafiabikerchick
Runaway submissive alphas mates by drea
one alpha who runs to be free and find true love Nick just wants love to submit and not to be alpha and forced to mate a woman who only wants money and sex he runs what...
Mr. Rickman > 1-shots by SamiraSnape
Mr. Rickman > 1-shotsby Samira Snape
FIRST ATTEMPT TO *WRITE* SMUT (RPed it more often, but that's different than 1 person writing) So any tips to improve is welcome! One-shots of Alan Rickman & Characters...
Secretly Submissive (Finished) by AlternativeTruths
Secretly Submissive (Finished)by Haley
A 19-year old woman named Iris is stolen for ransom by four different men. Soon after, they discover that her father is not willing to pay the ransom. Boss, Noah, Damien...
submissive {larry fanfic} *BDSM* by mimmiebay1D
submissive {larry fanfic} *BDSM*by Persephone
Harry,22 is a dominate and Louis,19 is a submissive. Louis cant find the right dom and Harry cant find the right sub. But then they find eachother
The Rogue Pureblood Vampire | 18+✔ by SerenityR0se
The Rogue Pureblood Vampire | 18+✔by K. A. Young
[COMPLETED]✔ The Blood Magic Series |Book 4| 2017 Fiction Award Winner for Best Series. ⁃⁃⁃❖⁃⁃⁃ Looked upon as evil, Maverick is forever tormented for stealing his mot...
To Seduce a Mortal |18+✔ by SerenityR0se
To Seduce a Mortal |18+✔by K. A. Young
[COMPLETED]✔ The Blood Magic Series |Book 8| 2017 Fiction Award Winner for Best Series ⁃⁃⁃❖⁃⁃⁃ Eris paid the ultimate price. Her unconditional love for Maverick set in...
Submitting To The Bully by miakerr2
Submitting To The Bullyby Mia
"Not until you say the word, Brianna." He waited. "Come on, say it and I will let you go for the day." My fists curled up with anger and my nails du...