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IshRa FF : Mohabbat Ya Ishq ( 18+ )  by Angel7719135
IshRa FF : Mohabbat Ya Ishq ( Angel
story of a business tycoon who met a doctor at dental clinic and felt attraction . Story delicts how he want to marry her and become his submissive wife and how ishita b...
Good Boy (femdom one shots) by 27BlackRoseBooks
Good Boy (femdom one shots)by 27BlackRoseBooks
This book contains femdom one shots all chapters containing very kinky smut will have a warning. Full versions of stories will be in my patreon as well as new and differ...
How I Have Been Tamed by ElegantNova
How I Have Been Tamedby Nova
Mark was a proud, noble, elegant young man with a quiet life. He always likes to stay away from troubles, but this time, he failed. One day, Mark finds himself confronti...
Bad Boys Don't Cry by Hope4future
Bad Boys Don't Cryby Hope
When the bad boy of Ridgewood high gets his secret spilled a strange set of events will begin to unfold quickly. Will he get used to his new life as a sub? Or will his...
Submitting To The Bully by miakerr2
Submitting To The Bullyby Mia
"Not until you say the word, Brianna." He waited. "Come on, say it and I will let you go for the day." My fists curled up with anger and my nails du...
Becoming Aizawa's Pet by Bakugou_Obsessed27
Becoming Aizawa's Petby Bakugou_Obsessed27
You've been dating Aizawa for a while, and he finds out a certain secret you haven't told him yet ⚠️PSA::::I KNOW HIS NAME IS SHOTA AIZAWA, BUT FOR SOME REASON EVERYTIME...
Two of us by 22yourDaddy22
Two of usby Daddy
An insight into the life of a young slave and her Dom
EVERY TOP HAS A TOP  by abunnyisee
Ailaoa Ioane, his name is a stark contrast to cold and quiet personality. He was once a bright person but his past now overshadows his decisions to this day. Even in his...
Lesbian One shots by qu3nzz
Lesbian One shotsby Whore4women
I hate how all the lesbian one shots aren't intense enough for me or smutty enough, and I'm sure atleast some other people feel the same. So this is for those people!! ...
Dancing in His Handcuffs by ElizabethMayWrites
Dancing in His Handcuffsby Elizabeth May
When Hadley begins her journey to become a dancer, she runs into a little mishap and is placed into a class for chemistry majors. She has no other option but to stay in...
My Little Secret by xmegannnxx
My Little Secretby xmegannnxx
18 year old girl named Mya is stolen for ransom by four different men. Soon after they realize that her parent aren't willing to pay the ransom, they decided that if the...
His Eighth Kill by Ms1133
His Eighth Killby Shweta Singh(Tivrata)
Are you seeking an adventure to explore the world of hidden? Do you wonder what happens to the people who disappear out of nowhere? Are you curious about the survival gu...
Your BF | Yutaki | &Team by omtiination
Your BF | Yutaki | &Teamby Luné
"Breaking up is not an option Taki-san":- Yuma
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please accept me  DRAGON X WOLF by MeToast
please accept me DRAGON X WOLFby MeToast
Krel- "I am forever at your disposal, even if it's for one use." Nirvana- "Till death do us part." This fanciful story circles around a broken Alpha...
All mine,forever mine (txs bxb) by writerxoxobae
All mine,forever mine (txs bxb)by writerxoxobae
I HATE THE AGES BUT JUST DM IT PRETEND THEIR HORAATTT ALIENS W NO AGE BUT THE STORYS INTERESTING SO SORRY What happens when a teacher falls inlove with the troublesome c...
Loving Daniel by Richa_resa
Loving Danielby Reysa
I loved a man. A man who was more than my knight in shining armor, He was my need, desire, and everything. Why? Because he was the reason where I was. He had moulded...
The Wild Hunt (Downworlder Series, #1) by TeaHouseQueens
The Wild Hunt (Downworlder Tea Queens
Book One of the Downworlder Series ~~~~~~~~~~~ Do you know what it feels like to have your current reality torn from your grasp and a new one shoved in its plac...
Slave of my Wife ❤ And Family by AshuSharma341
Slave of my Wife ❤ And Familyby Ashu Sharma
Serving my wife and her family, with the only desire in heart to make thier life easier. It has a lot of feet femdom and domination stuff. A No nonsense, straight to the...
A Rogue Imprint (Seth Clearwater Fanfic) by HayHalsey
A Rogue Imprint (Seth Clearwater Hayley
Faye thought everything was in her life was perfect until one night when she was six, her pack was attacked. Everyone was killed, including her mom and dad. Left alone...
My irl wedgie stories by sub-Dork
My irl wedgie storiesby D@rk
Hey, I'm guessing I don't need to explain this but. I love wedgies!! Ive been a wedgie masochist all my life. And now that I'm in college, with no job and a lot of free...